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5 Cheapest Places To Live In Florida Keys: Most Affordable Key To Live On

cheapest places in florida keys

What are the cheapest places to live in Florida Keys? Like anyone else, you might have occasionally dreamt of living in a paradise-like place. It’s natural. In most cases, our dreams are cut short by the fact that most of the places we view as paradise are just too costly to live in for the average income earner.

The good thing is that Mother Nature has a way of balancing things. Down South in the state of Florida, there are actually a couple of very affordable keys to live on where you can set up residence and enjoy a paradise-like life. If you guessed right, we’re talking about some of the Florida Keys.

List Of The Most Affordable Key To Live On

The Florida Keys are more of a chain of islands located in southern Florida’s Counties. They are an archipelago that runs 15 miles away from Miami, drifting towards the southwest and going as close as 90 miles to Cuba. Being close to the shore, you can already start contemplating what a good place it is to live in.

The weather is warm all year round, and you have the whole beach to yourself. There are lots of attractions to see and things to do while staying in the Keys, making it a perfect residence for beach-life lovers who love adventure and quiet life alike.

With this out of the way, let’s look at five of the cheapest places you could set up residence in the Florida Keys.  

5. Key Largo

Anyone who has been to Key Largo and compared it to all other ‘Keys’ will definitely tell you it’s the best place you can be in. The main reason for this is its proximity to the mainland compared to the other cities. The fact that it’s viewed as the best place to live in the Florida Keys makes it a bit more costly compared to the other areas. However, it’s relatively cheap if you were to compare it with cities like Miami.

On top of its proximity to the mainland, you get to enjoy a plethora of activities and amenities in the area. Most of the activities here are water-related as the place is close to the Atlantic. There are enough schools which are also quite affordable.

The job market is also promising, especially for people whose careers revolve around the hospitality and service industries. The real estate market in Key Largo offers a variety of housing options, all of which are tailored to fit both the needs and the pockets of its residents. This place would be a perfect place to call home. You just need to take the time and tour around and pick the ideal spot for you.

4. Marathon

Are you looking for luxurious amenities at an affordable price? Marathon key is the place you should be moving to. While the Florida Keys offers some of the best tax advantages when relocating to the area, Marathon city does this the best.

The real estate here gives you cheap and affordable housing while at the same time integrating luxurious amenities. The place has a state-of-the-art airport, and the schools are some of the best yet affordable in Florida.

Simply put, the place gives more than the value your money has. As if that’s not enough, the quality of life here is just incredible. What would be better than streets with almost zero crime rates and no traffic at all?

Whether it’s early morning or the late evening rush hours, the place still remains calm and open all day long. Having mentioned its relatively lower taxes, this could be the best place to relocate your business and expand. Moving in with your whole family would be a perfect decision since the cost of living is relatively low.

3. Key West 

Let’s begin with a fun fact about this Key. Even though it has a west on its name, Key West is Florida’s and United States’ southernmost point. It’s just around 90 miles from Cuba and is well known for its conch-style houses. It’s also the main city in Monroe County, Florida. If you are the type that isn’t looking for the city noise and still doesn’t want to let go of the thrill that comes with it, Key West is the place to be.

It offers its residents a mix of urban/suburban life. If you are an investor, especially in the real estate industry, you could really love it here. This is because most people lease their housing, offering you an opportunity to grow your assets.

Like most other cities in Florida, Key West is just next to the ocean, which means you get to make the most of the beach and have all the fun you want. Remote as the place may seem, you are never too far from a bakery or a restaurant. Most people would think it’s the perfect place for retirees looking to rest after a life full of noise and drama.

The housing market here mainly features wooden cottages. However, you can’t fail to notice some million-dollar mansions in the same area. As you plan to move to West Key, you should be aware of the high cost of maintaining your home due to corrosion and the effects of harsh weather. Other than that, Key West is quite a good place to call home.

2. Islamorada

Florida is basically the home to some of the best sandy beaches in the United States. However, suppose you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves the sun, sand, and sea and don’t like competing for any of it with anyone else. In that case, Islamorada could be the perfect place for you.

The island is characterized by tropical breezes, ocean-front properties, and a laid-back lifestyle. While the area is not all business like most other Florida Keys, it’s perfect for the adventure-seeking soul. The water sporting activities offered here are enough to make lifetime memories.

The real estate industry provides enough, and affordable housing makes it very easy for the regular American citizen to move here and make a home in this small haven. There are several listings near the sea that could really interest you as well.

As evident, West Key is all about leisure and adventure. This means that the available job opportunities rotate around the hospitality and hotel industries. The cost of living is also quite favorable and affordable. Simply put, the town is self-sufficient with everything you might need to lead a comfortable life.

1. Tavernier 

Of all the Keys, Tavernier is the only key with a French name instead of a Spanish one. One would say it’s the smallest of all keys with a population of about 25,000 people and just about 18,000 housing units. The town was named after a 17th-century merchant Baptiste Tavernier.

Like Islamorada, Tavernier is a suburban key offering a coastal life with a touch of leisure and adventure. The activities in this place rotate around fishing, swimming, boating, and diving, and wildlife conservation. It’s well-known for being home to some of the best seafood in the whole of Florida.

Suppose you are interested in an off-the-grid life away from all the drama of life and a simple adventure mixed with the suburban feel, this could be your next ideal home. Being a remote area, living here is relatively low-cost, but the adventure and fun are definitely fulfilling.

Summing It Up 

From the list above, you now have a list of some of the cheapest places to live in Florida Keys. However, you need to be smart about how you will start a life there if at all you are thinking of moving to the place. So here are a few tips to help you have a smooth transition and start a comfortable life.

  • Get a job before moving. Cheap as these places may be, life can be challenging if you don’t have a source of income. Therefore make sure to get a job there before moving.
  • Get an affordable place. Don’t start off with the big and luxurious houses until you have built yourself, especially financially. Starting at a high note will make it hard for you to survive, even for a month.
  • Get rid of your car. These places are mainly meant for tourists, so gas and parking fees are very high and can quickly drain your credit card. To be on the safe side, use public transport until you have established a stable income and you feel you can manage to have a car around.

Here are the 5 best places to live in Florida Keys

5. Key Largo

4. Marathon

3. Key West 

2. Islamorada

1. Tavernier

And there you pretty much have it. Life in the Florida Keys can be both expensive and cheap, depending on how you want it. While listed above are some of the most affordable places you could call home, how cheap life will be, depends on your choices.

This piece has highlighted some of the best and cheapest places to call home and included a few tips to get you started. If you are keen to follow them, then life shouldn’t be as hard. 

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