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14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)

The Dallas, Texas metroplex is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. From casual diners like Old Monk Irish Pub and upscale steakhouses like Prime Rib Loft, there’s plenty of choices for any type of foodie. This list includes some of our favorite rooftop establishments that offer a great view while you dine. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with your loved ones or just want to celebrate something special, these places are sure to please!

This blog post will cover 14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas so you can plan your next trip!

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas

1. Tei-An

Located on the roof of a building, this restaurant offers skyline views and exquisite food. They host jazz evenings where you can enjoy their signature cocktails while listening to some tunes from afar! If they’re not too busy at that moment (it usually happens once every few weeks) go ahead and make your reservation now; otherwise just wait for another opportunity- because these spots don’t come around often enough as it is.

From the moment you walk in, it is clear that this restaurant has a unique and stunning ambiance. You will feel like you’re someplace on an exquisite dish with these amazing views for company!

2. Terilli’s

Terilli’s is the perfect place for a great meal with friends, family or that special someone. They have an excellent selection of Italian food and drinks on hand including their famous martinis!

The laid back atmosphere will keep everyone happy while they enjoy live jazz in between courses from their menu which includes everything you need to satisfy your appetite: seafood pasta dishes & homemade meatballs; fresh grilled chicken steak served over linguine topped off by creamy béchamel sauce (or) pork roast cooked slowly in its own juice then shredded dry before being layered into lasagna sheets – we’re talking comfort food at it’s finest.

The rooftop patio at Terilli’s is a relaxing environment that makes up for its lack of panoramic views with the charming and immersive dining experience.

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)

3. HG Sply Co.

Imagine sitting on the roof of your favorite bar and enjoying a cold one with friends. The HG Sply Co.’s rooftop patio has all the charm, while serving up some delicious American meals too.

The outdoor patio is the star of this restaurant, where you can enjoy rooftop dining and get cozy with your friends or loved ones! There’s a menu for everyone who visits; one that caters equally well no matter what dietary restrictions an individual has so they don’t need worry about anything when going out on this happy place to eat. It’s also got an inviting atmosphere which creates warm feelings in people as soon as they walk up those stairs outside into light streaming down through skylights overhead onto lush greenery below.

4. Vidorra

Vidorra is a great place to escape the outside elements and enjoy some Mexican cuisine. They have an indoor-outdoor rooftop location with views of downtown, as well as space for large groups since it can accommodate over 100 people inside or on their patio when weather permits!

The menu features everything from quesadillas (made fresh daily) all the way up through fajitas so you’re guaranteed something that will satisfy any appetite – even if your taste buds prefer spice level medium instead of spicy hot like mine do sometimes.

In addition to the traditional margaritas and tequila shots, Vidorra has an extensive drink menu perfect for those who love variety. From champagne perched on top of ice cubes in a glass or punchbowl-style cocktails with fruit infused liqueurs like blue curacao floating among bubbles as they sip away your evening – there’s something here that will suit every taste bud!

Vidorra features some of the most impressive Dallas rooftops that are sure to make anyone envious. It is a near-perfect representation of what it means to live in the Lone Star State. The food and drink, as well as their breathtaking skyline are all things Texans can get behind

5. Ser Steak+Spirits

Ser Steak+Spirits is a stylish and luxurious steakhouse located in the sky-high Hilton Anatole. The restaurant’s impressive selection of cuts, as well elegant interior design make dining here an unforgettable experience for any meat lover!

Ser Steak+Spirits is everything a high-end steakhouse should be. The name of this establishment, pronounced as “ser,” hints at their dedication and love for meaty delicacies. Ser means “to choose” in French which embodies what they do best: choosing your cut; making it perfectly juicy or putting flare on any dish with spices that will have you coming back again soon!

Dress code goes without saying–business casual only here though so don’t forget an outfit worthy enough to enjoy these menu items while dining among professionals who know how great our food tastes.

One of the most spectacular rooftop restaurants in Dallas, Ser Steak+Spirits offers breathtaking views and delicious food. Unfortunately this restaurant is temporarily closed for now.

6. The Clover Club

The Clover Club is the perfect place to enjoy great food and drinks with friends. With an ultra-swanky ambiance, rooftop patio for dining or lounging in style; DJs spinning tunes from all genres of music–The Clovers has it set up so that you can spend your time as desired!

The Clover Club is a place where one can enjoy live music and great cocktails. They have DJs from 10-1 PM, but jazz fans should head there earlier for some of the best performances around!

In addition to having an excellent selection in drinks on tap or bottle options ( Craft made by their skilled staff!) you’ll be hard pressed finding anything wrong with any dish here as they use only quality ingredients like fresh fruit juices instead of artificial sweeteners which means every bite feels satisfyingly tart without being too much like medicine.

7. Saint Rocco’s

You’re in for a real treat when you visit Saint Rocco’s. They have some of the most upscale, NYC-style Italian fare and are housed within one of New York City’s trendiest spaces with a rooftop lounge that will make it difficult to leave anytime soon!

The menu is full or tempting choices like fresh cut pastas made from scratch every day as well appetizers like fried zucchini flowers stuffed Workshop style chicken wings dusted brie cheese & bacon jam covered jalapenos in case we didn’t mention there were also salads and sandwiches too so take your pick because what matters here isn’t how much weight you may gain but rather the moments spent with friends and family.

Rocco’s Rooftop is the perfect place to enjoy some of Dallas’ best views while you eat. We recommend ordering their Parmesan Truffle Fries and Braised Pork, which will bring your meal home in more ways than one.

Happiest Hour has quickly become one of the most popular rooftop bars in Dallas, and for good reason! With an impressive drinks menu featuring specialty cocktails

The food is always delicious, as are their craft drinks. The ambiance of Saint Rocco’s – from the decor to the music playing in the background creates a perfect combination of style and elegance–perfect for any occasion!

8. Nora

Nora is a cozy bistro with the best Afghan cuisine around, plus they have Sunday brunch. The food here will make your mouth water just looking at it.

Nora is a great place to go for food and atmosphere. The menu features such items as lamb, traditional soups, grilled veggies on the rooftop deck or indoors where they have recently changed locations due to space constraints but still offer an excellent meal no matter what you choose.

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)

9. Vetted Well

Vetted Well is a Dallas bar and restaurant that overlooks downtown. This pub has gorgeous views of the city from it’s second floor location, along with plenty of outdoor space for large groups who want to enjoy drinks or food while watching passersby below them in Alamo Draft house Cinema downstairs.

Vetted Well is the ultimate spot for movie lovers and foodies alike. The downstairs neighbor of Harkening to their patrons’ needs, Vetued well always has what you’re looking for with a wide selection of snacks like bottomless popcorn or classic candies as well heavier items such as burgers and hot dogs available at your fingertips.

You can enjoy karaoke and drinks at Vetted Well, a bar with four themed rooms. You’ll find no shortage of beer or wine for those who prefer their alcohol in that form – plus they have cocktail specials every day!

10. Dodie’s Dallas

Dallas is a laid-back city with plenty to offer. For example, you can enjoy Cajun cuisine and watch your favorite sports teams in Dodie’s Dallas! This restaurant has been around since 1978 where it started as an ice cream shop before becoming what we know today: A Laid Back Hangout Serving Domestic Fare & Brunch Using Classic Tavern Space With Television Sports on TV.

From the moment you enter Dodie’s, it is clear that this place has been carefully planned out. From their amazing rooftop patio with skyline views to their Louisiana-inspired menu and friendly staff; there are so many things here which make one feel at ease in both Dallas or any other city center!

This could be most important: crawfish pots adorn each corner of your view from up high while below lies an entire world bustling on its way through life–perhaps like us all striving towards something more fulfilling than just getting by?

Dodie’s is a destination for anyone looking to spice up their life. They have delicious cocktails, live music and of course the best spicy dishes in town!

The Voice seeker wants people who enjoy being sociable with others while indulging themselves at Dodie’s – they want you there early so as not miss any great food or drinks specials that are happening every night.

11. Harlowe MXM

Hailing from the heart of Deep Ellum, Harlowe MXM is a contemporary restaurant with wood-fired meats and seafood as well as local veggies. With proper craft cocktails to choose from in addition to beer & wine options this joint has everything you need for an enjoyable dinner out!

It’s tough being first on anything these days especially when there are so many places doing what you do better or at least just about how people want them done but I found something truly unique last night which made going back tonight all worthwhile. When it comes down to food, I’m not one who enjoys waiting around feeling hungry because let’s be honest going out to eat is a luxury and shouldn’t be treated as an inconvenience.

The best way to get in on Harlowe’s fun is with happy hour! The drink special runs from 11 AM-7 PM each day and features house wines, frozen drinks, draughts or cocktails for only $5.

12. Mirador

At the Mirador, guests can enjoy an elegant and sophisticated dining experience. This award-winning restaurant dishes up upscale American cuisine that is unique to their menu such as shrimp grits or tater tots with chili cheese sauce for those who love spice!

The view at Mirador is worth a Luxe dining experience. The restaurant offers an impressive selection of classic dishes and some trendy, modern ones too like beef tartare or Wild King Salmon with wasabi sauce for those who love Asian flavors in their food.

13. Happiest Hour

Happiest Hour is a stylish bar in the middle of town that will make you happy. It has an ambiance like no other with its large deck and bustling crowd, but don’t worry- they have board games for your entertainment! The price range isn’t bad either; we’re talking about classy cocktails here so it doesn’t have to cost too much (or only then if drinking was cheap).

The happiest hour is the biggest and best rooftop in Dallas. It’s been getting plenty of buzz from locals who enjoy sitting at happy hour there, drinking away their worries (or maybe just one too many).

The people at the restaurant are all smiles, and it’s easy to see why. They have board games scattered around for your entertainment during downtime! Their slogan is “eat, drink happily.” It pretty much says everything you need to know about how they feel in one sentence-plus there’ll be more alcohol than food anyway so we’re good here (breakfast anyone?).

14. The Woolworth

Woolworth’s patio is always buzzing, with the Eye as one of its main attractions. The rooftop provides views over some of Dallas’ parks and reservoirs from up high; but what really draws people in are all those extra bits you can see on this side-the sculptures!

In addition to their handcrafted cocktails and a range of craft beers, happy hour at The Bar means you can enjoy deals that won’t totally break the bank.

From the roof, guests can enjoy Dallas’ famous quirky sculpture The Eye and some of its parks.

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)

Final Thought

With such a wide variety of restaurants in the Dallas area, it can be difficult to narrow down where to go. These 14 best rooftop restaurants are some great options for your next date night or dinner with friends and family. Dallas has something for everyone, so take your pick!

14 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Dallas (Check it Out)


What is the best time of year to go to a rooftop restaurant in Dallas?

Rooftop restaurants are great for any time of year! However, if you’re looking to enjoy the views without battling the heat, we recommend visiting during the fall or winter. Spring and summer offer more pleasant temperatures, but can be quite crowded.

Where is a good place to park in Dallas?

Free parking can be hard to come by, especially in the heart of downtown. Your best bet might be valet or using a ride-sharing service like Uber/Lyft. If you’re looking for free parking, try searching a few blocks outside of your destination.

What is the average price range for a meal at a rooftop restaurant?

Price ranges vary depending on which restaurant you choose, but most are affordable. $12-$15 can buy your lunch or dinner and drinks to match. If that’s not in your budget, try visiting during happy hour when prices tend to be lower!

Is it safe to stroll around the business district of Dallas, Texas?

Dallas is a safe city and the business district is well-lit and patrolled by security. However, as always, be aware of your surroundings and keep personal belongings close to you. Enjoy your visit!

What are some popular attractions in Dallas?

Some popular attractions in Dallas include The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (dedicated to the life and death of John F. Kennedy), the Dallas World Aquarium, and Fair Park (home to the State Fair of Texas).

What is a good place to get some drinks in downtown Dallas?

One great option for getting some drinks in downtown Dallas is The Bar at The Joule Hotel. They have an extensive cocktail menu that changes seasonally, and their rooftop patio is a great spot to relax and take in the views. Plus, they offer happy hour specials Monday-Friday from open until close!