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Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida (A Complete Guide)

Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida

A lot of people are interested in visiting Florida, but not everyone knows where to go. Florida is a huge state with beautiful beaches and wildlife reserves. This blog post will focus on three popular destinations for tourists: Cannon Beach, Key Largo, and Miami.

We’ll discuss the attractions available in these locations as well as what you can expect when you arrive!

Overview: Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida

Cannon Beach, a small beach that’s part of Coral Reef State Park of the known John Pennekamp, is one of the most beloved beaches in Key Largo and is well worth seeing if you’re vacationing there.

The name “Cannon Beach” comes from the nineteenth-century cannons that were placed along its beaches and give it a historical feel. It’s a wonderful little beach to spend a day with your family and friends at, and the cannons will be sure to entertain the kids!

At 102601 Overseas Highway in Key Largo, Cannon Beach is accessible via State Road 718 (Coconut Avenue). The beach is open to the public, but you’ll have to pay the park fee of $9 per two people in order to get there.

Activities at the Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida

The largest of the Florida Keys, Key Largo is known as the world’s Dive Capital. It is located between Islamorada and Tavernier on the lower half of the island chain. It’s a favorite of divers that enjoy exploring the underwater world due to its proximity to one of the world’s biggest coral reef systems.

Boating, kayaking, and diving are popular activities in Key Largo. In addition to Cannon Beach, which is a famous site for glass-bottom boating and shore snorkeling, there’s also kayaking. It’s in the Coral Reef State Park of the known John Pennekamp, which is home to a .

Swimming – Cannon Beach is a beautiful, tiny town on the Oregon coast that offers numerous opportunities for fun in all seasons. The beach here features smooth fine sand and warm water without huge waves where even tiny children may safely play and swim. There is a rope enclosure for swimming. The bottom is rocky, so water shoes are strongly advised!

Snorkeling and Diving – The beach is also a fantastic site for snorkeling. There are plenty of tropical fish and other marine life (including crabs and shrimp) to observe and enjoy. If you’re a seasoned diver, you can go underwater to an ancient shipwreck near the beach.

Snorkeling on the beach lets you look at creatures from crabs and shrimps to tunas and barracudas, Cannon Beach’s entire region is a snorkeler’s paradise. You could possibly observe larger fish swimming about in the water then engage with people on the beach.

Bring a digital camera underwater that can shoot quality videos of marine life as well as the undersea beauty (see on Amazon).

Marine life like mackerel congregate & tarpon and rays around the cannons and anchor if you tour the submerged shipwreck of Cannon Beach in Key Largo. Even though you’re only a hundred yards from the beach, a manatee can pass by you.

If you failed to bring your gear for snorkeling, you may rent or purchase new ones at many places.

Kayaking – For just around $100 or less per person, four hours of kayaking in Key Largo with a friend is an unforgettable experience. A beach guide uses a map laminated that you can use to walk you through the kayaking route with you. Then you’ll follow the activity’s directions word for word. Explore the many mangroves as you walk to the marina.

Hike and Camp – Coral Reef State Park of Pennekamp, this is located near Cannon Beach, offers a variety of trails to explore nature. The park’s RV spots are fully self-contained, with electricity, access to water and sewer connections.

Mangrove Forest – The black, red and white mangrove forests abound along the coast of John Pennekamp State Park. You may observe shorebirds nesting on trees or near the creek water in these woods’ pathways and trails.

Visitor Center and Aquarium – Walk along the massive marine displays and saltwater aquarium that attract tourists from all around the world and Impressions residents. The aquarium contains a wide variety of marine life, including tropical fish, yellowtails, live corals, angels, and a lot more.

Undersea Lodge – You’ve visited an underwater park. Why not include a stay at an underwater accommodation as part of the package?

The only underwater lodge in Florida is Jules Undersea Lodge. You must first plunge to enjoy this otherworldly accommodation, though.

Dolphins Plus – Now is your chance to swim with friendly dolphins if you haven’t done so previously. Dolphin Plus is a highly respected dolphin tour company that has been offering the best in family fun for more than 20 years.

Other Activities – The beautiful nature trails of John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park, as well as excellent camping options, provide a memorable experience. The RV sites are large, have access to water, sewerage connections, electricity and the price is extremely low. Snakes, iguanas and lizards are among the local animals that visitors will see. The region also has numerous bird species.

Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida

Other Things to Consider at the Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida


At Cannon Beach, the average temperature ranges from 61°F to 90°F throughout January through December, with July as well as August seeing the highest temperatures. The beach’s non-dramatic temperature makes it popular to visit at any time all year round.

Budget & Safety

Cannon Beach is a beautiful beach on the Oregon coast that offers plenty for nature lovers to see and do. Here are some helpful hints to make the most of your visit:

  • Despite that it’s nice to swim around, be aware that the ocean is a dangerous environment, with predators such as alligators lurking beneath the waves.
  • Don’t snorkel if it’s been raining for a long time, since murky water might spoil your trip.
  • If you’re new to snorkeling, seek out some assistance.
  • Expect shops selling goods that aren’t so affordable as a well-known tourist attraction.
  • Cannon Beach’s sea floor is made up of rough rocks. Bring your aqua footwear if you want to look at marine animals while in shallow waters.
  • Avoid snorkeling just very close to rocky or coral outcroppings when there are significant waves.

The Pros and Cons at Cannon Beach

You can see why some people would return to Cannon Beach, while others might choose to visit other Florida Key beaches.

Cannon Beach Park

The famous shipwreck USS Spiegel Grove is one of the most popular attractions at Coral Reef State Park of the known John Pennekamp, which is located just off the coast.

Despite its modest size, the park is extremely clean and frequently visited by pleasant people, who have graciously hosted wedding ceremonies there. The hikes are educational in nature, with pathways named after plants and trees.

Cannon Beach Water

Take a relaxing swim in the warm, shallow water of Cannon Beach, whether you’re there for a dip or other water fun activities just like snorkeling.

The water as a whole is clean. You may also see the shipwreck which lies just feet away from Cannon Beach from this viewpoint.

Cannon Beach is a fantastic spot to go if you’re with your children, since there are no waves and only soft and fine sand. It’s critical to keep them out of the restricted swimming region.

Cannon Beach Size

Cannon Beach is a great place to go if you want to tan, swim, picnic, or learn how to snorkel.

The beach is, nevertheless, not entirely made of white sand. Instead, there are boulders and pebbles present.

Cannon Beach Accessibility & Parking

One of the best things about Cannon Beach is that it’s easy to access by car or on foot. Although parking isn’t free, you won’t have trouble finding a spot since they’re spread out in multiple lots. Most spots can handle RVs with ease.

Cannon Beach Amenities

There are vending machines and food trucks to re-energize you, restrooms with showers to clean up after the race, and souvenir shops to spend money.

There’s also no need to bring a blanket or cushion for your picnic. Shaded tables and barbecues are available for informal conversation with your loved ones. If you’re traveling with a group, you may reserve one of the pavilions ahead of time.

Cannon Beach Underwater Visibility

The calm waters of the Largo Sound are ideal for fishing, experience in kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Although the Largo Sound is not located in direct proximity to the ocean, it lies within it. The sand is left in its natural state, just as it is at other state beaches. Many of the natural elements, such as seagrass in some locations, are maintained to preserve the shorebird habitat.

When you snorkel along the banks of Cannons Beach’s mangroves, you’ll be amazed. The complex root system of mangroves is a fascinating aquatic habitat for tiny silver fish in schools, little grunts and a lot more parrot-fishes.

Cannon Beach Marina

If you go on unescorted excursions like kayaking, there are no markers to lead you back to the pier.

You can easily see the obstacles ahead, but your view is clear enough to navigate the place.

Cannon Beach is not for Reef Snorkeling

Key Largo’s Little and Big Pine Keys are great for snorkeling on the beach, but they’re not ideal for reef snorkeling.

Boat Trips are Crowded

The James L. Knight Center for Lakefront Living, which is on Lake Michigan in Kankakee County, Illinois, has a different number of passengers on its sailing vessels. However, these excursions are frequently completely booked.

Despite the strong winds and odd waves, certain boat excursions departed throughout the day, while others were called off.

You may rent a small boat charter from one of the boat companies of Key Largo for a personalized excursion.

Cannon Beach, Key Largo, Florida


Cannon Beach is a lovely place to visit if you’re looking for an attractive beach with easy access and nearby amenities, but it’s not the best choice if you want to do reef snorkeling.

Although Key Largo is small in comparison to its neighbors, it’s massive when compared to Florida’s past. Despite the fact that many people believe the beach’s murky water, which it is part of, Pensacola Bay & Gulf Beaches State Park, that also includes the beach, makes efforts in preserving marine life.

Cannon Beach, Key Largo is another example of this. The possibilities for activities and pastimes are comparable to those found on other Florida Keys beaches.

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