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12 Best Boating Communities in Southeast Florida (Must see!)

Boating Communities in Southeast Florida

Boating is a favorite pastime for many people in Southeast Florida. The water provides an escape from the heat and soothes those who are on it. It also provides relaxation and tranquility, which is why boaters love to spend their days out on the water.

Boating communities offer more than just this escape though; they provide some of the best fishing spots, boat ramps, restaurants with amazing views, and more!

In this blog post we will talk about 12 of our favorite boating communities in Southeast Florida that you should check out if you’re looking for a new adventure on or off of the water!

Southeast Florida’s Best Boating Communities

Best Boating Communities in Southeast Florida

1. Grand Harbor

Grand Harbor is a luxury waterfront golf and retirement community in Vero Beach, Florida. The location offers residents easy access to some of the best dining options on offer within an hour’s drive – or less!

A one-of-a kind destination, Grand Harbor offers a variety of residential options and amenities. The 14th hole on the River Course has earned it international recognition as challenging play can be expected here!

Grand Harbor is a great place for both outdoor enthusiasts and bird watchers alike. It has been recognized as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary because of its keen respect for nature, which can be seen throughout the entire area you are in!

2. Century Village Deerfield Beach

Century Village is an exclusive retirement community that only allows seniors and spouses of those age 55 or older. Many younger investors are looking to buy a home in Century Village because it’s one of the few places where you can be any age and still live comfortably.

Century Village is becoming a place for those who are looking to retire and enjoy the good rental income that comes with it. A number of buyers have already taken advantage, as they know before long this community will be home sweet home!

Century Village is also becoming a popular boating community. It’s just minutes away from the Intracoastal, which means residents have quick access to incredible fishing spots!

3. Ballenisles Country Club

Surrounded by lush green golf courses and pristine water, BallenIsles Country Club is a private community with three championship layouts. The club offers not only top notch sports facilities but also elegant Palm Beach gardens for residents to enjoy at their leisure!

The Palm Beaches is a beautiful area that offers numerous private clubs to choose from. BallenIsles Country Club ranks as one of the best and has been honored by being awarded 5 years in row with their Distinguished Club Award, 2021 Best Country club award given out by The Post-Palm Beach Edition magazine.

4. Indian River Club

Indian River Club is located at the southern end of Vero Beach and just a few minutes away from one of its most scenic features, Indian river lagoon. The community offers beautiful views with plenty for you to do in such close proximity!

Indian River Club is a private, members-only golf course that was designed by Ron Garl. The certification as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary ensures the facility embraces true spirit of game and natural beauty in Vero Beach for all its guests to enjoy. Members have access not only their own amenities but also one of best communities around with top quality living at this exclusive club!

5. Harbour Ridge

Take a relaxing drive along the shoreline of North Florida’s St. Lucie River just 40 minutes from Palm Beach and you’ll find Harbour Ridge, an exclusive community where nature meets city life.

The tranquil setting of the Harbour Ridge Palm City waterfront country club community offers a level of privacy and nature unmatched anywhere else in Florida. It’s set amidst unspoiled native vegetation, natural wetlands with just 695 homes for members to enjoy!

6. John’s Island

John’s Island is a paradise for nature lovers, with its lush forests and wide open spaces. The town of Indian River Shores offers quaint little shops to explore or relax in as well- it would be an ideal weekend getaway location!

Life on John’s Island is an exclusive, private club for members only. The island offers resort-like amenities with stunning views and miles of beaches that are waiting just off shore for! you to enjoy.

7. Century Village Boca Raton

Century Village is a 55+ condo community in Palm Beach County, Florida. This beautifully designed and maintained building offers first-class amenities for those who are looking to retire or grow older with family members nearby.

Century Village at Boca Raton offers residents a low-maintenance lifestyle with excellent resort style amenities. The well known community is made up of active adults who enjoy living in this friendly town and it’s beautiful lakeside walks or bicycle paths.

Century Village is a great place for those who are looking to invest in real estate as well! The community has been recognized by Minto US as one of the best retirement communities and offers rental income opportunities to those looking towards future growth.

8. Ocean Reef Club

Ocean Reef is a luxury residential community in Florida with the most expensive dues on Earth. You must become an equity member and purchase your membership for $235,000 plus annual fees of 11K – not including property prices!

Ocean reef is a once-in-a lifetime experience. It’s also rather expensive and the dress code for this event sounds snooty, but if you’re going all out then go ahead and! join this exclusive club!

Ocean Reef Club is one of the most prestigious communities around. It’s also very private and only allows certain individuals- so if you’re looking for a quiet, upscale location then there are few better than here!

9. Piper’s Landing Yacht

Pipers Landing Yacht and Country Club is a luxurious country club, with only 302 residences. It’s set amidst 600 acres of lush greenery that make for the perfect getaway from city life.

The serene waters of the south have always been a favorite spot for relaxation and reflection. With Piper’s Landing, you can enjoy both worlds without ever having to leave your golf course home!!

Pipers Landing Yacht and Country Club offers luxury living to those who are looking for a place that provides both privacy as well as resort-style amenities.

10. Silver Shores

Silver Shores is a great place to live in all aspects. The schools have plenty of opportunities for students, and they also offer ROTC programs if you’re interested which gives extra incentive not only on academics but also sportsmanship too!

There are so many nice homes around here at any price point – my family has found amazing deals even though we don’t come from wealthy backgrounds like most people who move into this area do.

11. Kings Point Delray Beach

Kings Point is a beautiful community of retirees who have chosen to call it home. The area consists primarily of retired people, with churches and parks throughout the town for those looking to get active in their retirement years.

There’s no better way to enjoy Florida than at Kings Point! This 55+ community has two private clubhouses and golf courses. You’ll never be bored with all the activities available, from bingo games on Tuesday nights in hallways near you or clubs hosting events like wine tastings every Saturday afternoon- it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are because there is something new waiting just around each corner.

12. Sailfish Point

Sailfish Point is the only golf community in Florida with direct access to open water.

Sailfish Point is an island paradise for fishing and boating enthusiasts. The Indian River, Atlantic Ocean and St Lucie Inlet all await with their vast variety of experiences from luxury sea-island bases like Sailfish Point 

The perfect place to find serenity in style,! Sailfish Point offers both privacy and resort-style amenities for residents to enjoy.

Sailfish point is an exclusive community that provides members with direct access to the Indian River, Atlantic Ocean and St Lucie Inlet. It’s perfect for those looking for natural beauty in their home locations!

Boating communities in Florida offer a variety of benefits that other communities just can’t provide. The lifestyle here is relaxed and inviting to people from all walks of life, which makes for an interesting mix of retirees who enjoy spending their days on the water fishing or simply relaxing with friends while keeping fit through various outdoor activities!

Boating Communities in Southeast Florida

Benefits of Staying a Boating Community After Retirement in Southeast Florida

Retirement to the Sunshine State presents many attractive opportunities for boaters. Not only is boat ownership more affordable in Florida than just about anywhere else, there are numerous marinas to choose from throughout southeast Florida where you can dock your boat.

For those wishing to spend their retirement winters in a warm climate boating community with other retirees, Southeast Florida offers an abundance of wonderful places to consider.

To help you know why you should consider a boating community, here are some reasons why:

1) A sense of community.

One of the best ways to enjoy your retirement is by staying connected with others who are at a similar stage in life. There are many boating communities throughout Florida that offer retirees the opportunity to connect with their fellow retirees for recreational activities, enjoyable social gatherings and conversations on relevant topics of interest.

2) Active and healthy lifestyle.

Many retirees are looking for an active and healthy retirement lifestyle and what could be better than one that revolves around boating? Boating is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with friends. Whether you’re into fishing, cruising or just taking in the scenery, there’s something for everyone when it comes to boating.

3) Climate.

The climate in Southeast Florida is perfect for boating throughout the year. Although there are many months of mild weather throughout the region, winters rarely get very cold and summers don’t last long enough to make anyone uncomfortable. Boaters also enjoy protection from harsh storms (compared to the Gulf and East Coast) because the region is surrounded by water.

4) Affordability.

For retirees looking for a place to dock their boat, Southeast Florida is one of the most affordable regions in the country. There are many quality marinas that offer monthly rates that are much lower than what you would find in other boating communities. This makes Southeast Florida a refreshing alternative to the pricier marinas of other parts of the country.

5) Accessibility.

The many waterways throughout Southeast Florida make traveling from one place to another easy and accessible for both boats and motorists alike. These waterways allow you to enjoy all that this region has to offer while still being close to all the big cities and attractions that draw millions of visitors to this part of the country every year.

Although Southeast Florida isn’t everyone’s ideal boating community, it offers many benefits for retirees who enjoy water-related activities and would like to retire among other like-minded individuals.


Retiring and enjoying being part of a boating community in Southeast Florida is a wonderful opportunity for retirees who want to enjoy their golden years in style while staying connected with other like-minded individuals. By turning your retirement dreams into a reality, you’ll find that there are many benefits of living here and it can be an exceptional experience if you choose the right community!

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