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12 Best Ventura County Beaches California (Perfect Vacation)

12 Best Ventura County Beaches California

The Ventura County coastline is a place that has been attracting people for centuries. The beaches in this county are some of the most beautiful and pristine in all of California, and many people come from near and far to enjoy them.

In this blog post, we will be taking a look at 12 Best Ventura County Beaches California – from Carpinteria to La Conchita – looking at what makes each one special, why you should visit it if you’re ever in the area, and more!

12 Best Ventura County Beaches California

The county of Ventura stretches from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Santa Barbara County line. In total, there are 27 miles of beach within this region. The county is home to a diverse population of around 811k people and its beaches serve as popular tourist locations for those both nearby and abroad.

Of the twenty-seven miles of beach, twelve are considered to be some of the best beaches in Ventura County.

1. Rincon Point 

Rincon Point is the first Ventura County beach on this list because it truly is one of the best! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area, but due to some issues with water quality, I only recommend it for swimming during off-peak hours. This location has a long shoreline which is great for families, with the west end of it being better suited for surfing and swimming. The east end is ideal for boogie boarding, with this part also having a playground that’s suitable for children of all ages.

Rincon Point 

2. San Buenaventura Beach 

San Buenaventura Beach is located in Long Beach. The beach was named after an earlier Spanish name for the Chumash Indian village, Shisholopam. The word means ‘House of the Rising Sun’. The beach features a long boardwalk, picnic tables, restrooms and areas for fishing. The beach is also the home of the Lakewood Park Nature Center. The San Buenaventura Park features trails, ballfields and a model airplane field.

3. La Conchita 

La Conchita is a small unincorporated community located in the Santa Barbara County of California. It is an isolated beach which is only reached by hard to navigate roads and pathways. La Conchita has a history of risky landslides and unstable hills which makes it an earthquake prone area.

The tiny community offers several amenities such as showers, restrooms, a restaurant, and a beachfront. It gets its name from the shell-shaped rock formations located on the shore commonly referred as ‘conchas,’ which are often used for making mollusk shells.

The first inhabitants of La Conchita were the Chumash Native Americans who left behind middens that can still be seen in the area. La Conchita was later settled by Spanish Colonists who built the famous adobe rancho known as Mesa De Los Santos (Table of The Saints). Native Americans and settlers were often attracted to this region due to its proximity to fresh water, fishing, hunting grounds, and rich soil for growing crops.

La Conchita is a secluded beach just south of the city of Ventura. There are no large facilities here, but there is an immense amount of natural beauty to be seen. It’s not very big (at only about ¼ mile long) or deep, but it is nice and quiet though can also get fairly crowded on weekends. At the south end of the beach where the creek flows into the ocean, some interesting rock formations have formed.

Today, La Conchita is a small beach community with roughly 100 residents. It has become a popular tourist attraction due to its secluded and somewhat primitive location. Although the area is remote and often difficult to reach, it still offers visitors all basic amenities such as restrooms and daytime tours guided by residents. The best way to get there is by taking Ortega Highway to La Conchita Road and on to the beach.

4. Emma Wood State Beach 

Emma Wood State Beach is located in Ventura County. The beach is named after Emma Catherine Wood (1867–1961), who was an activist for the poor and immigrants in the early 20th century. She was called “Angel of Guejito ” in her old age. For many years she was known as the “first lady of Santa Clara Valley”. Wood spent much of her life giving to the poor. She was a friend of Helen Hunt Jackson, who wrote about Wood in Ramona. The beach is a two-mile stretch of sandy shoreline that has been well protected so it’s great for swimming.

It also features tide pools, surfing and fishing opportunities as well as picnic areas with BBQ grills available. The beach has a picnic area, restrooms and showers along with public access to beach volleyball courts and a boat launch ramp. The fishing is exceptional in this area, while surfing and bodyboarding can be done on the south end of the beach.

Camping is also available at Emma Wood State Beach for a fee. This campground has 40 family campsites with access to hot showers and pit toilets. Additional fees apply.

12 Best Ventura County Beaches California

5. Hobson Beach 

The beach at the mouth of Santa Clara River where it meets with the Pacific Ocean. A popular spot for fishing and surfing, especially for surfers of the southside of Ventura’s coastline that don’t want to paddle as far as Surfer’s Point. Parking Lot 2 on Cliff Drive is closed off due to high avian activity on this stretch of coastline, though the beach can still be accessed via Cliff Drive. Hobson Beach has a playground, restrooms and showers making it an ideal location for families with children or anyone looking to spend some time in the water.

There are many different types of fish that can be caught off the shore here. Expect to catch Pompano, Mackerel, California Halibut or even Salmon at times. There is a fairly large tide change in this area so surfers should watch for riptides while they are out in the water.

6. Harbor Cove Beach 

The beach is popular for its calm conditions and good fishing. Access to the beach is only permitted on foot because it is part of a private community. There are showers and restrooms and parking and food trucks nearby if you want snacks or lunch while enjoying your stay at the beach here. Harbor Cove Beach is especially great for surfing due to its strong waves.

7. Point Mugu State Park Beaches 

Point Mugu State Park is a popular destination for Southern Californians looking to escape the city life and enjoy the calm, relaxing beach. It’s located about 30 miles northwest of Malibu, right along the coast. The park has four entrances that lead to different beaches, but our favorite is West Beach.

Not because it’s better than others, but because it’s more quiet and less crowded than the others. The best time to visit is during weekdays, when there aren’t many people around.

The water in this area is freezing cold – about 60 degrees Fahrenheit all year long, which means you shouldn’t go swimming here. But why would you want to? Some people do surf, but it’s not the best surfing spot in the area. That said, there are some fun waves for kids to play in and enjoy during summertime.

In summer, temperatures get up to about 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, so bring sunscreen and sunglasses with you. You can also get a nice tan if you get out early enough.

Parking costs $15 if you’re bringing a car and entering afterward (between 5:00 and 6:30 pm), which is kind of pricey. But, the alternative is paying way more by staying in nearby Malibu. During summer months there’s extra security, so bring your ID or ticket with you because they’ll check it at the beach.

8. Solimar Beach

Located on the Pacific Coast and situated in Ventura County, Solimar Beach is a must-visit for those traveling to Southern California. As one of the state’s best beaches with its miles of soft sand and calming waves soothes visitors every year.

Filling up fast during summer months, Solimar has been voted as one of the best beaches in Ventura County. You’ll be able to see a seemingly endless horizon while enjoying a picturesque view from the shoreline. For those who have never been there before, this is one of California’s most beautiful beaches that you need to check out!

9. Marina Park Beach 

Marina Park Beach is located in the center of Ventura. The name Marina means “where ships are anchored” and the park is a great spot for boat watching with several marinas nearby.

This city beach is also known as M Street Beach and is considered part of the Channel Islands Harbor Docks. Although primarily a surfing location, this beach has nice sand and some great views of the Channel Islands. Known for its volleyball courts and fishing spots, this beach is sometimes listed as “Surfer’s Point”.

This is one of the most popular beaches in Ventura County. With a breakwater that protects visitors from high waves, it’s perfect for sunbathing during summertime when temperatures reach up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit!

Clean restrooms, a playground, and several small shops are located nearby in case you want to grab snacks or drinks. There’s also some great outdoor grills on the beach where visitors can grill their food!

While parking is available on site at no cost, it can fill up quickly during prime hours. A $15 fee will be charged if you enter the parking lot between the hours of 11:00 am and 12 noon.

10. Faria Beach

Faria Beach is one of the most uncrowded beaches in Southern California, with only a few houses along its length.

Although facilities are limited – there are no lifeguards or public restrooms for example – this beach has some great advantages, including clean sand and protected waters. The water here remains shallow far out to sea, which means it is great for kids.

You can also enjoy some very nice views of Ventura Harbor and the Spanish-style buildings along its shoreline, including a lighthouse that is open to visitors during tours. This park offers several barbecue pits near the water’s edge where you can grill your food!

As one of California’s best beaches, Faria is also known as one of the best surfing spots in Ventura.

11. Oxnard Beaches 

With 16 miles of Pacific coastline, Oxnard beaches are often ranked among the best in California due to their consistent surf and sand conditions.

From large open beaches to small coves that are perfect for sunbathing, this city has a wide range of options. Visitors will be able to enjoy some great recreational activities with Oxnard’s beautiful coastline and clean water at their disposal.

Although facilities may not always be available on the beach itself – lifeguards might only operate during peak season – there are a number of beach parks and marinas in the area. Each one offers its own unique features, including restrooms, showers, picnic areas with barbecues, playgrounds for kids and more!

If you’re looking to have some fun at Ventura County beaches this summer then be sure to visit Oxnard Beach Park or Mandalay Beach Park. Both of these popular beaches offer visitors a wide range of activities, including volleyball courts and surfing zones!

12 Best Ventura County Beaches California

12. Surfer’s Point 

This Ventura County beach is very popular with surfers, lifeguards and fisherman

Surfers Point Park is located next to the Ventura River at the end of Palm Street (just off Highway 101). It has sandstone cliffs that are fun to climb. The view of Port Hueneme Bay is second-to-none.

It features restrooms and a small pier though fishing is not allowed from the pier. The park is located west of Ventura, California in an unincorporated area next to Port Hueneme.

This city beach has one of the best views you will find in all of Southern California. It features panoramic views of Port Hueneme and the Santa Barbara Channel.

Lifeguards are on duty, restrooms available, no camping or fires allowed except for grills at picnic tables. Limited parking is available; it is located off of Linden Avenue (Highway 1) across from Twin Harbors Freeway (101).