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9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida (Sunsets and Wildlife)

9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida (Sunsets and Wildlife)

You may be looking for small-town locations with a more tight-knit community and laid-back lifestyle. The perfect place that will match this dream of yours is a small beach town in Florida. Here, not only will you have the privilege of waking up to the best views in the country, but you will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere you will not find in busy cities.

In this blog post, we are going to help you choose The 9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida for those of you wanting to find a Sandy Vacation Getaway!

Best Small Beach Towns in Florida

#9 Key West 

We are going to kickstart today’s countdown with a small town home to around 23,000 people. Located in the southernmost point in the United States, people living here love the pleasant breeze and culturally diverse community. However, the downside to living here is the high living expenses. In fact, we read from the Zumper website that Key West is the second most expensive city in the state of Florida. Furthermore, according to Best Places, the median home cost in this area is $752,400, which is more than double the national average of $291,700. 

9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida (Sunsets and Wildlife)

#8 Cocoa Beach

For the next item on our list, we will visit a place consistently acknowledged as one of the best places to live in Florida by numerous sources. According to recent figures released by World Population Review, Cocoa Beach is home to 11,705 people. Perhaps the most well-known features of this location are its magnificent beach, world-renowned surf breaks, and closeness to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Furthermore, with an average household income of $92,223 and a poverty rate of 5.97 percent, this area is considered to be relatively prosperous. Beyond that, migrating to this city is undoubtedly a good investment because of the great schools and reasonably priced housing options.

#7 Captiva Island

This next beach town on our list has been called one of the quirkiest locations in Florida. This is the perfect place to live for those looking for a more quiet and relaxed lifestyle. Every year, the island comes to life during the Captiva Luminary celebration, when inhabitants light candles from one end of the island to the other, signaling the beginning of the Christmas season on the island. Furthermore, the population on this island is only around 500- 600 people. So you can expect very high home prices here. On the Zillow website, we found that Captiva Island has a typical home value of $1,518,104. 

#6 Key Biscayne

Moving on, we are going to visit this place you can find south of Miami Beach. Home to 12,682 people, this gem of a village boasts majestic waters and smooth waves. One of the most appealing aspects of the Key Biscayne lifestyle is the island’s ability to provide for its own needs. Despite its small population, this city is always bustling with activity, and there is a lot to see and do here. Key Biscayne is an island village with a classy feel, bordered by two lovely beach parks and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

And, like the majority of the places on this list that have been mentioned, it is also ridiculously expensive to live here. In fact, according to Payscale, the housing costs in Key Biscayne are 328 percent higher than the national average. In fact, we found from the Zillow website that the typical home value here is $1,254,919. 

#5 Apalachicola

With its attractive maritime atmosphere and abundance of seafood eateries, the coastal town of Apalachicola should be part of your list. This location is also well-known for producing high-quality oysters, earning it the title of “Oyster Capital of the World.” Apalachicola Seafood Grill, Hole In The Wall Seafood, and Half Shell Dockside are just a few of the places you shouldn’t miss while you’re here.

Aside from the excellent food, folks adore this establishment for its people. Apalachicola has long been regarded as one of the friendliest communities in the entire state of Florida, and with good reason. And the good news is, purchasing a home in this area will not require you to pay millions of dollars. According to Best Places, the median property cost in this neighborhood is $196,900.

#4 Pensacola Beach

We have yet another relatively expensive area on today’s list. Welcome to Pensacola, where the median home value is $775,000, according to the Movoto website. Furthermore, the Point 2 Homes website reports that this place’s most recent population number is 9,925.  Some of the top reasons to move here are the diverse community, vibrant nightlife, and a plethora of fun outdoor activities. Overall, most people declare Pensacola Beach a wonderful, tranquil place. And if you are patient enough, maybe you will spot a dolphin peeping out during the winter. 

9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida (Sunsets and Wildlife)

#3 WaterColor 

This next destination is located on the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida. This lovely community of charming homes and tree-lined alleys is nestled between Seaside and Grayton Beach State Park in South Walton. And Western Lake, one of South Walton’s most gorgeous coastal dune lakes, may be seen in WaterColor. If you enjoy kayaking, you will have a great time here. Aside from that, you can spend your days paddling on Lake Michigan or riding through the various parks and natural areas in the surrounding area. 

#2 Fernandina

Taking the second spot on our list is none other than the glittering beach town for Fernandina. Sitting on the beautiful island of Amelia, this location is famous for its clean waters and abundance of natural wildlife. The place also offers a diverse selection of restaurants, golf courses, and retail options. And if you are wondering about the population in this area, as per recent figures released by the World Population Review, this place is currently home to 14,365 residents. In terms of housing, Zillow estimates the median home value in the area to be $489,219. 

#1 Islamorada 

Lastly, let us visit the one and only fishing capital of the world. Islamorada is the birthplace of wilderness sport fishing and saltwater fly fishing. And although this place is famous around the world, the population is only at 6,249, says World Population Review. While maintaining its small-town vibes, this is probably one of the best places to retire in Florida. Even if fishing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities and amusing sights to keep you entertained. However, the only downside to living here is the expensive housing costs. Zillow reports the typical home value of homes in Islamorada to be $1,107,335.

9 Best Small Beach Towns in Florida (Sunsets and Wildlife)