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9 Best Rural Places to Live in South Carolina

Best Rural Places to Live in South Carolina

South Carolina is a fantastic place to live or retire because of its pleasant temperature and low total cost of living. This article will go through the best rural places to live in South Carolina.

Rural life is one of the best ways to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy a slower paced lifestyle, with less crime rates, more space for family activities, and access to natural beauty that you would never be able to experience living in a larger town.

There are many rural places in South Carolina where you can live your dream!

More About South Carolina

South Carolina is located in the southeast of the United States. It is known for its diverse landscape, with ocean beaches, coastal swamps and sand hills in the east; mountains which stretch across two-thirds of the state; rivers running through lush farmland throughout much of its central area; The Grand Strand along South Carolina’s coast offers fun filled days at the beach, golfing and great seafood.

South Carolina has a population of around five million people, so you will have a city nearby when needing to visit or for work. The weather in South Carolina is temperate, with short winters and very hot summers.

Best Rural Places to Live in South Carolina

South Carolina’s rural areas are spread across the state in many forms of beautiful scenery. Whether you want to be near a city or away from one entirely, there is truly no shortage of options:

1. Due West

Due West is a small town in Abbeville County. It has a population of around four-thousand people and offers many amenities such as shopping centers for groceries or department stores; public transportation; churches; medical facilities; restaurants; education through the local high school and colleges nearby like Aiken Technical College.

Due West has great safety ratings with a crime rate of around sixteen percent lower than the national average. The cost of living is fifteen point nine percent less expensive compared to the rest of America.

Due West offers many real estate options both new and old, with prices ranging from $55K for an older home up to $465K for brand new construction.

Nestled in the foothills of South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Due West is a charming town with lush scenery and natural beauty.

2. McClellanville

Our next selection is McClellanville, which is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Those large metropolises are about 1 hour away, sufficiently secluded but still accessible to a variety of activities.

There is a crime rate lower than the national average, with a cost of living five percent less expensive compared to other places.

Prices for houses start at $55,000 for an older property and climb to $465,000 for a brand new construction.

McClellanville is a charming coastal town with beautiful scenery, great access to the ocean and Charleston, but still secluded enough that you feel like you’re in your own little world!

3. Quinby

Quinby is a tiny town in the northeastern part of West Virginia, near Florence. Its population of 900 people has a low cost of living and a low crime rate, with a good school system. For convenience, there is also a small shopping center in the downtown area.

Quinby offers great access to outdoor activities, with several nearby state parks and lakes.

If you’re looking for a small town where crime rates are low while still having easy access to big cities like Florence, Quinby is the place for you.

4. Reidville

The village of Reidville is a tiny, rural town of only 600 inhabitants that is also just 20 minutes from bigger cities such as Greenville and Spartanburg. It was even named the #1 greatest spot to buy a house in the Greenville region.

Reidville offers a good school system with little crime, and has great amenities like shopping centers. A low cost of living also makes this an ideal location for families.

There are a number of houses for sale ranging from $58K for older properties to approximately $300K for new

5. Chapin

Chapin is a lovely, quiet community of 1,600 residents located right on the lake. It is just 30 minutes from Columbia, South Carolina’s capital city, but it has a more tranquil atmosphere.

In terms of facilities, it is a surprisingly large city. There are several supermarkets, including a Publix, as well as a variety of restaurants – pizzas, Mexican, Chinese and fast-food establishments such as Sonic.

Chapin is recognized for its excellent schools. It received an A+ grade from AreaVibes, which rates it as one of the top small towns in South Carolina.

6. Peak

With a population of just 60 people, Peak is the smallest community on our list. It’s located near the Broad River and takes about 40 minutes to reach Columbia, South Carolina.

There isn’t much business activity in the center of town, just a pharmacy and a post office next to the hamlet’s church. However, it is this community’s main attraction. It is the ultimate rural lifestyle in a safe and tranquil environment.

Peak provides a low cost of living, and excellent schools. The prices for houses in Peak range from $75K to about $200K depending on the size and age of the property.  

7. Landrum

Situated on the border of North and South Carolina, Landrum is a small, quiet town of approximately 2,500 people. This low-cost community offers housing that is 41 percent less expensive than the national average while still providing a variety of services, such as a tiny downtown with locally owned pubs and eateries, a library, and a spacious car park.

The beautiful scenery of the surrounding region, as well as the convenient location, have made this a popular destination. Landrum is less than 15 minutes from Greenville, South Carolina’s third-largest city.

In terms of amenities and safety, this community has a low crime rate with great schools. In addition to the affordable housing prices listed above, Landrum offers excellent career opportunities in fields such as education or healthcare – there are several hospitals nearby.

8. Shell Point

Shell Point is a small community of only 2,000 people. However, it provides easy access to Savannah and Augusta as well as Atlanta – all within an hour’s drive or less.

Shell Point has made many publications’ lists for its low cost of living and excellent school system grades. It also offers plentiful amenities such as a nearby hospital and a variety of shops, restaurants and other businesses.

In terms of real estate cost, the prices for homes in Shell Point range from $154K to about $400K depending on size and age. In addition, rent is much less expensive

9. Briarcliffe Acres

Briarcliffe Acres is a quiet rural community located in Myrtle Beach’s northern outskirts. When compared to its adjacent townships, it offers a more remote way of life. There are only 600 residents in Briarcliffe Acres, but they benefit from direct access to the beach and may reach Myrtle Beach in 30 minutes.

Both the community and education prospects are excellent, with AreaVibes giving an A+ rating. However, rural coastal living does come at a cost, with housing prices being 172 percent higher than the national average.

Above the list of the best rural places to live in South Carolina, it is important to note that many of these communities are located near a major city. This means that there may be certain amenities and entertainment options that you will not find elsewhere in the state. However, for those who want peace and quiet without sacrificing convenience or career opportunities, they can certainly find an appropriate community here.

What are the helpful tips to live in South Carolina?

South Carolina is a very beautiful place. It has many things to offer, but living in rural areas of South Carolina is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are looking for tips on how to live in this state, then here are some helpful tips.

Tip # One: What should I do if one wants to find a job in South Carolina?

Finding a good paying job is something that every individual wants. But how do you find one, especially if you are living in South Carolina? Well there are many ways to go about looking for a job and most of these methods work no matter where you live. The first thing that anyone should know when trying to find a good paying job is what kind of work they do. For example, if you love working with animals then a great way to find a stable and rewarding position would be becoming a Veterinarian in South Carolina .

Tip # Two: How can I move to live in South Carolina?

There are many reasons people want to relocate their entire lives to South Carolina. It really depends on what you want and how much money you have if it is even possible for you to move here. The first step in relocating your life would be finding a job in this state, so that way if things don’t work out with whatever residence or apartment that might be available then at least you can always fall back on your job.

Tip # Three: How do I find a house or apartment in South Carolina?

Finding an affordable home is not difficult, however finding the right one for you might be very tedious and tiring. You would first need to make sure that wherever it is you want to live has what you are looking for. If it is a house, does the location have what you need to be able to commute? Does your home come with all of the appliances and things that you might require in order to stay comfortable and safe? These are just some of many questions that people should ask themselves before they go out looking for homes or apartments.

Tip # Four: What if I want to live in a rural area of South Carolina?

Living in a rural area does not mean that you will be living far from everything and everyone. There are many places all across this state that offer beautiful homes with great amenities, but they might require one to drive for an hour or two every day just so they can get to work. This is something that you will have to take into consideration when looking for a home in rural areas of South Carolina because there are many great things about living outside the city, but only if your job is within driving distance or close enough so you don’t mind commuting every day.

Tip # Five: What if I want to live in a city in South Carolina?

If you are more inclined towards living near the hustle and bustle of life then this is not something that you will have to worry about. There are many big cities all across South Carolina where one can easily find a job, apartment or house. The only problem with living somewhere fast paced and busy is that you will not have the chance to truly get away from everything. You might find yourself dealing with a lot of noise, pollution or traffic on a daily basis which can be very taxing for some people.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about living in South Carolina is that you have many options for where to live. From rural areas with small towns and neighbors close by, to more suburban settings with access to everything your family needs right at home, there are plenty of great places to consider when deciding on a new place.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable house or just want some peace and quiet after years in the city, our list may be able to help narrow down your search so you can find the perfect place for your family!

9 Best Rural Places to Live in South Carolina

  • 1. Due West
  • 2. McClellanville
  • 3. Quinby
  • 4. Reidville
  • 5. Chapin
  •  6. Peak
  • 7. Landrum
  • 8. Shell Point
  • 9. Briarcliffe Acres

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