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14 Best Restaurants In Key Largo You Must Try (Hideouts & Tiki Bars!)

14 Best Restaurants In Key Largo You Must Try

One of the most popular places to visit in Florida is Key Largo. This small island off of Miami has many great attractions for tourists, but without a doubt one of the best is their restaurants.

If you want some delicious seafood or authentic Cuban food there are plenty of options that will satisfy your appetite and then some. We’ll take a look at the 14 Best Restaurants in Key Largo You Must Try!

14 Best Restaurants In Key Largo You Must Try

There are many restaurants in Key Largo. The majority of them are located in the Florida Keys, but there are also some eateries in Miami which serve food that you can take to go or eat on site. These favorite locales have menus packed with fresh seafood dishes, plenty of gluten-free dishes, and other satisfying meals.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Key Largo that you should check out:

14 Best Restaurants In Key Largo You Must Try

1) Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar

A laidback waterfront setting with seafood and tiki bars, Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant has happy hour all day long as well as frequent live music.

Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar is home of the world famous Turtle Club. With an unparalleled view, Snapper’s offers great food that will leave your mouth watering for more!

You don’t have to be a tourist in order for you and your family or friends to enjoy an authentic experience at Snappers. With live music every day, this restaurant will bring the Keys alive with their laid back atmosphere that’s just right for relaxing after exploring all of Key Largo!

Snapper’s Oceanfront Restaurant offers quality dining coupled by moderate prices while maintaining an informal yet formal feel throughout The Florida Keys. Locals as well as visitors alike can indulge themselves into true flavorful eats whether they’re looking forward to catching up over dinner OR taking time out between activities during vacation weekdays.

2) The Buzzard’s Roost

If you’re looking for a seafood restaurant with outdoor seating and tiki bar, The Buzzard’s Roost has what it takes. Though they are not as well known in this area of Florida like other popular destinations on boat tours such as Islamorada or Key West – both within driving distance – locals love their laid back atmosphere where live music can be heard playing every night alongside incredible views that include coves so close kids could jump off into them!

The Buzzard’s Roost is a small establishment with big flavor. They have live music every night, so if you’re looking for something fun to do in Key Largo after spending all day in the sun at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park or the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail – this restaurant has what it takes!

Not only does The Buzzard’s Roost offer great food and drinks, they also have a full menu for those with dietary restrictions. They’re the only restaurant in Key Largo that offers such an array of gluten-free dishes as well as vegetarian options!

One of their most beloved entrees is the snapper stuffed mahi sandwich which comes with a side of mango salsa and plantain chips. They also offer a fantastic chicken tender appetizer that’s served with honey mustard sauce!

The Buzzards Roost is one of the most popular restaurants in Key Largo for locals and visitors alike, so if you’re looking to experience true Keys cuisine while catching up with friends or family before heading out for a day of adventure – this place is definitely worth checking out!

3) Mikes BBQ 101

Mike’s BBQ 101 has a rating of 5 by travelers on Tripadvisor for Food, Service and Value.

The BBQ at Mike’s is the best in town! The ribs, pork and chicken are all delicious. I love how they don’t overdo it with sauces so you can enjoy awesome flavor without distraction from your meal – just enough to enhance what’s already there rather than masking everything else like some places do too much sauces make great tasting food taste bad? No way!!!

4) DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo

DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo is the place to go for old-fashioned family dining, with a large menu chockablock full of traditional red sauce dishes.

The rustic, family-owned and operated Italian & Seafood restaurant of Downtown Key Largo is DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo. They serve up some delicious seafood goodies in a cozy atmosphere with elegant service!

Ever since Guy Fieri featured DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo on his show, more people have been coming to Key Largo for an authentic meal.

The restaurant is known as one of the premier italian restaurants in this part of Florida and their food has received rave reviews from all who visit!

5) Tacos Jalisco

The menu at Tacos Jalisco features a variety of tacos on corn tortillas from steak, Mexican sausage and tongue to original fish or shrimp. They also have burritos for those who want their meal wrapped up in something other than just lettuce leaves! If you call ahead with an order it will be waiting when you arrive so there’s no long wait line either- but make sure not miss out by doing this because they run out fast around these parts (of course).

Tacos Jalisco is the place for authentic Mexican food in Key Largo. The restaurant offers outdoor seating, and everyone raves about its taste as well as price! You can order 6 tacos at just $12 or 12 for only 25 cents more than what it costs elsewhere – not bad when you consider that this truck has been around since 1985!

6) Num Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar

The food at Num Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar is so good that it will make you never want to leave. The cozy spot has a warm atmosphere in which colorful sushi dishes are prepared, served alongside familiar Thai favorites for those who haven’t had their fill yet!

Num Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar offers an extensive selection of dishes to choose from, including the popular Thai Red Curry. They also have a wide variety in our fried won tons menu!

The restaurant has been a favorite for locals and visitors since it first opened. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but we recommend trying one of everything so you can have your own personal favorite!

7) Hideout Restaurant

The Hideout Restaurant is a laid-back place with delicious breakfast and lunch foods, fish on Fridays for when you want something more than the typical fast food.

The Hideout Restaurant is a wonderful American restaurant that offers many things to enjoy. You can order breakfast, lunch or brunch here and enjoy fresh brewed coffee with your meal while taking in some Florida sunshine on the patio! The staff are friendly as well so come by soon for an excellent experience you’ll never forget.

The Hideout is the perfect place to go when you don’t want anything too fancy, but you still crave something good. The restaurant offers a variety of foods that will surely leave you sated and happy – we recommend the fish fry on Fridays!

8) Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen

Mrs. Macs Kitchen is the perfect place to go for a delicious breakfast in Key Largo! You can get an amazing omelet, fish & grits or Mrs. Mac’s famous Mornwich- all of which are served from 7am-11 am daily at this family friendly restaurant with great prices and even better food quality.

Mac’s Filling Station is a family-owned restaurant that continues to be recognized for their excellence in both food and service. The sisters Paula & Angie work together every day, using recipes from the past as inspiration on what’s new at this decades old eatery!

Mrs. Macs Kitchen is a great option if you’re looking for the best lunch in Key Largo! They have baskets with fish or shrimp, sandwiches (hotdogs & burgers too), fantastic pita bread sandwiches stuffed with your choice of stuffing and sides like macaroni salad stuffing.

9) Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory

You can have your key lime and eat it too at the Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory – they’ve got classic versions as well as unique flavors with coffee & packaged sweets. You’ll find outdoor tables for those who want some people watching or just need a break from all that shopping madness outside!

The Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory – NO CASH ACCEPTED. It’s a quiet, serene place for adults only to enjoy the company of their loved ones in an intimate atmosphere that is welcoming and romantic.

When you pull up to the Blonde Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory, which has been featured on a variety of television cookery shows, it’s not difficult for us to display our delectable key lime pie. As one might assume from looking at this place’s name – they specialize specifically on making and serving perfect pieces just like those found at any “famous” restaurant or bakery around town!

10) Hobo’s Cafe

Hooray for the hobo who finally found a place that is more than just dirty and rundown! Hobs Cafe has all of your burger needs covered with their casual, upbeat atmosphere. Plus they serve up some delicious conch fritters too so you can enjoy this Florida food staple while indulging in nostalgia at its finest.

The entire family can come to Hobo’s Cafe and have a great time with the food.

When you want to take your family out for a nice meal, where do they normally go? If the answer is anything other than “Hobo’s Cafe,” then we have some bad news. But don’t worry! This restaurant has an extensive children’s menu with great food and exciting options that will make everyone happy—even kids who can put up with fussiness from their parents (and us).

11) C&C Wood Fire Eats

C&C Wood Fire Eats – It’s Pizza, a chill spot in Key Largo with the upper Keys only wood fired oven and no gas or electricity. The vibe is easy going as you enjoy house-made meatballs for an appetizer or one of their many specialty boards including vegan cheese to satisfy your craving!

The best way to enjoy a pizza is with C&C Wood Fire Eats – wood fired pies that are made from all natural ingredients. The Carne Calabrese offers a warm, earthy flavor that is balanced by the sweetness of the roasted red peppers. The Zaza (with fresh tomatoes) and Tuscany tangle are two more tasty options, while the bespoke cheese boards let you mix charcuterie items like wild boar salami if pizza isn’t your thing.

Pizza is one of those foods that will never go out of style. Everyone loves it, and even better—everyone has their own favorite kind! But how often do you get to eat a pizza made by an actual wood fire oven? Well at C&C Wood Fire Eats – they’ve got just what you’re looking for with their unique vibe and great food options.

12) Lazy Lobster Seafood Restaurant

Lazy Lobster is the perfect place to go for fresh seafood and tasty steak. The brightly colored restaurant has a garden, where they cook up some of our favorite dishes like lobster rolls or Codfish Cakes!

The Lazy Lobster is a great place to go if you’re in need of some seafood. They have an option for everyone, from oysters and lobster dishes served any way imaginable (Islamorado style or Key Lime!) as well as fried cracked conch with tartar sauce that will take your taste buds on an adventure!

When you want to go out for a nice dinner but don’t feel like going somewhere “fancy,” where do you normally go? The Lazy Lobster Seafood Restaurant is the perfect choice that will satisfy your seafood cravings while also not breaking the bank. With an extensive menu and great service, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is so popular!

13) The Fish House

The Fish House is a restaurant that specializes in local seafood, with options for every taste and preference. The Fish House is a seafood lover’s dream come true. Opened just as the Conch Republic was in its prime, this family-owned restaurant offers some of Florida’s finest catches to be found anywhere on land or sea!

The Fish House has an extensive menu for dinner, and it’s not just appetizers. You can start with Ahi Tuna nachos or any assortment of shrimp from their cocktail list; you’ll also have your choice between two catchy dishes (Matecumbe-toped with tomatoes & shallots in olive oil that are basil/capers topped) – all served up on one great platter! For something fried but light as well there is always broiled seafood at The Fishhouse.

When you’re craving some fresh seafood, where do you go? Well The Fish House is just the place to be. This restaurant has an extensive menu for dinner and its own unique vibe that will make your meal even better!

14) Key Largo Conch House

Key Largo Conch House is an old seafood shack with a relaxed setting that’s perfect for your family to enjoy. The menu offers delicious breakfasts, fresh fish cooked in many different ways; you’ll be able to try something new every time!

Plus there’re always parrots around if you get tired of watching them on their veranda or out watering plants–maybe they will teach their friend how talk too?

Key Largo Conch House is a popular spot for breakfast in Key Largo. The signature dish here are their eggs Benedicts, which come topped with lobster and conch ceviche if you’re craving seafood or pancakes made from key lime juice – alongside other favorites like the Cajun Shrimp Grits.! With a variety of options for everyone and a great atmosphere, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is so popular!

Why are Key Largo Restaurants Famous?

There are a few reasons why Key Largo restaurants are so famous. The first reason is the amazing seafood that is available in the area. From fresh fish to succulent crabs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition, the restaurants in Key Largo offer some of the best views in the area. Whether you are looking out over the ocean or are near miles of beautiful Florida swamps, there is always something to enjoy when eating out in Key Largo.

14 Best Restaurants In Key Largo You Must Try


It does not matter which kind of food you are in the mood for. Key Largo restaurants have just about anything that you could want. With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to eat. However, you will be able to find a restaurant that meets your needs no matter what they may be.

In addition, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best nightlife in all of South Florida when dining out in Key Largo restaurants. One reason for this is because Key Largo is a major tourist spot. People come from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty and amazing food that the area has to offer.

So, if you are looking for a great meal in an amazing setting, Key Largo restaurants are the perfect choice for you. With something for everyone, you are sure to find a restaurant that will exceed your expectations.