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Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe? (Safety Tips & Insight)

Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe? (Safety Tips & Insight)

Pine Hills is a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. It was once considered to be safe and quiet, but recent events have shown that this may not always be the case. Is Pine Hills in Orlando Florida safe? This is a question that many people ask when they are looking for an area to live.

Pine Hills Orlando Florida is not always safe. The neighborhood is currently dealing with a lot of crime, including assault and battery, sexual crimes against children, drug abuse, theft and armed robbery. Some people even think that Pine Hills Orlando Florida might be one of the most dangerous areas in America!

Pine Hills Orlando Florida

Pine Hills Orlando Florida was founded in the 1940s. It is one of the larger neighborhoods within Seminole County, covering approximately 13 square miles. This area has historically been known as Fort Christmas until around the late 1800’s when it became part of Sanford for a short time before becoming its own city in 1883.

The name Pine Hills was coined because of all the pine trees that were originally found in the area. Originally the neighborhood was largely agricultural with farms dotting throughout, especially to the south and southeast of Orlando. However, over time there has been a significant amount of residential development within Pine Hills including single-family houses and apartments.

Today there is no large commercial or industrial area in Pine Hills, but there are some small businesses that help to support the community. There are also several different housing options for residents to choose from, including both single-family homes and apartment complexes.

Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe? (Safety Tips & Insight)

Statistics of Crime rate in Pine Hills Orlando Florida

Pine Hills is a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida. It was once considered to be safe and quiet, but recent events have shown that this may not always be the case. There are several factors to consider when it comes to crime rates. The main idea behind this is that the higher the crime rate, the more dangerous a neighborhood may be for residents.

In Pine Hills, many business owners tend to report crimes against their businesses, but not minor incidents against private citizens. For example, if someone were to get robbed at gunpoint in their home, it is unlikely that the owner of the business would report this to police.

The crime rate in Pine Hills is significantly lower than many other areas, but it does still exist. In total there were 312 crimes reported in 2013 alone according to the city website for Pine Hills Orlando Florida. The most common types of incidents included 32 burglaries and 30 cases involving theft from vehicles.

There were only two cases of rape, one case of assault with a deadly weapon and no murders or robberies that occurred during the same time period. While these numbers are not very high in comparison to other areas around Florida, it is important for people living within Pine Hills Orlando Florida to take some basic precautions while they are outside their homes.

Crime rate of area is low

Most types of crime in Pine Hills Orlando Florida are considered to be low. However, there have been some higher than usual crimes, including some assaults that were discovered on the bus route.

For this reason, people who live in Pine Hills may not feel as safe since they often use public transportation. But it is important to keep in mind that the crime rate of Pine Hills Orlando Florida is significantly lower than many other areas.

The crime rate is decreasing

There are some issues with the data about Pine Hills Orlando Florida safety, but it does not show an increase in violence. The number of assaults has gone down by more than 50% since 2007, according to the available data.

Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safety Tips

For all the people who are concerned about their safety when in Pine Hills, it is important to remember these tips:

  • Don’t put yourself unnecessarily in danger. This can include things like walking alone late at night or getting involved in an argument that you are not part of. The only thing that you can do to ensure your safety in Pine Hills is to be careful at all times.
  • Protect your belongings. This means locking up whenever you leave home for extended periods of time, and even taking items with you if you need to go out for a short period of time. Losing large amounts of money or other valuable things because your belongings were not secure can be very frustrating.
  • When using public transportation, try to limit your use of it if you are alone. Carrying some type of personal protection while on the bus or train can help to ensure that you will stay safe in case something does happen while riding the vehicle.
  • Know where all the emergency exits are located at your work or at school. These exits can help you to get out of dangerous situations quickly, and you want to know where they are in case the need arises.

Living in Pine Hills Orlando Florida

Living in Pine Hills is often characterized as having a resort city atmosphere with a lively neighborhood feel. Residents may relax in the numerous parks located within a short walk. March, April, and November are deemed the most pleasant months on this side of the world.

Pine Hills apartments and home rentals can save you money, whether you’re looking for a property or an empty nester. The majority of the homes in the neighborhood are ideal for families searching for a low-cost house in Central Florida. Most properties were built in the 1950s, making them ideal for buyers who love vintage charm.

While some homes are in better shape than others including weatherization and general repairs, many of these houses are ready to be restored. The exact condition of any given property will vary depending on its history and location.

Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safety Concerns

Although Pine Hills is considered to be safe for most people who live there, recent events among certain groups have brought about concerns for some residents. A bus route that runs through the area was recently suspended due to concerns about safety and violence.

Since this event, there have been some discussions about improving the situation in Pine Hills Orlando Florida so that people can feel safe while riding public transportation. The current status of these events is not clear as further action has yet to be taken by city officials or the bus company.

Specific concerns among minority groups

There are some concerns about safety for minority groups who live in Pine Hills Orlando Florida. There are also problems for women who have been assaulted in the past, and they are afraid to go out because of it.

For this reason, these groups are looking for more support so that they can feel safe walking around Pine Hills.

Support groups are available

There are some great support groups in Pine Hills Orlando Florida. These include things like religious organizations where minority groups can go to feel accepted. Knowing that there are people available who care about you and your safety really helps to reduce a lot of the stress that can be associated with these groups.

Support for women who have been assaulted is also important, as they need places where they can go to talk about their experiences without being judged. This support is often received by groups where there are other women who have been through similar things, which can make it easier for them to get through the problems that they are experiencing.

How community members can help keep Pine Hills Orlando Florida safe

Community members play a vital role in keeping their neighborhoods safe by reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement officials whenever they see something unusual. They can also assist by getting to know their neighbors and reporting anything suspicious about them.

This information helps the police to keep track of people who may be harmful to others in the neighborhood, which makes it easier for community members to feel safe around their homes. It is important that everyone who lives or works or visits Pine Hills where this rule is followed, because it can make a big difference in the safety of everyone who lives there.

Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe? (Safety Tips & Insight)


Pine Hills Orlando Florida is a safe neighborhood for most people. However, there are some concerns about safety among minority groups and women who have been assaulted in the past.

In order to address these problems, community members can help by reporting suspicious behavior to law enforcement officials as well as getting to know their neighbors.

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