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Is Naples Florida Safe? (Overview and Insights)

Is Naples Florida Safe? (Overview and Insights)

We all want to know if a place we’re considering moving to is safe, and that’s what you will learn in this blog post. Naples Florida is a great place to live with its beautiful beaches and amazing food.

But the real question is how safe it really is? Is Naples Florida Safe? We are going to answer that question in this blog post so keep reading!

Naples Florida – Crime and Hurricanes

Naples is located in the Southern part of Florida. Crime is not a major issue in South Florida, which has encouraged visitors. Is Naples, Florida really a safe city when compared to other locations in Florida? Is Naples safe from natural disasters like hurricanes?

Is Naples Florida Safe? (Overview and Insights)

Overview & Analysis of Crime Rate in Naples Florida

Naples, Florida is the 6th safest city in the state of Florida, according to FBI data, and this is according to the National Council For Home Safety and Security.

Naples, Florida was adjudged the 2nd safest city in a separate research. Naples also received an A+ grade for crime from AreaVibes, a prominent city review site, with 40% less criminality than the national average. It’s evident that Naples is one of Florida’s safest communities.

According to FBI statistics, the Naples crime rate fell 60.99 percent in 2018, from 40.34 per 100,000 people in 2017 to 19.61 per 100,000 people. For 2017, the Naples Florida crime rate was 103.4 per 100,000 people, a 19.28 percent increase from 2016. Naples’ crime rate in 2016 was 86.69 per 100,000 inhabitants, a decline of 11.97 percent from 2015.

How About Hurricanes – Is Naples, Florida Safe?

What about Naples, Florida’s safety from natural disasters like hurricanes and tropical storms? Every year, virtually every city in Florida is vulnerable to a hurricane, yet some have lower risks of being affected and payouts.

  • Naples, Florida is located in the South of the State on the Gulf Coast. The city is known for its great weather with gorgeous sunshine year round and it’s many golf courses – this makes Naples an ideal retirement destination.
  • While hurricanes are rarely seen along the west coast of Florida where Naples is situated, every now and then they do strike that part of the state.

It’s also important to note that Naples, Florida is one of the safest U.S. cities regarding natural disasters, including hurricanes. Naples was struck by Hurricane Irma in 2017, which caused catastrophic damage to this area, but no deaths were reported.

On the morning of September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall as a Category 4 storm in Florida, tearing off roofs and flooding coastal cities. More than 6.8 million people were without power at the height of the storm. By September 11, Irma had weakened considerably to a tropical storm as it moved north through Georgia and Alabama.

What About Natural Disasters?

The primary natural disaster that might affect Naples, FL is a hurricane and although hurricanes rarely hit Florida’s west coast, they do happen and in 1992 Hurricane Andrew caused major damage to Florida’s West Coast. The City of Naples does have a plan for such an event and in 2008 the city was awarded a $3.2 million hurricane readiness grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

As a general rule, Florida’s East coast is more likely to be hit by a hurricane than the west coast and this includes Naples. In fact, in 1992 Hurricane Andrew struck South West Florida as it made its way across the State. Hurricane Wilma made landfall at Cape Romano, Florida as a Category 3 Hurricane on October 24th 2005 and Naples was spared.

Why Can You Say Naples, Florida is Safe?

Why is Naples free of major storms? It may not be any less vulnerable to them than other cities in Florida. However, it may be owing to the City of Naples’ strong preparedness and disaster management planning.

The city of Naples has executed a plan developed in coordination with state and county officials to ensure that the area is made more disaster resilient. The government of Naples has also improved its Emergency Operations Center fully equipped with communication devices, generators and long-range radar. Naples also has a plan that involves setting up of shelters, evacuation procedures and identification of key trouble spots.

Given Naples’ proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it’s no wonder why this city is high on the list of top Florida destinations with great weather year round. If you’re looking for a place to retire or vacation, Naples is definitely worth considering.

So Is Naples, Florida Safe?

We can confidently state that Naples, Florida is a very safe city in terms of both crime and hurricanes when compared to other cities in the Sunshine State. Naples has one of the lowest crime rates in Florida, and its risk of being struck by a hurricane is lower than that of other large cities. It’s also one of the finest cities in Florida, and it’s on our list of the greatest places to live.

Of course, you should always exercise caution and common sense to ensure your personal as well as your property safety in any scenario, both for personal and weather-related reasons.

Is Naples Florida Safe? (Overview and Insights)