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5 Cheapest Places To Live In Florida: Most Affordable Cities!

5 cheapest places to live in florida

If you’re looking for a new home and want to live in Florida, then you’ll need to find the cheapest places to live in Florida. This article will explain the best places where your dollar can go further.

The Sunshine State is always an attractive destination because it’s so warm year-round.

But as anyone who has lived here in Florida knows, a low-cost living city doesn’t come easy!

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of great places with affordable housing options so that your family can experience all that Florida has to offer without breaking the bank.  

What Are The Most Affordable Cities To Live In Florida?

5. Fort Walton Beach, Florida

cheapest place to live in florida fort walton beach

Population 2021: approx. 23,000

Median Rent Rates: around $1,300/month

Median Home Price: roughly $290,000

If you appreciate powdery white sand and clear blue ocean water, Fort Walton Beach is a gorgeous location in Florida and one of the most affordable places to live. It’s almost impossible to believe that beach life is available for such a small price in this town.

In addition, this community, situated between Panama City and Pensacola, Florida, has a lively feel to its downtown area, which offers a wide variety of stores and eateries.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida has all the features you’d need to enjoy your life adjacent to the ocean. A close-knit community near the Florida Panhandle coast where inhabitants can enjoy the amenities and recreation of larger cities while feeling like they live in a tiny town.

In addition to Fort Walton Beach, Niceville and other cities in the area provide plenty of inexpensive home possibilities. Compared to the national average, real estate is more affordable in this area, and so is the cost of living on average.

Near Fort Walton Beach, you’ll find Okaloosa Island, Florida, a top attraction for the area’s beaches, resorts, and other touristy attractions.

Not only is Destin, Florida close by, but it’s a top tourist destination for vacationers and anglers alike! In addition to the bays and other waterways surrounding Fort Walton, there are various waterfront properties available, all offering the opportunity to live the “boat life” with docks in your backyard.

From condos with minimal upkeep to vast estates, the housing options here are varied. A short distance from the famous Destin-Fort Walton Beach Florida Airport makes it easy to fly out of town for business or head to a vacation destination.

4. Cape Coral, Florida

affordable place to live in florida cape coral

Population 2021: approx. 204,000

Median Rent Rates: around $1,600/month

Median Home Price: roughly $319,000

Cape Coral is located north of Fort Myers, Florida, on the southwest Gulf coast. Boating, fishing, and sightseeing are limitless thanks to the city’s 400 miles of man-made canals. There are plenty of parks, reserves, mangrove forests, and Cyprus in Cape Coral. You can even find endangered manatees in the waters.

This city is also recognized for its low cost of living in Florida, despite its abundance of canals. Cape Coral is a beautiful place where you can live well without breaking the bank, and the cost of living is surprisingly affordable compared to the national average.

Cape Coral is set on a peninsula with water on three sides and has a rich collection of waterfront property because of the canals that crisscross the town. So if you want to be near the water or live a life full of fishing and boating, then Cape Coral is the place for you.

A short drive will take you to Fort Myers, or you may enjoy the lovely Sanibel and Captiva Islands by crossing the bridges.

3. Dunedin, Florida

cheapest cities to live in florida dunedin

Population 2021: approx. 36,000

Median Rent Rates: around $1,500/month

Median Home Price: roughly $360,000

If you’d rather live on the west coast of Florida, then Dunedin is one of the cheapest areas to live in the state. Dunedin is a seaside town on Florida’s west coast, near Clearwater.

This affordable city has a mixture of urban and suburban environments, and it has several parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs. Located near the state’s western shores, it also has one of the most walkable downtown areas.

Some of the state’s cheapest waterfront properties are located in this town. However, the stunning sunsets and the white sand beaches are what make this location special. A few of the benefits of living in this region are the top-notch schools, the variety of recreational opportunities, the active nightlife, and the range of housing options.

The fact that you can walk throughout the city will cut your transportation costs if you move here. In addition, Dunedin is located near Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida, which means you can enjoy the area’s beauty while still being able to commute to large cities for work and leisure.

Dunedin Brewery has a rich history and many delicious beers to offer, whether you’re interested in one or the other. The brewery is the oldest in Florida and provides numerous activities to build unity in the area.

2. Edgewater, Florida

edgewater florida

Population 2021: approx. 24,000

Median Rent Rates: around $1,100/month

Median Home Price: roughly $250,000

Are you moving to Florida on a tight budget? Want to be near the beach? Are you also a NASCAR fan? Then, Edgewater might be for you. Quiet, uncrowded beaches are only a short drive away, while Daytona Beach is just a little farther away if you want to go somewhere more exciting.

Also, being near I-95 makes it easy to travel north from Edgewater. In addition to being cost-effective, secure, and having outstanding educational and employment opportunities, a community like this has appeal.

Edgewater has a variety of sceneries, which makes it an excellent place for outdoor activities. Some of the best campgrounds in the state are located in George R. Kennedy Memorial Park, which is famed for its fishing. One other popular pastime is boating, as well as a way to earn a living.

Edgewater is situated among a variety of gorgeous Atlantic Ocean beaches that are a short drive away.

Major cities like Orlando in less than an hour. People can easily visit the theme parks for a day. You can be in the vicinity of both theme parks and the beach if you move to Edgewater.

Veterans Park is a recreational park that features fishing from the pier and picnicking. For an extra bit of fun, take a trip to Whistle Stop Park. The park includes sports activities for children and adults, including Little League and adult baseball fields, racquetball, basketball, and tennis courts.

In addition, the park has a skateboard park, picnic area, and snack shop so that you may have fun all day long.

Even if you’re seeking some more natural attractions, Edgewater, Florida, can provide you with that. In addition, many prehistorical artifacts and Native American ceremonial sites are located here.

So if you decide to move to Edgewater, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

1. Palm Bay, Florida

palm bay florida

Population 2021: approx. 118,000

Median Rent Rates: around $1,200/month

Median Home Price: roughly $242,000

Although Palm Bay, Florida, and the neighboring community of Sebastian are relatively small, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth living here if you are searching for a slower-paced yet a high-quality lifestyle.

There are plenty of beaches and recreational activities along the Indian River, which serves as a natural barrier between the mainland and the barrier islands. You can view dolphins, manatees, and other marine life almost every day on this scenic route.

Palm Bay is one of the three large barrier islands, beach, and coastal towns that make up the “Space Coast,” which was given that name because Cape Canaveral and the John F. Kennedy Space Center are located on the northernmost huge barrier islands.

The telecommunications and technology industries in Palm Bay are experiencing a period of explosive growth.

The famous surf town of Cocoa Beach and Port Canaveral, where you may visit NASA, is also a short drive north. Plus, if you’re interested in a short trip, you may take a ride south and see the gorgeous Vero Beach town, which has many fun, touristy things to do!

You may easily find a nice place to live in Palm Bay, and you can enjoy cost-effective housing compared to other Florida Atlantic coast communities.

Also, the Palm Bay cost of living is lower than the average of the United States and is comparable to the Florida average.

Here Are The Cheapest Places To Live In Florida:

  • Fort Walton Beach
  • Cape Coral
  • Dunedin
  • Edgewater
  • Palm Bay


If you’re looking for a new home in a Florida city, then it’s essential to know where the cheapest places to live in Florida are located. This list of affordable housing locations and affordable cities in Florida will help you find the perfect place for your budget without sacrificing too much on amenities or quality of life. We hope that by reading this post, you found information about these great cities helpful when deciding where to live in Florida.

Things change very often, so make sure you check the latest average home price for an affordable option and cheapest cities. Please share this post if you think others might benefit from knowing how inexpensive some parts of Florida can be compared to the national average!

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