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8 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona (Cacti, Sedona & More!)

8 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona (Cacti, Sedona & More!)

Right off the bat, Arizona offers pretty affordable home rates. Based on the Zillow website, the median home price in the state is $391,730. And this is quite competitive compared to the national rates, which Zillow estimates to be $269,039 as of January 2021. So you can definitely expect to seal some good deals when looking for a home in this state. Besides this, moving here will give you the opportunity to enjoy a strong job market, interesting cultural activities, and exhilarating landscapes.

We will help you choose among The Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona in this blog post, if you ever plan on moving into The Grand Canyon State!

Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona

#8 Avondale

We will start off with one of the fastest-growing cities in Arizona. According to the World Population View, Avondale is increasing at a pace of 2.46 percent each year at the moment, and its population has expanded by 21.15 percent since the last census taken in 2010. So why are so many people moving here? First of all, the homes here are priced competitively. For this location in today’s list, Zillow estimates the home median price in Avondale to be $374,777. Besides the housing prices, the health care expenses are also relatively cheap here. Furthermore, not only will you love the affordable rates, but you will surely get used to the pleasant weather all year around.  

8 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona (Cacti, Sedona & More!)

#7 Florence

Are you a fan of interesting history and unique architecture? Florence, the county seat of Pinal County, is known for its historic buildings and long and illustrious history. Furthermore, this location is the sixth-oldest non-Native American habitation in the state of Arizona. And if you want to learn more about the origin of this place, you should definitely visit Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, McFarland State Historic Park, Pinal County Historical Museum, and Pinal County Historical Museum. 

Furthermore, Florence is also regarded to be one of the safest places to live in Arizona. In fact, Safewise called this the top 1 safest city in Arizona in 2021. Accordingly, this is the only city in the state to have reported fewer than 100 total property crimes. But of course, the main reason we are talking about this city is its affordability. We learned from the Zillow website that Florence offers an average price of $339,359 for their homes. 

#6 El Mirage

Next up, the Zillow website estimates that the average price of homes in El Mirage is $327,508. El Mirage is perhaps most known for its proximity to Luke Air Force Base in the United States. This city is a modest, safe haven in the valley ideal for both families and seniors. According to the World Population Review, the area has a population of 36,161, and its residents enjoy a high quality of life and breathtaking natural beauty. For the best experience in this place, you will definitely want to visit Gateway Park, Surprise Community Park, and Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort.

#5 Bullhead

Next up, we are moving to this enchanting place located across the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada. With a low crime rate and a surprising number of activities to keep residents and visitors entertained, the city offers something for everyone. The Scooter’s Family Fun Center, the Colorado River Museum, and Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave Marina are popular destinations for residents and visitors alike. 

But, perhaps most crucially, folks in Bullhead appreciate the availability of affordable housing. From recent data released by Zillow, we found that Bullhead City offers a median home price of $292,272. And according to KJZZ, Bullhead City has an overall affordability rating of 91 percent, which suggests that it costs around 9 percent less to live there than the national average. 

#4 Coolidge

Moving on, let’s admire the city home to the world-renowned Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. As per recent data from the Realtor website, we found that the home values in Coolidge average $273,100. Furthermore, the services and goods offered here are also significantly affordable compared to the other cities in Arizona. Overall, this place is known as one of the best places to form and grow a family. 

8 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona (Cacti, Sedona & More!)

#3 Tucson

Are you someone who enjoys deserts, Mexican food, and average housing costs lower than $300,000? Then Tucson is for you. The city is located approximately an hour from the Mexican border, and residents are proud of its exquisite Mexican cuisine, which features signature dishes. Aside from the food, the place also provides a low cost of living. We found from the Homes website that the median home price in Tucson is $256,300.

#2 Yuma

Down to our last two locations, Yuma has to be one of your top places to live in Arizona because of its natural beauty and sunny weather. In fact, this city is already known to be the Sunniest City on Earth, says Guinness World Records. Yuma boasts sunshine and pleasant temperatures for at least 91 percent of the year, making it a year-round tourism destination. Most importantly, residents also enjoy the affordable housing the city provides. As we learned from data released by the Zillow website, we discovered that the estimated median home price of homes in Yuma is $245,962.

#1 Douglas

Finally, we have now reached the most affordable place to live in Arizona. According to the Realtor website, the median home value in Douglas is $155,000. And that is some good news on its own. But wait until you find out about the other wonders the city has to offer. Douglas is the ideal location for many of the region’s top cattle farmers to conduct roundups. Additionally, the entire valley is well-known for its abundant farmland, which continues to play a significant role in the local economy.  Plus, the town is densely packed with historic structures and museums and is rather easy to navigate.

8 Cheapest Places to Live in Arizona (Cacti, Sedona & More!)