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Does It Snow in Tennessee? (A Complete Guide)

Does It Snow in Tennessee

In the United States, Tennessee is one of those states that most people have never heard about. The state itself has a population of just over 6 million and is often described as a “hidden gem”.

This hidden gem is full of wonder and excitement for those who visit or live in the state. One such activity that makes this place so magical is snowfall. There are some parts of Tennessee where it actually snows on occasion!

In this blog post we will explore why Tennessee gets snow, what to do if you’re caught in a storm, and some fun facts about those rare times when it does snow here!

Does it snow in Tennessee? Let us find out below.

The Weather in Tennessee

Tennessee is a beautiful state with many interesting facts about its climate. For example, summer (June to August) temperatures can reach up to 88 degrees fahrenheit and winter often has lows near freezing point at 28 degrees Fahrenheit!

Although May brings some rainfall it’s not any more than other months of this season which average out around 78° F. Springtime also sees pleasant days having highs between 39 – 82 degrees making for great times outside when you get them during these warmer months from March-May.

Tennessee is two very different states during these two mild seasons. During winter, rainfall can be up to 50 inches annually and snow often falls on the mountains of Tennessee but may dust lower areas in some storms as well. Summertime brings with it an average high temperature near 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius) which makes it a great time for outdoor activities such as camping or fishing along rivers!

Snow Time in Tennessee

The Tennessee Smoky Mountains are home to a lot of snowstorms. If you’re curious, ‘What months does it snow in Tennessee?’

The answer is that there are two different time periods when this state gets its fair share: January and February for regular storms with an occasional surprise whiteout or blizzard; March through May which tend to have more settled weather but still plenty of flurries each day from time-to-time as well!

But don’t worry – December also sees some nice natured winter wonderlands up near Gatlinburg’s resort town on any given night thanks again to climate change.


The average snowfall in Gatlinburg is around 14 inches from winter to spring. The town has experienced record-low temperatures and high winds during this time period, making for an interesting but difficult season!

The Coldest Month in Tennessee

January is the coldest month in Tennessee, with a temperature typically ranging from 37 to 44 degrees. However as you travel farther southward it becomes warmer and more humid due to its proximity lies on top of Mississippi River Bay which acts like an oven for about three months each year (April-May).

The rainfall also varies depending upon where one lives; some places experience heavy storms while others don’t see any at all!

The Tennessee winter can be quite chilly, so it’s important to pack a jacket that won’t leave you overheating in the summer. This 100% Polyester Omni-Tech waterproof yet breathable fabric will keep your core temperature steady no matter what!

What Are the Winters Like in Tennessee?

If you’re looking for a warmer winter getaway, Tennessee may be the place to go. Yes there is snow in this state but it doesn’t stick around for very long and melts away quickly once temperatures reach freezing point or lower.

  • The people of Tennessee are not used to snow but they have had to deal with it nonetheless.
  • Skipping over the cold ground can cause cars and pedestrians alike accidents during winter time because there is no traction on ice-coated roads, leading to scrapes that require salting in some areas for safety reasons.
  • The short period so far this year has seen little accumulation compared with other years where parts may be covered under several inches by December 1st

Winter is the perfect time to get ahead of your game. The 1993 blizzard in Tennessee caused extensive damage, but with so many businesses shutting down for weeks on end because of power outages it gave them an opportunity to rest up before things picked back up again this coming Spring – which means now might just be when you need that extra push!

Places in Tennessee That Gets Snow

The Tennessee winter can be a chaotic and confusing time for those who live there, but it has produced some truly spectacular snow storms. Some areas of the state experienced extraordinary amounts of snow:


The town of Monterey in eastern Tennessee experienced a blizzard that dropped over two feet (61 cm) on the ground which was also accompanied by gale-force winds. The storm caused massive power outages and closed school districts for several days, making it difficult to get around due to impassable roads!


It is not as rare to see snow this far south in Tennessee, it’s just that you won’t usually spot much of a covering since the temperatures are not cool enough. The city has been known for experiencing periods where whiteouts can be seen from time-to-time but they’re short lived and often melt away quickly.


The 2005 winter storm caused great damage in the city of Nashville, making it one of the most powerful storms to hit Tennessee. The state was covered with several inches of snow which occurred due to a cold front that swept through from Canada and met up with warm moisture coming off the Gulf Coast – causing over 60 automobile accidents on highways where people were driving too fast or not paying attention.

Cumberland Plateau

This area of Tennessee is a place where you can experience year-round skiing and it’s the perfect opportunity for those who love to head up north in order to ‘get away from it all’.


Nashville is one of the few places in Tennessee that gets snow. In fact, it even received a White Christmas back on December 25th 2010! Many activities are held throughout the winter months but some events have been cancelled because road conditions can become hazardous if they’re not treated with salt first.


The city of Franklin in Tennessee experienced a great amount of snowfall during the 1993 storm. The area was hit hard with over two feet (61 cm) and even more fell throughout the following day!


Knoxville is another city that was hit hard during the 1993 storm. The snowfall lasted for two days and caused some major problems with power outages, traffic accidents, school closings and more!

Other Areas in Tennessee That Experience Snowfalls: Chattanooga Mountains Aquarium Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Sevierville Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Winter Wonderland Places In Tennessee

Snow covered mountains, skiing and ice skating are just a few of the winter wonderland activities that you can enjoy in Tennessee!

Chattanooga Mountains: Chattanooga Mountains boasts 16 ski slopes which offer year-round entertainment.

Aquariums: Several aquariums throughout Tennessee feature their own unique winter exhibits such as penguins from cooler climates.

Skiing: The Cumberland Plateau is a place where you can experience year-round skiing – there are even trails for snowshoeing!

Ice Skating Rinks: Several ice skating rinks throughout Tennessee feature their own winter wonderlands to enjoy.

More Related Snow Facts in Tennessee

Are There Any Snow Sports or Skiing?

Snow sports have been popular throughout most of Tennessee since there are plenty of places that offer excellent opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

The Cumberland Plateau in eastern Tennessee is the perfect place to enjoy winter sports; it’s not too far from Nashville or Knoxville where you can easily drive up for an afternoon of fun! There are also three resorts close by if you feel like living it up with friends without having to leave your own backyard!

Where Can I Go Ice Skating?

There are several ice skating rinks throughout Tennessee that offer winter entertainment for everyone. The most popular place to go is the Ford Ice Center located in Nashville which features year-round activities including youth hockey games, adult leagues and figure skates for all ages and skill levels.

Are There Any Snow Days or School Closings?

Snow days are quite common throughout the state of Tennessee. Be sure to check for school closings and winter weather advisories before heading out on your next adventure!

Who Is Going to Clean The Streets During a Winter Storm?

The streets are cleaned by local government employees who make salt treatment a priority during snowy weather.

Are There Winter Activities for Kids?

The Tennessee winter is a great time of year to go on fun outdoor adventures with kids! You can take them on some awesome hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park where they will get to see spectacular views and animals that live in warmer climates such as bears, elk and coyotes.

Does It Snow in Tennessee

Final Thoughts

Is It Snowing in Tennessee? Yes it does, but you should plan accordingly. The Tennessee winter can be unpredictable so it is important to know how you will stay safe, warm and entertained during the season!

I hope this blog post has helped answer your question about whether or not it snows in Tennessee! Have fun exploring all of these wonderful winter wonderland activities throughout the state – there are many different things to do in Tennessee during the winter months!

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