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Does it Snow in Florida? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Does it Snow in Florida

There are many misconceptions about the weather in Florida. When people think of snow and Florida, they assume that it does not snow there. This article will answer the question, “does it snow in Florida?”

Snow is a rare sight in Florida, but it does happen. Although the state has seen its fair share of snowfall, this article will focus on making it clear to you that some parts of Florida do experience snow. However, it is not as extreme as other states in the US.

Snow in Florida

Florida snow might be surprising to those who have not been living in Florida, but it has happened before. The most recent snowfall happened on January 3, 2018 at Lake City Florida, to be exact. Although it was not expected and many were surprised, the snowfall was only a few inches.

Despite this being an unusual event, it has happened before and will happen again. Florida is home to many different climates which allows for various weather conditions including rain, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and even sinkholes. However, these extreme events are not as common because of the climate in the state.

Where Does it Snow in Florida?

The northern regions see snow occasionally, but the southern regions don’t experience it at all.

Snow in Crestview, FL

The coldest month in Crestview is January, with an average low temperature of 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Average snowfall in a year is 0.6 days only in the months of December to February.

Snow in Niceville, FL

Niceville’s coldest month is in January, with an average high of 59.7 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 48 degrees Fahrenheit. The city of Niceville, Florida is predicted to accumulate up to 0.04 inches (1 millimeter) of snow in January, but for less than a day.

Snow in Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and has a subtropical climate where winters are mild and short. Tallahassee, Florida sees snow for less than 1 day in January and February.

Snow in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville and Tallahassee have the same weather. The climate in Jacksonville is humid subtropical. Jacksonville has an average low of 47.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like Tallahassee, the city sees snow for less than 1 day but in December.

Rainfalls in Florida

Not like snow, rain is common in Florida. The state of Florida is always at risk for flooding due to the high population and many residential areas along waterways, both natural and man-made. There are around 21.48 million people living in the state as well as a huge number of tourists coming from around the world.

Although Florida does not specifically say it will be flooding, storm surges are a common problem for this state and there are 2.9 million homes at risk. The number one cause of death in the United States is due to water-related events and hurricanes occur frequently throughout the year in Florida leaving thousands without homes or property after extreme rainfall.

Does it snow in Florida

Counties in Florida With the Heaviest Rainfall

The average rainfall in the state of Florida is between 40 and 60 inches. The counties with the heaviest rainfall are Walton County, which has an average of 64 inches annually. The other 3 cities include Holmes County (61.5), Jackson County (56.1) and Madison County (54.8).

The state averages 60.5 inches per year but it can vary depending on where one lives in Florida.

The countries that experience heavy rain are those within the states of Northern Florida, Central Florida and Southern Florida.

Florida Coldest Months

Florida has two seasons, which are hot during the summer and cold during the winter. Florida’s spring or winter ranges from November to the middle of March. The coldest month in Florida is in January.

Florida has mild winters because of their ideal location. The average low and high temperatures in Florida range from 18°C to 25°C.

  • November – Florida’s temperatures are comfortable in November, fluctuating between 62°F (16°C) and 77°F (25°C). The weather in Florida varies, but about half of November is expected to be rainy.
  • December – Weather in December is typically cold, but Florida does not experience freezing temperatures. Temperatures in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale can reach up to 77°F (25°C).
  • January – In January, the average temperature in Orlando is about 10 degrees Celsius, being the coldest month as we mentioned above. While Florida Keys is warm during the day though at 74°F (23°C), it cools down at night.
  • February – Miami has a warm climate with average highs of 75 degrees and lows of 61. Florida has a sea temperature of 75 degrees and there is an average of eight hours of sun.
  • March – In March, the average daily high temperature in Orlando Florida is between 75 degrees in Fahrenheit and 86 degrees in Fahrenheit.

Does Florida Have a Ski Resort?

Florida does not have an outdoor ski resort, but people can go to the WinterClub Ski resort for indoor skiing. WinterClub Ski resort has 2 indoor slopes, each with interactive simulators for skiing and snowboarding.

However, Florida has many popular mountains to visit for winter sports. Therefore, people living in Florida can travel north of the state or southward to find their favorite snow sport destinations.

Snow Skiing Locations in North Carolina

North Carolina is known as the “Land of Waterfalls” with its beautiful scenery and natural wonders. There are several ski resorts in North Carolina, including Appalachian Ski Mountain which is the largest skiing resort east of Tennessee and western Virginia.

Appalachian is a family-focused old school ski resort that has terrain parks. The mountain has three terrain parks which make it one of a kind among the resorts in NC.

There are a few other ski resorts in the area, which include Sugar Mountain Ski Resort and Cataloochee Ski Area.

The great thing about North Carolina’s ski resorts is that they have different levels of difficulty for those who want to try skiing from beginners to more advanced skiers. In fact, Appalachian has an “Extreme Park” as well as a “Terrain Park” which is specifically for advanced skiers.

You’ll have to travel for more than 9 hours by car to head to North Carolina from Florida.

Snow Skiing Locations in Tennessee

Tennessee’s mountain ranges are a great destination for winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding. There are also some ski resorts near Florida so you can drive to these mountains if you want an adventure with fresh powdery white snow.

One ski resort is the Ober Gatlinburg which is a mountain park with ski slopes, mini-golf courses, wildlife encounters and more.

You’ll have to travel for more than 11 hours by car to head to Tennessee from Florida.

Ski Resorts within Driving Distance from Florida

There are also other ski resorts within driving distance from Florida.

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort is located in North Carolina and is one of the most popular resorts because it has a great ski school.

You’ll have to travel for more than 11 hours by car from Florida to head to the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.

Beech Mountain Ski Resort

Beech Mountain Ski Resort is a smaller ski resort, but it’s also one of the most popular ones in North Carolina.

You’ll have to travel for more than 11 hours by car from Florida to head to the Beech Mountain.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is located in North Carolina and has ski trails for all levels of skiers. It’s a little smaller than the other resorts but it offers great features that allow you to create memories with friends or family members.

You’ll have to travel for more than 11 hours by car from Florida to head to the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort.

Cataloochee Ski Area

Cataloochee Ski Area is another great ski resort in North Carolina. Cataloochee has a warm atmosphere and it’s the only ski area with lifts that go from top to bottom, so beginners can enjoy their first time skiing or snowboarding here.

You’ll have to travel for more than 10 hours by car from Florida to the Cataloochee Ski Area.

Does it snow in florida

Why Do People Love Snow?

Every year as the winter comes along human beings go through a wide range of emotions relating to snow. In late December and January there is an increase in social activity from parties to holiday dinners.

People actually look forward to it with the anticipation of enjoying the winter activities at their fullest. There are some who hate it and would do anything to avoid it while there are also those who love snow with a passion that surpasses the fear they have for it.

So, what makes people love or hate snow? Apparently there are certain reasons why some people love the cold weather associated with winter while others are not that much into it.

  1. The first reason why people tend to enjoy the cold weather conditions of winter is because they get a lot of time to spend with their friends and family during this season. People often get so caught up in work and other activities that they forget to take some time off for themselves. During the winter, there tends to be at least one day of the week that is devoted to family time. People tend to gather around indoors with their loved ones and enjoy light snacks, hot beverages like tea or coffee, etc.
  2. Snowfall is also regarded as something magical by some people because it brings about that feeling of freshness in the air. It carries a certain purity and cleanliness to it that people find soothing and enjoyable.
  3. Another reason why some people love snow is because it gives them an excuse not to go out. Harsh weather conditions affect driving conditions and many of us do not feel safe driving in such conditions, which means we get more time at home with our family during the winter season.
  4. People also love snow because it gives them a reason to shop for new clothes and accessories. Many people get excited about shopping for winter wear and spend many hours in stores looking at different styles, colors and types of clothing that provide protection from the cold during the winter months.
  5. Some even say it is nice to be able to stay indoors where it is warm while the snow falls outdoors. It is a chance to build a fire in the fireplace, decorate the home with a Christmas tree and other festive pieces of decoration.

On the other hand, there are some people who absolutely hate winter and everything about it from beginning till end. Some of them complain that having to bundle up from head to toe in order to prevent frostbite is too much of a hassle.

There are even some who hate the cold so much that they cannot stand being out there for five minutes without experiencing chilblains or frostbite. Some do not like having to spend time indoors because it limits their social life. They do not enjoy spending time with just their family.

Thus, if you are in Florida, you may not want to go skiing, but you should at least take a drive north and check it out!

Why is Snow Associated with Christmas?

Every December, children pray for snow and parents dread the thought. Why does everyone love a white Christmas but hate shoveling snow?

Snow is associated with Christmas for a number of reasons.

1. First, in most places where people celebrate Christmas, it snows.

  • The northern regions of Europe and North America are cold throughout winter, so it’s common for Christmas to fall during the coldest time of year.
  • While snow is common in winter, it’s not common for it to be present on every single Christmas.
  • There are many popular songs that mention Santa Claus being busy “making toys” or “watching over us”, which implies that he works every day, even when there isn’t enough snow for snowball fights.

The songs also imply that Santa delivers gifts on Christmas Eve, which is the night when people are most likely to experience snow.

2. Snow might be associated with Christmas because of its effect on other holiday traditions.

  • The tradition of caroling is thought to have begun as a way for church choirs to practice their music during winter, when there were few other opportunities.
  • Caroling is often done on the doorstep, which means that it’s easiest to sing when people aren’t leaving their homes.
  • Snow can make it difficult for people to leave their homes, so finding a house with clear steps might be more likely when it’s snowy.
  • Snow plays a role in another holiday tradition: gift-giving. Christmas is the most popular time of year for gift-giving in many places, so it makes sense that winter weather might have an effect on this tradition. Parents are often too busy preparing for the holiday to buy gifts at other times of year, but they can slip out in a snowstorm to get things when they won’t have to spend a lot of time shoveling.

There are other explanations for why Christmas is associated with snow, but these are the most common. People enjoy a white Christmas because it’s rare and beautiful, but because of its impact on traditions they don’t love having to deal with a real one.

However, even if it’s very less likely to snow in Florida, it won’t be a reason to complain as you can just enjoy the beautiful views of those snow-covered mountains and hills, and get into a holiday trip into the snowy mountains with your family.

Does it snow in Florida


The weather in Florida is likely to be very warm, with winters being generally mild. However, it’s still nice to see white Christmas and enjoy the beauty of snow; while at times it can get difficult for people who don’t like cold weather conditions.

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