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7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada (Area 51 & Lake Tahoe!)

 7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada (Area 51 & Lake Tahoe!)

Nevada is known across the country for offering excellent job opportunities and zero income tax. The people who move here also come to enjoy the sunny weather. But most importantly, it is practically impossible to run out of fun things to do here. So if you are loving what you are hearing so far, then you may already be sold on moving to Nevada.

In this blog post, we will help you choose among The 7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada for any of you who wish to move into The Battle Born State!

Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada

#7 Winnemucca

The first location we will discuss in today’s countdown is known as the friendliest town in Nevada. The people are described as very welcoming and hospitable. If you want to come here for the fun and culture, visit Humboldt Museum, Visitor Center, Nixon Park, or the C Horse Ranch. Now, let us talk about affordability. We found from the Zillow website that homes in Winnemucca are offered at an average cost of $281,765. Furthermore, the Best Places website gave this place an overall cost of living score of 93.2, lower than the Nevada standard of 110.5.

 7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada (Area 51 & Lake Tahoe!)

#6 Lovelock

For this next location, we will visit a charming small town in the North part of Nevada. Like Winnemucca, the people here are also amazing. Everyone is highly supportive of one another, and because it is a tiny town, everyone knows everyone else, so this is a very close-knit community. Moving on, the place also offers an affordable cost of living. As per recent figures released by the Redfin website, homes for sale in Lovelock have a median listing price of $192,000. Products and services in California are 2.5 percent less expensive than they are on average across the country, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). 

If you want to experience more than the low prices in this place, you should have fun by visiting the best tourist attractions here. You should definitely visit Lovers Lock Plaza, Lovelock Caves, and the Longhorn Saloon.

#5 Carlin

Like Lovelock, Carlin also carries a rich history. Some historical sites you should visit here include California Trail Historic Interpretive Center, Northeastern Nevada Museum, and the Western Folklife Center. Furthermore, this place is also significant in the mining industry. Mining became a considerable source of employment here in the early 1960s due to the development of the Carlin Trend, which is a geological formation. 

And of course, the affordability here is also something worth mentioning. Overall, the Best Places website gave this place a cost of living score of 86.8. And according to the Realtor website, the average home price in Carlin is 189,000. Besides housing, groceries are relatively cheaper here too. 

#4 Ely

Ely is a town in eastern Nevada that isn’t near any major cities. However, this location is anything but monotonous or drab. If you’re searching for a journey that combines history and environment, go no further than Ely. Because of the town’s mining and railroad past, it has a diverse population and numerous historical sites. Furthermore, unlike most areas in Nevada, Ely is quite cold, especially at night. Ely’s overnight temperatures are one of the coldest in the contiguous United States, with an average of 217.6 nights a year with a minimum temperature of 32 °F or less. 

Now, let us get on to the cost of living aspects of moving here. The Zillow website estimates that homes in Ely are valued at an average price of $188,687. We also found that the median home income in the area is $65,078, according to the World Population Review. Thus, the place offers one of the best rent-to-income ratios in Nevada.

 7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada (Area 51 & Lake Tahoe!)

#3 West Wendover

Down to our last three places, let us visit the land of gaming, casino resorts, and buffets. According to the Realtor website, homes in West Wendover have a median listing price of $185,000. And this is not the only thing great about the area. Safety is another top benefit of living here because of the low records of gang activity and violence. Thus, this is a location for those seeking a secure environment. 

#2 Wells 

Next up, let’s look into the lovely city of Wells. Home to around 1,200 residents, this place offers a good economy and a friendly community. The top industries in the area include construction, mining, and oil and gas extraction. To top it all off, there are a lot of nature sites that will surely take your breath away. If you want to unwind and admire gorgeous views, visit Angel Lake, Clover Valley, and Clover Valley Scenic Drive. Living here will also give you access to numerous hot springs.

But of course, probably the best part about living here is the affordability. The Best Places website estimates that homes in Wells are priced at an average value of $174,200. 

#1 Caliente

Finally, we have reached the cheapest city in Nevada. From the Zillow website, we discovered that the typical home value in Caliente is $165,849. In terms of income, the median household annual income in the area is $57,218, says Data USA.

Moreover, this may be the place for you if you’re willing to live in a small community of around 1,000 residents. Additionally, because this is a tiny town, it is tranquil and safe. Overall, this is the place highly preferred by families and retirees. Furthermore, the town itself is lovely and has a lot to offer. The top places to visit here include the Shamrock Pub, Delamar Ghost Town, Pioneer Park, and the Meadow Valley Wash.

 7 Cheapest Places to Live in Nevada (Area 51 & Lake Tahoe!)