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Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? This is a question that many people ask themselves before they decide to relocate or visit Nashville.

In this post we will discuss the safety of Nashville and what precautions you should take when visiting this city.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City to Visit?

Several elements contribute to the safety of Nashville city, therefore you must consider a wide range of hazards in order to assess how dangerous it is.

  • The overall safety risk when you’re new to the city or a tourist is low, based on Nashville TN crime rate information and other data.
  • Nashville is a huge city and has several urban neighborhoods. The risk of becoming the victim of a property crime, such as burglary, in any large city is higher than the national average.
  • There are numerous places to visit in downtown Nashville that are very safe. If you are planning to visit the downtown area, make sure that you take some precautions before doing so.

Don’t worry, there’s no risk of you getting hurt. But you’ll be able to do what you love doing or live the kind of life you’ve always wanted, so there’s no need to stress over it.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City from Natural Disasters?

Natural catastrophes are yet another element to consider when determining whether or not you would be safe in a certain location. Fortunately, the United States has not experienced a major natural disaster in recent years.

Nashville is not located in an earthquake zone. It’s also far away from any coastlines that are exposed to hurricanes or tsunamis.

As for tornadoes, they most commonly occur in the northern part of Tennessee and this city is out of their reach. This means that you do not have to worry about getting caught in a tornado when you’re in Nashville.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City at Night?

When you’re over 60 years old, walking at night or staying out late at night isn’t a good idea. Due to the fact that older people often face problems while walking in dark places, they should avoid visiting Nashville at night.

The city’s crime rate is higher than average and unfortunately arrests and police records indicate this trend. That’s why you need to be extra careful when you’re out after 10:00pm. If you want to live a safer life, just stay home at night.

Is it safe to live there or visit at night? It’s possible for you to stay safe if you follow certain precautions.

Residents and visitors alike have the same feelings when you go for a walk in any other city at night.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)

Is Nashville Tennessee’s Transportation Safe?

Nashville has a well-developed public transportation system, which includes trains, buses, and automobiles. When riding the subway as a big city, there is a moderate danger of attack.

In order to reduce the risk of attack, it is advisable to use an underpass or a deserted area.

The city’s busy roads could pose a threat when trying to cross them. They’re also located between major highways and interstates, so their traffic volume is high. This increases the likelihood that you may harm your car or even get into an accident. Therefore, pay attention to the road when driving in Nashville.

The city has a decent transportation system that’s both secure and efficient.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City for Women?

Overall women in this city are safe; however, there have been some reports that local women have been assaulted in the past. Always pay attention to your surroundings, and if something looks suspicious or dangerous, avoid it at all costs.

What Precautions Should You Take When Visiting Nashville?

When preparing to go to Nashville, you should do a little research beforehand. Know the neighborhoods and whether they’re safe or not. If it’s your first time traveling there, we recommend using public transport only if necessary – especially at night – and avoid walking alone in areas that don’t look entirely safe.

Here are some common precautions when you travel to Nashville, Tennessee:

1. Avoid walking alone at night.

Don’t walk to your car or home from work in the dark without any company. If you’re a woman, it’s best that you don’t go out on your own after sundown either; there are some neighborhoods where this is simply not advisable.

Go with someone if possible and vary your time of arrival.

2. Utilize all forms of public transport.

Never take a taxi, Uber/Lyft or any other private car service on your own; make sure you have enough people to share the ride with if possible.

Public transport is safe in this city but varies depending on where exactly you are located and what time it is – that’s why you should take care of where you are going.

If it’s your first time here, we recommend using public transport only if necessary and minding your belongings at all times.

Public transportation is safe in this city but varies depending on the exact location and time; be sure to pay attention to where exactly you go when traveling around town by bus or train. Public transportation is safe in the city but varies depending on location and time of day; be sure to pay attention when traveling by bus or train.

3. Avoid using your car.

If you’re planning on staying in town for some time, it’s best that you don’t use a car; avoiding traffic is easier this way and it’ll save you money too.

There are more than one ways of getting around Nashville without having to drive yourself – like taking public transport or even renting bikes and scooters.

If you’re staying in town for some time and don’t plan on driving then we recommend that you avoid using a car; it’s easier to get around this way and saves money too!

4. Avoid using your cell phone.

If you’re walking around town, it’s best to avoid using your mobile phone so that no one can steal it off of you easily; if there is an emergency and someone needs to reach you, they’ll be able to do so via SMS or calling on landline.

Never take out your smartphone in public spaces, especially if you’re alone; use it only in private or when accompanied by someone. If walking around the city then best to avoid using your cell phone so no one can grab it easily from you.

As you can see, all these precautions are just all about the usual cases that will similarly happen if you are in another place. If you are planning on visiting Nashville, it is best to be prepared for any situation and know what precautions to take.

Is Nashville Tennessee Medical Care Sufficient?

You’re more likely to get sick, fall, and suffer other mishaps when you retire. Even within your house, as a retiree, you’re more prone to various health issues and getting hurt.

As a result, access to emergency and medical services is another factor to think about in terms of safety. The good news is that Nashville has a significant number of medical institutions and hospitals. You could even locate some of the finest medical care facilities in the country.

Medicare is important to many retirees, and Nashville’s medical care system makes it easy for retirees to utilize Medicare. You can get a primary doctor or specialist by filling out an application at any one of the numerous aging services in the area. There are also home health agencies that could help you if you’re not able to go outside on your own because of illness or injury.

Nashville, Tennessee Overview

Nashville is the state’s capital and a home to the well-known Vanderbilt University. The Grand Ole Opry House, which includes the world-famous stage and radio program, is one of the most well-known country music attractions in the United States.

The city center is home to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame, as well as the historic Ryman Auditorium. The Johnny Cash Museum, which traces the life of the songwriter, is also located here.

Nashville, Tennessee, has a long history and many activities to enjoy. “Is Nashville a safe city?” is an important question to consider when you’re considering moving to the region, especially if you’ve retired. You may rest assured that you are secure in your retirement if you have peace of mind knowing that you are safe.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)

Some Nashville Tennessee Safe Neighboring Spots

Here are some recommended places you should visit if you’re in Nashville:

Poplar Creek Estates

Poplar Creek Estates is a gated community where people who are 50 years old and above will find comfort. It is located in Antioch, just 12 miles southeast of downtown Nashville.

The neighborhood has everything retirees need for an enjoyable stay including modern amenities, plazas, various stores, convenience shops, restaurants, banks, churches, lodging establishments and medical care, and of course, security.

South Hampton Estates

South Hampton Estates is another one of Nashville’s most secure neighborhoods. It is perfect for retirees who like to enjoy the outdoors, given that it has lush green grasses, flower gardens and lovely ponds. The community also has its own tennis courts, basketball court and children’s play area.

The neighborhood itself offers many activities for its residents. Residents can attend various clubs where they could meet other housemates and mingle with their neighbors. There are social activities for people who enjoy playing cards, dancing, singing karaoke or doing some painting.

Hermitage Hills

Hermitage Hills is a safe and peaceful community with easy access to nearby schools, shopping centers and public transportation. It is located in Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville.

The neighborhood has a wide range of amenities and facilities for retirees including resident services, medical suites, fitness centers, tennis courts, swimming pools and parks. There are also other interesting places to visit such as the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Hermitage Hospital and public libraries.

Sheffield On The Harpeth

This is a luxurious community located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, which is about 20 minutes away from Nashville. Relatively new compared to other neighborhoods in the area, Sheffield on the Harpeth has all the amenities that make for a complete retirement living experience. It also has two private golf courses and various clubs where retirees can mingle with friends and play golf.

Donelson Hills

Donelson Hills is a family-oriented community where you can enjoy the many amenities it offers, such as two recreation centers for indoor games and swimming pools. There are also nature trails where people who love hiking or biking could go to.

Nashville has all these neighborhoods created specifically with seniors in mind. The communities have lots of things retirees need, such as medical services and various social activities. More importantly, they are places where people can live worry-free knowing that there is someone to assist them if ever something disastrous happens.


Edmondson-Cloverland is another residential neighborhood that’s located in the heart of Nashville. This is a popular neighborhood with various activities going on throughout the year.

Green Hills

This is probably the most popular retirement neighborhood in Nashville. It features a wide array of activities and amenities for seniors, and clubs and community associations for all types of retirees.

Nashville’s list goes on and these are just some of its safe neighborhoods that people can visit or live in. If you’re looking for an excellent place to retire in, Nashville should be your next destination.


Belmont-Hillsboro is home to Belmont University, one of the top universities in Nashville. It’s also close to many commercial establishments and places where retirees could go for some entertainment.

The neighborhood offers a variety of apartments like one or two bedroom units with beautiful views of the city. Thanks to its proximity to Belmont University, apartment residents are just minutes away from the many shops that offer shopping, dining and entertainment.

Belmont-Hillsboro is a safe neighborhood with easy access to major thoroughfares, downtown Nashville and Belmont University. Apartments here are spacious enough for retirees who need extra space to accommodate their belongings.

West Meade Park

The West Meade Park neighborhood is a safe and quiet place that’s located within easy reach of shopping centers, schools and public transportation. This is a great place for retirees who want to enjoy the outdoors and get plenty of exercise.

Brandywine Farms

Brandywine Farms is an ideal neighborhood for retirees who are looking for peace and quiet. The community provides homeowners with lots of services, amenities and benefits, making it more than just a place to live in.

This safe Nashville neighborhood has small streets that give residents easy access to schools, shopping centers and public transportation where they can go anywhere in the city they want.

As you can see, there are lots of retirement neighborhoods in Nashville that people can look into if they’re thinking about moving in the area after they retire. It’s never too early to start doing some research and finding out what these communities have to offer for your future needs.

Nashville, Tennessee – Summary

Whether you’re visiting or moving here for good, it’s important that you know how to stay safe in Nashville. There are a lot of things you can do to ensure your safety whether it’s traveling downtown alone or taking precautions around the house such as installing locks and security cameras.

Knowing how to stay safe is important; however, if something does happen, having access to medical care and knowing where some recommended places in Nashville are located will go a long way in making sure that you get the help you need.

Is Nashville, Tennessee Safe? This depends on where exactly in Nashville you’re going to visit or move into and what precautions you take at home and when out and about town.

Is Nashville Tennessee a Safe City? (Helpful Tips & Insight)