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16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive (Local Favorites!)

16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive

Miami is a city with so much to offer, and Key West will be the perfect place to relax after your drive.

There are many stops along the way that you should make sure not to miss. With these 16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive, you can be confident in your trip planning!

The 16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive

The best stops on your Miami to Key West drive will vary depending on your interests, but there are a few must-see destinations that everyone should make time for. Here are 16 of the best stops on your drive, in no particular order:

16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive

1. Key West

Key West is an island city in Florida that lies roughly 90 miles north of Cuba. The Key West area has been known to house pastel colored houses, which are also accessible by cruise ships from the mainland via Overseas Highway and have become popular destinations for both diving & snorkeling alike!

A fun-loving city with a beautiful historic past and plenty of activities, Key West is known as the perfect destination for all sorts. The colors have been said to bring happiness so you’ll want to visit this vibrant town in order to keep your mind out where it belongs! vacation!

The best way to explore Key West is on foot, so be sure to leave time in your schedule for a leisurely stroll around the city. There are also trolley tours if you want to get an overview of the key before exploring further on your own. And don’t forget to check out Mallory Square at sunset – it’s a must-see event!

2. Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is a remote and peaceful place, perfect for taking in all that nature has to offer. The water here features abundant marine life as well as bird species with plenty of shoreline hiking trails where you can spot rare ones like pelicans or manatees!

The Dry Tortugas National Park is a small beach with some good snorkeling on calm days. The historical side of the island, however, can be done cheaper and more efficiently by going elsewhere and. snorkeling Fort Jefferson.

Accessible only by seaplane or boat, this park is definitely worth the trip for those looking to get away from it all. There are no accommodations on the island, so be sure to plan ahead if you’re intending to stay overnight.

3. National Key Deer Refuge Nature Center

The National Key Deer Refuge is a 8,542-acre wildlife refuge located on Big Pine and No Name keys in the Florida Keys. The center houses an active predator restoration program that helps native deer thrive while also protecting human populations from dangerous predators.

Touring through the Key deer refuge, you’ll come across an impressively large variety of wildlife. If a country is looking to protect its natural resources then this may well be one way they can start by protecting these incredible creatures and their homes from developers who would try anything in order to build more houses.!

This is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, while still getting some quality education on America’s wildlife. The refuge offers guided tours & boat rides for those interested in learning more about these amazing animals!

4. Bahia Honda State Park

The calm waters of Bahia Honda State Park provide an ideal spot for those looking to swim. The beach provides excellent visibility, and snorkeling equipment can be rented near shore so that you don’t miss out on seeing the beautiful coral reef just off your toes!

Bahia Honda State Park is a beautiful place to visit, but alcoholic beverages are only allowed in designated areas. Bahia Honda State Park is a beautiful and serene place to spend your vacation. The clear blue water, white sand beaches with gentle waves for swimmers of all abilities make this an ideal spot for family vacations or romantic retreats as well!

So, if you’re looking for a place to visit in the Florida Keys, be sure to add these four stops to your list! Each one offers its own unique experience and is well worth the trip. And who knows – maybe you’ll even get lucky and spot some of the Key’s famous wildlife while you’re there!

5. Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge is a bridge that connects the middle to lower keys in Florida. It spans over seven miles, connecting Knight’s Key with Little Duck key among other places such as Islamorada and Marathon respectively.

The historic Seven Mile Bridge is a Florida Keys icon and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally built in 1925, this 1-mile long span served as one of America’s first ever links from Miami to Key West – now known throughout all fifty states for its world famous fishing pier which attracts millions every year who come by bike or foot alike.!

The Seven Mile Bridge is a unique landmark that every fan of the Florida Keys should visit at least once. This bridge dates back to before air travel was even available between Miami and Key West, so it is truly an engineering marvel! Additionally this is one of the most popular fishing piers in all of America’s keys because it has become such a popular tourist attraction through the years.

6. Turtle Hospital (Mile Marker 48.5)

The Turtle Hospital (Mile Marker 48.5) is a rehabilitation center for sea turtles, where you can take tours and buy some great gifts to bring back home with your friends!

The Turtle Hospital is a rehabilitation center that houses sea turtles of all ages and stages. The facility converted one hundred thousand gallons of swimming pool into the saltwater tidal pool for permanently disabled species, making it their new home.! The Turtle Hospital also offers educational tours to teach people about the sea turtles and how they can help protect these creatures in the future!

The Turtle Hospital is a unique place that every fan of sea turtles should visit. This hospital helps to rehabilitate injured sea turtles and also provides education on how people can help protect these amazing creatures in the future.

7. Dolphin Research Center

The Dolphin Research Center is an Orlando landmark that houses some of the dolphins you’ll find in Florida’s waters. With a 90,000-square foot lagoons for each dolphin and sea lion to play with as well as plenty space between exhibits so they can explore freely without being too cramped (even though we’re not at eye level!), guests are guaranteed hours of entertainment here – even if your favorite animal opts out!

The dolphin experience at the research center is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. You can swim with them, learn about their lives in captivity and how they’re brought up by humans that don’t know what it’s like out there on loan from zoos, aquariums or marine parks around America- all without getting wet!

The Dolphin Research Center is a great place to visit for anyone who loves dolphins. This Orlando landmark houses some of the dolphins you’ll find in Florida’s waters and offers guests hours of entertainment. You can swim with the dolphins, learn about their lives in captivity, and how they’re brought up by humans that don’t know what it’s like out there on loan from zoos, aquariums or marine parks around America- all without getting wet!

8. Robbie’s Marina (Mile Marker 77)

The Robbie’s Marina is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. The fishing cruises, kayak rentals as well as tarpon feeding make it an ideal location to spend some time on the water in Florida!

Robbie’s Marina (Mile Marker 77) is a transient boat slip paradise. With easy access to Indian Key Channel and some of the best fishing spots in Florida, this location second-to-none will make it hard for you not to be satisfied with your stay here!!

Robbie’s Marina is a great place for people who love the water. This location offers fishing cruises, kayak rentals as well as tarpon feeding and has transient boat slip paradise with easy access to Indian Key Channel – making it hard for you not to be satisfied with your stay here!

9. Morada Way Arts District

The Morada Way Arts District is located in the heart of downtown Islamorada and makes up for an artsy, cultural district. Affiliated galleries are dispersed throughout this area which houses many more shops yet it also has become home to some great restaurants as well!

The Morada Way Arts District is a great location to find some unique art pieces and experience the culture of Islamorada. This district houses many galleries which are dispersed throughout this area, along with many other shops. You can also enjoy some delicious food here!

The Morada Way Arts District makes up for an artsy cultural district.

10. Islamorada

Islamorada, a tiny village in the Florida Keys is known for its fascinating history and beautiful coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy dolphin encounters at Theater of The Sea or take part in exhibits about diving including one from 16th century Japan!

Islamorada, Florida is a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustles of daily life. A former quarry has been turned into an intriguing fossil reef geological state park that houses some beautiful lignum vitae trees in addition to tropical forests on Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park; Indian key historic site with 1800s ruins makes up one tiny island within The Keys National Historic District.

Islamorada is a great place to learn about history and coral reefs. This village is known for its fascinating history and beautiful coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy dolphin encounters at Theater of The Sea or take part in exhibits about diving including one from 16th century Japan!

11. Key Largo

Key Largo is a census-designated place (CDP) in Monroe County, Florida, on the island of Key Largo. The name comes from the Spanish Cayo Largo or “long key”.

Key Largo is the first of Florida’s fabulous Keys and home to a world-renowned artificial reef, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Everglades National Park is just an easy day trip away from this tropical paradise! offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the “River of Grass” by airboat, car or even on foot!

12. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

State Park of John Pennekamp Coral Reef is a Florida gem. With 70 nautical square miles of adjacent Atlantic Ocean waters, it includes approximately 25 miles in length and extends 3 miles into the waterway proper for some serious snorkeling or diving fun!

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the place to go if you are looking for a break from all of this world’s troubles. This underwater park has vibrant marine life on view with snorkeling and glass-bottom boat tours as well kayaking; it truly offers something special in every way possible!

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a renowned Florida landmark, the country’s first undersea park. It encompasses an impressive 70 nautical square miles and features more than 100 varieties of fish along with spectacular coral reefs teeming with life!

13. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is a large wetland that can be compared to the slow-moving rivers of Africa. The Evergleams offers visitors plenty of wildlife and natural beauty, with more than 300 animal species living in its 1 million acres!

The leatherback turtle, Florida panther and West Indian manatee are some of the many endangered species that call The Everglades home.

The Everglades National Park is a symbol of America’s natural beauty and wilder side, and it safeguards an unrivaled environment that supports important habitat for several rare and endangered species such as manatees. In this book we will explore what it means to be a part of this group while also learning how you can get involved with projects in your community!

14. Homestead-Miami Speedway

Homestead-Miami Speedway is a place where you can find the best motorsports action in Florida. The track has been hosting many different series over its lifetime, including NASCAR and IndyCar racing which have both contributed greatly towards their popularity as well!

The homestead-Miami Speedway is a 600 acre race car facility with space for 65,000 racing fans. Plus they have tent and RV campgrounds if you’re not able to make it there! the full weekend!

15. Coral Castle Museum

The Coral Castle Museum is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and intricacies of carvings. One man carved out this large outdoor garden with sculptures from over 1,000 tons worth coral!

Coral Castle Museum is an American hidden gem. For more than fifty years, Ed single-handedly and secretly carved over 1,100 tons of coral rock to create one the world’s most mysterious structures: The Coral Castle (a National Historic Landmark).

Coral Castle is currently privately run as a tourist attraction. It’s famous for the legends surrounding its construction that allege it was built by one man using supernatural abilities and reverse magnetism, which would explain how he moved stones weighing many tons with ease!

16. Downtown Miami

The Miami area is a pricey and popular destination for shopping. During the day, you’ll see a lot of people visiting downtown’s open-air malls or buying jewelry, but at night, fans descend on American Airlines Arena to watch their favorite basketball team battle it out live against another squad from around the league!

The stunning Adrienne Arsht Center in Downtown Miami is a perfect place to see ballet and opera. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, head over to the Pérez Art Museum Miami where they’ve got some of my favorite artists on display!

Central to Miami’s culture and history, the Downtown area is home to international finance as well as dining. Visitors will find art galore in this bustling metropolis which was once a refuge for Cuban refugees processing on the U-S quota system during the Castro regime years ago!

Downtown Miami is a safe city, with some areas that should be avoided. However these are not typical tourist landmarks and the usual pickpocketing problems do occur there too so you need to remain vigilant around those parts of town as well. Keep your eyes peeled for suspicious activity wherever in order to stay safe while visiting this beautiful place!

Benefits of Having a Stop on Your Miami To Key West Drive

If you’re making the drive from Miami to Key West, you’ll want to make sure you have a stop planned along the way. There are plenty of great benefits to having a stop, including:

  1. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Florida
  2. Stopping for a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants or cafes
  3. Picking up some souvenirs to remember your trip
  4. Getting out and stretching your legs
  5. Visit tourist attractions

There are plenty of great reasons to make a stop on your Miami to Key West drive, so be sure to add one to your itinerary!

Reasons to Visit Miami, Florida

Miami is a city in southeastern Florida and is one of the most popular cities to visit around the world. It has been offering something for everyone for many years. The climate, art, nightlife, restaurants and beaches make this place more attractive to visitors from all over the world. There are great hotels here that offer outstanding amenities and services. This is why it is one of the most visited cities in the USA.

  • Finding top rated hotels in Miami online is very easy and you can do that on our website too. We have unbiased reviews for all major hotels available, so check them out before booking!
  • Some people think that visiting Miami only makes sense during the winter but this is not true. This is a great place to visit in the summer too, because it has over 300 sunny days every year!
  • Miami offers an amazing art deco style that you will love if you are into architecture. You can find many interesting buildings here that look like sculptures. Downtown Miami is one of the most famous neighborhoods with its beautiful buildings.
  • Miami’s south beach is very popular with its beautiful beaches, fantastic views and great restaurants. There are also many clubs in this area so it is a very fun place to visit in Miami!
  • The best way to explore the city is by using the public transportation system because it covers all areas of interest. You can use buses or water taxis to get around. Taxis are also available but they can be expensive.

If you are looking for a place to have some fun, Miami is the right destination! You will find plenty of things to do here and the people are very friendly. The city is very diverse so you will be able to experience many different cultures. Miami is definitely a place worth visiting!

16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive

Reasons to Visit Key West, Florida

Located at the southernmost tip of the United States, a visit to Key West is a visit to a truly unique city. A mix of historic and modern, artistic and traditional, Key West offers something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to relax on beautiful beaches or have an active adventure, Key West has it all. Here are ten reasons to visit Key West, Florida:

1. The Beaches – With crystal-clear water and white sand beaches, Key West offers some of the best beaches in the country. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax or want to join in on the fun at one of the local beach bars, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Key West’s beaches.

2. The History – From its days as a pirate stronghold to its role in the Cuban Revolution, Key West has a rich history that is on full display throughout the city. From museums to historic homes and churches, there is no shortage of things to see and learn in Key West.

3. The Art – Key West is known as the “Conch Republic” and that spirit of individualism is reflected in its vibrant arts community. From galleries to street art, you’ll find some of the best local talent on display throughout the city.

4. The Food – With an influx of new residents bringing their culture with them there are plenty of unique dining options in Key West. From Cuban to Indian to Caribbean, you’re sure to find something that will tickle your palate while you’re visiting!

5. The Weather – With an average high temperature of 84 degrees and low temperatures averaging 72 degrees, Key West offers warm weather year-round!

6. The Beaches – Did we mention how great the beaches are in Key West?

7. The Activities – From fishing to kayaking to diving and snorkeling, there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy while you’re in Key West.

8. The Nightlife – With a thriving bar and nightclub scene, Key West is a great place to let loose and enjoy a night out on the town.

9. The Scenery – From towering palm trees to lush mangroves, Key West is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

10. It’s Affordable – With hotel rates and airfare both relatively cheap compared to other popular tourist destinations, Key West is a great place to visit on a budget!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Key West today!

16 Best Stops On Your Miami To Key West Drive

Final Thought

Having a couple of stops on your trip from Miami to Key West is a great way to experience all that the area has to offer. From its beaches and history to its art and food, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city! So get out there and explore – you won’t regret it!