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How to Become a Gated Community in 12 Steps | Must Know

 how to become a gated community in 12 steps

It’s a common misconception that gated communities are only for the rich and famous. The truth is, it doesn’t take much to become a gated community. All you need is some land and some gates! In this blog post, we will be discussing ways on how to become a gated community in 12 steps to help you create your own private neighborhood.

What Is a Gated Community

A gated community is an affluent neighborhood which has entry barriers like roads, gates or guards to reduce contact between residents of that area with outsiders thus creating a sense of exclusivity for its inhabitants. Gating communities have been shown to improve security in areas and can reduce crime rates as well as provide a sense of privacy for its residents.

The 12 Steps to Have a Gated Community

Follow these simple steps to ensure the creation of your own gated community.

Step One: Find a Nice Neighborhood to Build on

The first step is finding an area that would be good for building your gates and houses. You don’t want it too close to busy streets or near neighborhoods with similar communities, which could cause fights against each other resulting in warring gated communities. This step is very important because it will set the mood of your community and you don’t want to start off on a bad note with neighboring areas.

Step Two: Figure Out How Much Money You Have for This Project

The next thing that’s required, once an area has been selected, is figuring out what kind of budget you have. This will determine how much land is available, what kind of materials are used to make the gates and even who makes your security guards. You don’t want any conflicts with money because that could lead to people not being able to live in your community or having some conflict over who gets housing first.

Step Three: Get Started With Gathering Materials

Now that you have an area picked out and a budget figured out, it’s time to get the construction crew started on building your community. Things like wood or bricks are used in constructing homes, while things like barbed wire fences put up outside of walls work well for security purposes. If money is an issue then consider using more simpler methods like digging a moat around your community or having guards with shotguns patrol the area.

Step Four: Invite People to Join

In this step, finding out who will be living in this community and what their backgrounds are, you don’t want anyone joining that has been convicted of crimes from warring other communities because they could bring in bad blood and put your community at risk of being attacked. Once you have a group who is safe, invite them to join the gated community.

how to become a gated community in 12 steps

Step Five: Give Housing Options

Once people start joining, it’s time to give them some choices on where they want their homes built in this new neighborhood. You don’t want anyone feeling left out and this step will help eliminate any conflicts right from the start.

Step Six: Get Everybody to Pay Their Taxes

Now that your community is up and running, it’s time to make some money! You can do so by charging people rent on their homes or imposing a monthly tax on everyone in the neighborhood. If you don’t want to charge people tax, consider doing things like asking for a voluntary donation every month instead.

Step Seven: Get the Local Schools Involved

Your community is growing and it’s time that you start working on expanding your educational system too! You can do this by advertising around town about how good of an education kids will receive in your gated community. You can even ask businesses or schools nearby to pay for some of the costs of your educational program and in return they will receive taxes from all the families who live there.

Step Eight: Go Green!

One way you can make a positive mark on this world is by going Green and using solar panels as much as possible throughout your community. Not only will you be helping the environment but your residents will thank you for it as well!

Step Nine: Set Up a Security Team

In order to ensure that nobody gets into this gated community without authorization, its important that every citizen of the neighborhood takes part in protecting their home and neighbors. If they see something suspicious, a security team should be called immediately.

Step Ten: Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

If there’s one thing that your citizens can’t stand, it’s being afraid to walk around their own homes at night because the streets aren’t bright enough for them to see where they’re going. In order to solve this problem you can either get street lights installed or provide flashlights for every citizen of the community. This will make all of your residents feel safer at night time.

Step Eleven: Set Up a Grocery Store

Once you have established some kind of economy within this gated community, its important to set up a place where everyone can go and get their groceries on the cheap. This will not only save them some money but it will help out small time entrepreneurs who want to start up a new business.

Step Twelve: Fix the Neighborhood

Now that you have your community running smoothly, don’t forget about maintaining its cleanliness! You can do this by picking up trash around the streets and paying kids from within the community to keep your streets looking nice and clean.

By following these steps, you will be on your way to becoming a gated community

What You Need to Know More About Gate Community

What are the requirements of having a gated community?

There are quite a few requirements that any community must meet to be considered an official gated community. Here is what they are:

  • A gate with controlled access;
  • An area surrounded by fencing or walls (natural barriers like rivers and seas do not count);
  • People who live in the community should have some sort of legal title to the land they live on;
  • The community must be free from any kind of harassment.

In order for a group of people to officially become considered as a gated community, these requirements have to be met in full. The gate should also have 24/hour security and there cannot be an outside entrance or exit to the community.

How to Market a Gated Community?

Market your community by telling the public about how safe and secure it is. Also, advertise that there are jobs available in this gated community to entice people who do not have very many work opportunities around their current neighborhood. A good way of marketing as a “gated” city is to tell local newspapers or radio stations that you exist and that you’re looking for new residents.

How to become a member of a gated community?

In order to become a member of an existing gated community, you must get permission from the current members. The decision can be made by vote or sometimes there are rules in place that allow for automatic membership if your residence meets certain conditions.

 how to become a gated community in 12 steps

What are some of the benefits of living in a gated community?

  • It is a safer neighborhood
  • You can have better schools for your children to attend
  • The community will become more racially diverse as time goes on.
  • You don’t have to deal with traffic jams anymore.
  • It is a well established community that will be around for many years to come.
  • Your kids won’t have as much trouble finding a job in the future because they live in this neighborhood now!       

Some Facts About Gates Communities

How do I know whether my area is considered as a gated community?

You can usually tell if your neighborhood is a gated community if there are gates and guards which control access to its entryways. If you can’t see these types of features, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the area isn’t considered as an official gated community but chances are they aren’t either.

How much does it cost to become part of a gated community?

There are a lot of factors that can determine how much it will cost to become part of an existing gated community. These include the size and location as well as local laws which dictate what kind of rules they have in place for residency within their gates. In some cases, there may be fees required from new residents but these aren’t always mandatory.

How do I become a member of a gated community in another country?

Becoming part of an existing gated community can be difficult if you live outside the area where it is located. In these situations, there are usually legal hoops that have to be jumped through and criteria which has to be met before membership within this type of community is possible.


Gated communities are a way of life for many people and is something we should all aspire to. But it’s not an easy task to make the decision or execute on becoming one, which is why we hope this article – with 12 steps – will help you get started. It may seem like an impossible goal but as long as you take each step in order and follow our advice, soon enough your home could be considered a gated community too.