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10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

Aside from ranking in the top three among the most populous states in the nation, Florida is also top five in the list of the fastest-growing states in the US. This is attributed to several factors, including the Sunshine State’s warm weather, nearness to the Atlantic waters, and numerous attractions that woo crowds from across the nation and around the planet. Walk with me as we navigate through the 10 fastest growing cities in Florida below.

As a result, Florida boasts an ever-growing economy, especially in some of the state’s metro cities. This is not to mention decent levels of population growth and urban development. Like in any other state, some parts of Florida have been growing at a faster rate compared to others, giving them a spotlight in the eyes of investors and residents alike.

Well, the growth rate is among the most crucial factors to consider before moving to a new place for work, business, or pleasure. Whether you intend to move to Florida for work, study, retirement, or investment opportunities, you may find this article worth your while.

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

10. Fort Myers 

According to the October 2020 analysis done by the U.S. Census Bureau, Fort Myers is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. The growth is owed to the rapid population explosion in the last couple of years. Most of the residents moving to this city are retirees seeking a peaceful place to enjoy their retirement.

Taking a drive around the city, you will notice a charming downtown with a chain of shops and restaurants growing and expanding every day.

The city’s location near the beachfront and the warm weather experienced all year round makes the place even more desirable to the senior citizens. The job market is also a feature attracting the working class, plus it’s expected to grow massively over the next couple of years.

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

9. Winter Haven

Winter haven is located approximately an hour’s drive away from both Tampa and Orlando. The city has over the years been known for being an ideal destination for senior citizens, a retirement haven to be precise.

However, the recent development of industries in the city has changed all that and made the city one of the fastest-growing in Florida. Some of these industries leading to its growth include trade, government, and transportation.

The improvement of infrastructure has enabled the diversification of the economy, leading to its growth. An improved and promising economy attracts more people, from retirees to the young, investors, and the working in society.

The growth rate in Winter Haven, FL is quite promising, and the city is expected to record massive growth in the next few years, all the more reason it is attracting more people.

8. Lehigh Acres 

Lehigh Acres is another rapidly-growing Florida city to have captured the attention of many. Alongside the likes of Tampa, FL, Lehigh Acres was even listed by WalletHub as among the fastest-growing US cities for 2019 and 2020. The Lee county city has grown tremendously over the past few years, thanks to the increase in tech companies and businesses in general.

Home values are also projected to significantly improve over the coming years, meaning more investors and increased supply over time. With all this at play, Lehigh Acres is a city to keep a close eye on for future residents and investors alike.

7. Cape Coral 

Next on the list, Cape Coral is another great city to watch as far as rapidly-growing cities in Florida are concerned.

Compared to its neighboring Fort Myers, which is only 10 miles away, Cape Coral sits directly on the Gulf Coast, which gives it a major advantage. This Florida city has over 400 miles of canal, making it ideal for property buyers with a preference for beachfront views and water activities.   

This fact has made Cape Coral attractive for real estate investors, not forgetting the endless options for water sports and activities like boating and fishing.

6. Clermont 

Situated westward of Orlando, Clermont lies on Florida’s Lake County. Over the past few years, the population in Clermont has grown by more than 40 percent since the last census. The most recent statistics estimate a population density of 2600+ people for each square mile.

The city also boasts unique geography, popular for lots of lakes and rolling hills. Apart from these, below are a few things that give Clermont a high ranking in Florida’s city growth rate list. 

  • Distinct geographic features 
  • Booming economy 
  • Promises a high quality of life 
  • A hub for athletic training, especially triathletes
  • An inviting downtown
  • Lots of opportunities for recreation

5. Marianna

Over the past few years (from 2021), no city in Florida has managed to beat Marianna’s population growth rate. Also known as the “Southern Charm City”, Marianna has a decent livability score of over 74 percent.

Compared to the surrounding cities, its low costs of living make it ideal for families living on a budget. The weather is also great, plus there are numerous places and ways to spend your free time while living in Marianna. 

4. Bonita Springs 

Overlooking Fort Myers to the south, Bonita Springs is another Florida city whose growth has been quite rapid in recent times. This beach city in Florida’s Gulf Coast has demonstrated explosive growth over the past decade or so, with its population growth rate thought to be more than 30 percent. 

This is perhaps attributed to the warm and sunny atmosphere throughout the year, coupled with plenty of water activities and attractions. It also makes a great city for seniors in retirement, which perhaps explains why more than half of the population comprises folks aged 50 years and above. 

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida

3. Port St. Lucie

As earlier mentioned, the good weather experienced in Florida tends to open up new opportunities that promote overall growth in its suburbs, towns, and cities. The name “Sunshine State” tells the whole tale about the State.

In this regard, great weather is among the reasons a city like Port St. Lucie has been growing over the years. As of 2021, it ranks high among the fastest-growing cities in the state of Florida.

What’s more, Port St. Lucie is located less than 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, making it an ideal chillax location for most people. The city has experienced a tremendous population growth of 22.9% from 2010. The need to cope with the population increase is another huge contributor to Port St. Lucie’s rapid growth. 

As the population increases in a city, the demand for housing and other public amenities also increases. This leads to the expansion and growth of multiple industries, from real estate to entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, and so much more.

Port St. Lucie has shown a similar trend in recent times, giving it a top spot among Florida’s quickest-growing cities. There has been a noticeable growth in the city’s economy as more people move in and start their lives here.

2. Winter Garden

If you know a thing or two about Florida’s Orange County cities, Winter Garden should come to mind. This Orlando suburb is among the fastest-growing cities in the sunshine state.

Winter Garden boasts an incredible job growth record over the past few years, which is perhaps part of the reasons it is growing rapidly.The City ranks fairly well in the list of the best places to raise a family in Florida state. Some contributing factors to its rapid growth include the following:

  • Excellent school system
  • Rigid local economy
  • A vibrant downtown
  • Young families form much of the population  

1. Miami

Miami is the largest city in Florida. Despite the tremendous growth in the past years, the city still records rapid growth. Population growth is not as high as it used to be due to the seemingly high costs of living, especially when it comes to housing and rent prices.

However, the city has had very good economic growth and infrastructural development, making it one of the most spectacular places one could live in Florida.

The city is a globally known tourist attraction, thanks to the long chain of beach resorts, vibrant nightlife, and amazing shopping opportunities, and much more. The warm weather and sandy beaches are why both local residents and foreigners seek residence in the place.

The city features numerous five-star hotels meant to host tourists visiting the place all year round. Much of the growth recorded in the state is owed to the revenue brought in by tourists. As far as projections are concerned, Miami could be among the largest cities in America in the next few years.

10 Fastest Growing Cities in Florida


Florida is a spectacular state due to the progressive coastline and the warm weather it experiences all year round. It is also home to many cities, big and small, some of which are rapidly growing. This piece has highlighted some of the fastest-growing states in FL to help you make an informed choice when relocating, investing, retiring, or simply exploring your options.

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