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10 Fastest Growing Cities in Arizona + Pros and cons

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Arizona

Arizona is a great place to live, and not just because it’s the only state in the U.S. that has no income tax! The population of Arizona is growing at such a rapid rate, there are many opportunities for people to find success here. In this blog post, we will list some of the 10 fastest growing cities in Arizona so you can decide where you want to move next.

Arizona, located in the southwestern United States, is known for its deserts and desert landscapes. It has a population of approximately 7.2 million people in 2021. There are many different types of jobs available throughout Arizona, from high-paying technology jobs to low-wage hospitality positions.

The following are the ten cities with the fastest growth in Arizona in 2021:

1. Phoenix

Phoenix is a major city located in the state of Arizona that has an estimated population over one million residents by 2025. It’s known throughout history to have had several settlements due to its ideal location right next to the Salt River, which is a primary source of irrigation for all crops in Arizona. Because there are so many people living and working in Phoenix, there will be an abundance of new jobs expected to open up here by 2025.

2. Tucson

Tucson is located near the middle portion of Arizona at about 60 miles south of Phoenix. It has an estimated population of approximately 500,000 people by 2025 and is home to the University of Arizona’s main campus. Tucson’s job market will expand greatly due to its many technology companies that are relocating here from other states.

3. Mesa

Mesa is located in Maricopa County between Tempe and Phoenix with a population of around 460,000 people. Mesa is known for its many public school districts and Arizona State University campus located in the city limits. It has become a more popular place to live due to all of its great amenities available here , including some major shopping centers that are home to some of the nation’s top brands.

4. Glendale

Glendale is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is located about nine miles northwest from Downtown Phoenix and is one of the principal suburbs that make up The Valley of the Sun metropolitan area. Glendale has a population of over 227,000 people as of 2021. Due to the rapid growth in the city, there will be many new jobs available for people who live and work here.

5. Scottsdale

Scottsdale is located at the eastern edge of Maricopa County and has a population hovering around 210,000 people. This city has grown tremendously in the past few years, and will continue to do so over the next two years due to its high-paying technology positions that are greatly needed for new startups coming into town.

6. Tempe

Tempe is a suburb of Phoenix located on the southeast side of Maricopa County with an estimated population of just around 185,000 people, which makes it one of the largest cities in Arizona. Tempe is a great place for people who enjoy living and working outdoors due to its close proximity to Phoenix, where they can easily find new jobs from some of the nation’s top companies.

7. Surprise

Surprise has become one of the largest suburbs for Glendale, Peoria, and Phoenix with an estimated population of around 120,000 people by 2025. Due to its close proximity to the many technology companies in Scottsdale, Surprise’s job market will expand greatly over the next two years.

8. Avondale

Avondale is located about ten miles west of downtown Phoenix at approximately 40 miles away from Downtown Glendale. It has a population of around 104,000 people and is home to many gated communities that are attractive for residents who want more privacy. Avondale will have plenty of new jobs available in 2025 due to its close proximity with companies located in Phoenix.

9. Gilbert

Gilbert is located at the northernmost portion of Maricopa County and will become one of Arizona’s fastest growing cities with an estimated population of around 100,000 people by 2025. It has a small yet bustling downtown area that is home to many great restaurants and shops where residents can find anything they need right here in town.

10. Chandler

Chandler is another large suburb of Phoenix located on the southeast corner with a population of about 270,000 people. Due to its many shopping centers and easy access from Phoenix, Chandler’s job market will be one of Arizona’s fastest growing areas for employment opportunities.

Above are the top ten fastest growing cities in Arizona. These are only some of the many places people can live and work at while residing in this great state, but these are definitely up on the list for being some of the best locations to call home.

Fastest Growing Cities in Arizona

How can you tell if a city is growing fast?

The population of the state and how healthy it looks are good indicators. If there’s more construction than usual, it might be an indication as well. There may also be new businesses popping up around town which could mean increased job openings for those who live in that particular area. Also, there may be a lot of new people moving into the city.

Some people think that cities are growing too quickly and the infrastructure isn’t able to support all of these new people. However, others believe it’s healthy for cities to grow in order to provide more economic opportunities which also means better jobs for those who live there. It could also mean having access to different types of housing options including affordable homes and luxury homes.

What are the benefits of living in fast growing cities?

Some of the benefits include:

  • People who live in a growing city may have more options for housing, including an increase of affordable homes.
  • There could also be new restaurants and stores opening up which means residents will have the opportunity to try out some different places they haven’t been before.
  • Many times there are going to be more job opportunities as well due to increased population growth – meaning more career opportunities for those who live there.
  • There are a lot of things to do and places to go such as museums, entertainment venues (like movie theaters), parks, etc. If you like busy areas with lots going on then these types of cities might be right up your alley!

These are just a few of the many benefits to living in a growing city. However, it’s also important to consider what challenges people may face with increasing growth of the city.

What are the disadvantages of living in fast growing cities?

  • If there’s an influx of people, it could mean higher rent prices and increased cost of living.
  • There may also be more crime in the city due to drug use or other illegal activities.
  • New buildings might go up but what about tearing down older ones? Some cities prioritize new construction over historical preservation which means that old homes may end up being destroyed or replaced.
  • The big disadvantage to living in a city that is quickly growing, especially if it’s not planned well, can be overcrowding and increasing congestion on roads during rush hour times.
  • People who live in the downtown area may also see an increase in crime rates since there are going to be more people coming into their city.
  • Another downside is that suddenly you could end up with a lot of new neighbors, which can disrupt your peace and quiet when it comes time for unwinding at home after work.

What can you do to prepare for a rapidly developing metropolis?

  • If the population is going to be increasing, it’s best to check out what kind of jobs are available in that area so residents know how they’ll provide for themselves and their families financially. It might also be worth checking out local schools since a new school may be opening up in order to accommodate increased population.
  • If the city is going to be growing quickly but also has a lot of people moving out, it could mean low housing prices so this might be an opportunity for you to look into buying property. However, there may not be much available when it comes time to sell your home since no one else in the city will be selling their homes in order to move out.
  • Another thing you can do is check into what kind of transportation options are available – does it take well over an hour to get into the downtown area? Do people usually drive or use public transit when they’re commuting to work each day? These could be important things for you to know if you’re thinking about moving into a city that is growing quickly.


What is the average rate of growth for cities?

The average rate of growth that most states see in a year, including Arizona, is about 0.92%. This means that on average they’re seeing an increase of around 90 people each day which can be attributed to natural births as well as new residents moving into their particular state.

Why should you live in Arizona?

There are many reasons to move into Arizona and one of them is because it’s a state that has been growing quite quickly over the past few years. In fact, Phoenix ranks as number four on Forbes’ list as being one of the fastest growing cities in America from 2010-2015 with an increase by 25% each year.

This could be beneficial for people who are looking to start a new business or even open up their own franchise. Arizona is also known as the Grand Canyon State which means that you’ll be able to enjoy natural wonders like this each time you step outside your front door!

What makes Phoenix one of fastest growing cities?

Phoenix has been deemed by Forbes as being the number two fastest growing city in America, which means that it’s certainly a place to keep on your radar if you’re looking for somewhere new to live.

Phoenix is located in the south west part of Arizona and has an estimated population growth rate of around 23% each year – this makes Phoenix one of the most rapidly expanding cities out there!

What is the crime rate in Phoenix?

Phoenix has a pretty high crime rate, but it’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle if you’re familiar with your surroundings and know where not to go after dark. The violent crimes that are most common in this city include robbery, aggravated assault and homicide which means that you’ll definitely want to keep your wits about you when it comes to traveling around the city.

The property crime rate that is most common in this city includes burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft which means that if you’re looking for a new place to live, you’ll definitely want to look into what kind of neighborhood you’d be moving into.

What are some of the best suburbs to live in near Phoenix?

If you’re looking for a suburb that is close enough to all of the amenities that downtown has but with lower crime rates, then look into Paradise Valley. This particular area is known as being one of the more affluent areas around so it’s definitely somewhere worth checking out if you’re looking for a safe place to live.

Another suburb that is great if you have children or plan on having kids in the near future is Peoria which has some fantastic public schools, including one of the top high school programs in America – Desert Vista High School. This means that whether your child decides to stay local and go through their education here or decide to go off and study somewhere else, you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re getting the best education possible.

What is the weather like in Arizona?

Arizona has a pretty dry and warm climate which means that it’s great for people who enjoy living in places where they can get outside. The summers here tend to be hot with temperatures reaching up to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you’re someone who likes warmer climates then this could definitely work well for you.

The winters here are also pretty dry and tend to be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit on average which makes it great for people who like living in places that aren’t too cold or don’t get much snowfall during the winter months.

Fastest Growing Cities in Arizona

Final Thought

It is clear that Arizona has plenty of opportunities for growth and success. While some cities are experiencing more rapid development than others, it looks like the state’s population will continue to grow in the coming years with new people moving into these 10 fastest growing cities in Arizona.

Arizona has a great climate and is home to some of the fastest growing cities in America. This means that if you’re looking for somewhere new to live, it’s definitely worth considering Arizona as an option.

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