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10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona (Important Factors and Tips)

10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona (Important Factors and Tips)

Arizona is a beautiful place to live and there are many reasons why. If you need help deciding which of the 10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona , then this article will be perfect for you! We’ll explore what makes these cities so cool and where they rank on our list.

What makes a place cool? Well, a lot of things actually. Going to college is pretty cool and if you’re going to go, why not go somewhere with good weather year round? That’s one reason these cities have been voted as the best places to live in Arizona.

Another thing that makes a place cooler than others is how it looks! You can see this for yourself by taking a look at some of the pictures of these places. Arizona is home to many great cities, but which ones are actually considered cool? Let’s find out!

10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona

  1. Flagstaff – If you like college towns, then this should be your top choice for where to live in Arizona! Why? Well, it’s home to Northern Arizona University and there are plenty of bars, parks, breweries, coffee shops, eateries and more. Flagstaff is the largest city on this list with a population of around 70 thousand people making it perfect for those looking for big cities but still want some peace and quiet too. All in all, Flagstaff sounds like a great place to live!
  2. Phoenix – Arizona’s largest and most popular city. This city has it all from beautiful landscape views of Camelback mountain to the amazing nightlife that can be found at places like The Duce or First Friday! On top of being cool in terms of what you’ll find here, it’s also pretty cool in terms of temperature. Phoenix is very hot during the summer months with average highs around 103°F (39°C), but if you’re looking for year round weather like that then definitely check out Phoenix! If not, don’t worry because this city still has an amazing night life and tons to do no matter what time of year it is.
  3. Tucson – Arizona’s second largest city! Housing around half a million people in the metropolitan area, this place definitely has what you’re looking for if you want to live somewhere with lots going on. For example, did you know that there are over 300 days of sunshine every single year? That means that you get a lot of sunshine and can enjoy it year round. If you do want to head indoors for some fun, Tucson also has tons going on! There are over 100 restaurants in the downtown area alone! On top of all this activity, there’s plenty more including great parks like Reid Park or other things such as museums which makes Tucson a great place to live!
  4. Sedona – this little Northern Arizona gem has been voted one of the most beautiful places in America and for good reason. The red rocks that surround this area are both breathtakingly beautiful and amazing to hike around. If you ever wanted to visit somewhere like Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sedona because it’s equally as beautiful! If this is what makes a place cool by your standards, then definitely visit or move to Sedona.
  5. Lake Havasu City – this one might be lower than others on our list because it’s not the biggest city but we still think that this place is one of the coolest places in Arizona. Why? Well, there isn’t much to do here other than party with your friends on a boat or by the lake! If you’re looking for an extremely laid back lifestyle where all you have to worry about are things like drinking and relaxing, then Lake Havasu City is the place for you.
  6. Chandler – has a population of around 236 thousand people! This number might not be as big as Phoenix but it’s still pretty large and that means there are tons going on here just like in all the other cities we’ve mentioned so far. The best thing about Chandler is that it’s located in the valley which means you get all four seasons and great year round weather! This place has a lot going for it including one of the top 50 best public high schools in America, fantastic parks like Oasis Park or Golfcrest park, amazing restaurants such as The Mission and much more.
  7. Scottsdale – Arizona’s resort city! This place has a population of around 217 thousand people which isn’t as big as some on this list but it still makes for an amazing city to live in. The best part about living here is that you can enjoy the beautiful weather year round and have access to tons of resorts such as the Camelback Inn or Four Seasons Resort which you can enjoy any time of year! On top of being a cool place, Scottsdale has some amazing restaurants such as the Cowboy Ciao and even more resorts like The Phoenician resort.
  8. Mesa – this place has a population of over 460 thousand people which means there’s always something going on no matter if it’s day or night time! The best thing about Mesa though is that it isn’t as expensive as Phoenix but still provides you with all the things you love like great food and a beautiful cityscape.
  9. Prescott – located in Yavapai County, this place has an amazing downtown area with tons of great restaurants and bars to enjoy. If you’re looking for something a little more outdoorsy though, Prescott also makes a great base camp because there’s over 100 thousand acres that you can explore!
  10. Payson – is the fifth largest city in Arizona but if you’re looking for something a little more quiet, then you might want to check this place out. This city has one of the best public high schools in America which means that your children will get an amazing education here!

So, if you’re thinking of having a vacation or permanently staying in Arizona, there are definitely some great places to live here!

10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona (Important Factors and Tips)
  • Lake Havasu City
  • Factors to consider when choosing a place to live:

    • Whether the city is near amazing national parks such as the Grand Canyon or Saguaro National Park.
    • How big the population of that city is and what kinds of activities are available outside of work hours.
    • If there’s a good selection of restaurants, bars etc. in town.
    • The quality of the local schools and if there’s a lot to do in that city for families.

    If you’re looking for an amazing place to live where all your dreams will come true, then Arizona might be just what you need! There are tons of places both big and small where you’ll find everything from great schools to cool restaurants and bars!

    Factors to consider when choosing a place for vacation:

    If you’re looking to take a vacation in Arizona, there are plenty of places that offer amazing scenic views and things like resorts which make for an awesome weekend getaway!

    • How big is the population? If it’s too small then there might not be much to do on your trip.
    • What kinds of activities/restaurants are available in that city? If you’re looking to go on a trip, make sure there’s something for everyone in your family!
    • It is located near amazing national parks such as the Grand Canyon or Saguaro National Park. This makes it an even better experience because you can spend more time outside enjoying nature and less time driving from one place to another.

    Things to avoid when choosing a place to live or visit:

    • Big cities can be very expensive so if you’re someone who doesn’t have much money, choose somewhere else. Bigger isn’t always better!
    • If there are too many people in the city then it might not feel as relaxing and enjoyable. Some places are just meant for relaxation rather than big crowds.
    • If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, make sure there’s not too much noise and activity going on around the city. Sometimes peace and quiet is all we need!
    • People should avoid choosing cities that are far from national parks because this means they’ll be spending less time outside enjoying nature which isn’t good for your health.

    Tips in traveling to a new city

    • Do your research online and find out which cities have the best restaurants, bars etc. If you’re looking for a place to relax then make sure that there’s peace and quiet around the area too!
    • Choose somewhere near amazing national parks such as Grand Canyon or Saguaro National Park because this makes it easier on everyone to explore the city and spend more time outside.
    • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask locals for suggestions on restaurants or bars they like because this is their city! They know it best so make sure to trust their opinions and advice when exploring a new place.
    10 Coolest Places to Live in Arizona (Important Factors and Tips)

    Final Thoughts

    Arizona is definitely a great place to live or visit because there are tons of amazing cities where you can do whatever it is that makes you happy.

    Whether it’s hiking in the desert, visiting ancient Native American ruins, shopping at one of the many malls around town or simply spending time with your family in peace – Arizona has something for everyone!

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