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11 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas (And Farms!)

11 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas (And Farms!)

There’s something about sunflowers that just makes you feel happy. Maybe it’s their bright, cheerful colors, or the way they seem to turn their faces towards the sun. In any case, if you’re looking for a dose of happiness, you’ll want to check out some of Texas’ most beautiful sunflower fields! Here are eleven of our favorites.

The weather in Texas is finally starting to cool down, which means it’s the perfect time to visit one of the state’s many sunflower fields. From Lubbock to Dallas and everywhere in between, here are 11 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas to see some beautiful blooms!

11 Best Magical Sunflower Fields Must Visit in Texas

1. P-6 Farms

P-6 Farms is a family oriented farm that promises fun for all. From the cotton fields to bison hunts, P-6 has it going on! If you’re looking in your area and want something more than just Houston adventures then don’t hesitate any longer because with 1 hour of driving from downtown TX there will be no shortage or animal exploration here.

P-6 Farms for an adventure just outside of Houston! If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your days, P-6 Located 1 hour outside of town and with acres upon acres worth exploring , this family friendly farm promises plenty of fun.

The fall season is one of the most enjoyable times at P-6 Farms. They go all out with games, attractions and activities for every member in your family to enjoy; from a stunning sunflower field to hayrides on site there’s plenty here that will keep everyone happy!

11 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas (And Farms!)

2. Dewberry Farm

Imagine a destination where you can go on an adventure, meet new people and experience nature. That’s what Dewberry Farm is all about!

A 45-minute drive outside of downtown Houston will bring anyone to this larger than life rural area full of natural beauty that has been lovingly created with love by its founder who truly believes we should live more sustainably while having fun in our everyday lives

The perfect time to see sunflowers is during the Spring, when they’re in all shapes and sizes. Visitors can choose from four acres of 25 different varieties at this festival!

3. Robinson Family Farm

Robinson Family Farm is in Texas for all your family fun! We have everything you want for Christmas trees, sunflower fields, and pumpkin patches. If sunflowers are more up your alley though be sure not miss out on our discounted admission rate of just $10 + tax per person (that’s only anaugh)! General admission tickets cost less money too-so get ready because Robinson will soon have another generation grown from seed as well.

Texas is known for its wide open spaces and sunflower fields, which make up a large part of the Lone Star State. If you’re looking to fill your day with some wholesome Southern hospitality then look no further than this working family farm!

Southern hospitality at its best is what you can expect when visiting Robinson. With a healthy dose of true Southern charm, this restaurant will not leave your mouth watering for food or wanting more once it has left!

A taste of the fresh flavors that are only found here in the south awaits with Summer Sunflower Fest happening every Saturday and Sunday throughout June – don’t miss out on these amazing events because they won’t be back until next year!

4. Mainstay Farm Park

The Biggest Backyard in Texas is a place you’ll never find another experience like it! Just 20 minutes from Fort Worth and 50 minutes from downtown Dallas, Mainstay Farm Park offers an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy sunflower fields as well as other attractions that are sure to satisfy your curiosity about this stately farmhouse location – on property there’s even space for cows (and calves).

You can find sunflowers aplenty in this part of Texas, but it is not just any old field. You have to head up into the panhandle about 20 minutes outside Amarillo and then make your way over some rolling hills before arriving at Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm!

A crown jewel for anyone who loves pumpkins as much as I do – especially during fall season when they are all orange-yellow with black stems or leaves on them; there’s nothing like seeing these proud plants dotting our beautiful landscape. And what would an October day be without patching through their sweet perfume?

Fall is the perfect time to escape into an autumnal wonderland. Head out on one of many fall field trips and see breathtaking sunflower fields for yourself! General admission tickets cost $14.95 online or 17-25 at the gate, but don’t be alarmed by its price tag quite yet – there’s so much more included in that expense aside from just a stroll through these beautiful flower-filled acres.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore some of these amazing sunflower fields in Texas!

5. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

As you drive through the winding roads of Texas, passing by ranch houses and cow pastures on your way to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm in Austin for an exciting day full of delicious samples from our variety-filled stand we invite all who are looking forward to tasting something different.

The drive from downtown Austin to Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is only 40 minutes long, making it easy for families and tourists alike.

As you stroll through the Sweet Eats fruit farm, your senses are overwhelmed with a plethora of colors. There’s not one single color that dominates – from yellow sunflowers in classic single-stem form to incredible giants reaching up 12 feet high!

The Sweet Eats experience is a photographer’s dream! There are designated “no pick” zones throughout the fields, so you can pose away and not worry about any special permissions. The price of admission includes entry into all three food vendors’ areas; just wear comfortable shoes because there’s sure to be walking involved in order to enjoy this delicious event from top-to-bottom (or bottom up).

6. Yesterland Farm

Step back in time at the rustic, yet quaint YesterLand Farm. This historic farm has been a favorite location for locals and visitors alike who are looking to escape modern life’s stresses while taking part in something old fashioned with its nostalgic charm!

In 2020, the Yesterland farm planted its first-ever sunflower patch. With only two acres of land and a 1500 square foot garden to play with (on top of all their other responsibilities), it was difficult for them at first – but these flowers are quickly becoming one favorite among visitors!

The Sunflower Days festival takes place in late September every year on this magical little spot where you can find some fall magic right here in Ohio County alone. The best way to welcome autumn? Get yourself down there soon before everything changes again.

7. Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm

You have to head up into the panhandle, about 20 minutes outside Amarillo. There are hundreds of acres of sunflower fields here that you can explore in search for pumpkins or just stroll through on your own!

The perfect time to visit the Maxwell Pumpkin Farm is in early autumn, when you can enjoy walking through our sunflower fields and taking photos of their beauty. You’ll find that there are many other activities available as well—perhaps tasting some pumpkin juice or checking out why those large pumpkins grow here!

Regardless of your age, the fall blooms are a sight to see. You can enjoy them anytime of day and they’ll be there long after summer has left us with its calming colors in tow. General admission tickets cost $14

The flowers themselves may not seem like much but don’t forget that they’re one big collection from all over our country- this means you’ll find sunflowers as well! If these fields aren’t enough for ya’, then maybe some other attractions will pique interest–the Pumpkin Patch is always worth checking out when it comes back around again next year; plus every weekend throughout September – October brings new things so check online before deciding.

8. Wild Berry Farm

Wild Berry Farm is the perfect destination for anyone who wants an escape from city life. It’s located one hour north of Dallas, Texas and it has acres upon fields filled with beautiful sunflowers as well as blueberries! You can pick your own berries at a reasonable price or get them cut into all different shapes such as platters so you don’t have any leftovers after dinner tonight.

Wild berry picking enthusiasts will find themselves lost in contemplation on how many ways there are to prepare this delicious fruit when they first arrive at Wild Berries Farms (WBFF) in Farmersville. WBFF offers U-pick sunflowers in addition to blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries from June through October. This is a family farm that takes great pride in providing an opportunity for visitors to experience nature and connect with the land

The best time to visit Wild Berry Farm is definitely during the fall season when the sunflowers are in bloom. That’s when they have Sunflower Days, which is a great time for family activities and enjoying the sunshine! The admission fee includes access to all of WBFF’s attractions: pick-your-own blueberries (June), pumpkins (September/October) and sunflowers (July through October), a petting zoo, hayrides, and more.

9. Wildseed Farms

Your first impression of Wildseed Farms is going to be a lasting one. The farm stretches for more than 200 acres and features walking trails, vineyards full of locally grown grapes (including Manzanas), wine tasting rooms with views overlooking the beautiful Napa valley as well as an inviting Biergarten perfect for relaxing on warm days or nights!

If you want a taste of nature, then come to Wildseed Farm. Enjoy 0.5 miles worth of wheelchair accessible walking trails that weave through their many gardens and grab some snacks or homemade peach ice cream at the Brewbonnet Biergarten while there! Entrance is free all year round so everyone can enjoy it no matter what time they visit; also don’t forget about how beautiful each variety of flower looks in its own unique way – make sure not miss this spot on your next trip anywhere near Austin!

10. Froberg’s Farm

Froberg’s Farm is a family-owned farm that has been in operation for over 60 years. They provide homemade canned goods and pies, fresh produce from their own orchard as well as nuts & candy available at any time of day! The 30 minute drive from Houston makes it easy to bring your adventure on the road without sacrificing accessibility either – get out there with our sunshine this summer by visiting Froberg’s.

Froberg’s farm is open for business seven days a week, 365 days of the year. The best time to visit? It depends on your schedule – if it’s not too busy then why don’t you head over during one of their busier seasons!

The website has an entire calendar with information about when various produce can be harvested at this amazing fruit-growing spot in Bellefonte Maquoketa region near Iowa City . They’re even detailed into individual day-by-season so there’ll never again be any confusion or stress trying to find out how much strawberries cost per pound; now all we need are some farming gloves first.

The Fall Festival is a must-attend event for any family looking to get their pumpkin spice on. The corn maze will leave you breathless and the tractor tour lets you experience life as an honest farmer from birth till death – literally!

11. Lone Star Family Farm

Lone Star Family Farm is the perfect place to visit with your family this fall! Visit for our Sunflower Daze festival in June, or come back during October when we have hayrides and pumpkin picking. We also have an amazing 100 acre farm featuring over 1 thousand pumpkins including some of largest varieties on record – be sure not miss out as you explore all that Lone Star has available.

Lone Star Family Farm is the perfect destination for all your family’s fall activities. You can spend time wandering through our sunflower fields and taking photos with friends, there are even corn mazes that will keep you occupied!

The price includes several games to get everyone involved – from pumpkin patches where pumpkins vary in size so children of different ages can compete side by side; a cotton patch filled with bright colors waiting patiently just beneath an old wooden bridge near home or 8 acres worth if maze exploration strikes his fancy; and lastly, the petting zoo is always a hit with kids (and adults) of all ages. Lone Star also offers educational tours for school groups as well as birthday parties – so there’s truly something for everyone!

Come out and enjoy a festive day picking pumpkins, playing games, taking photos in the sunflower fields and more at Lone Star Family Farm! Be sure to bring your camera and catch all the memories on film for years to come.

Lone Star Family Farms is open daily from September through October 31st – so you can see what’s in stock before heading out there with family or friends no matter when they visit! We even have a calendar of events posted just in case you want to take advantage of special deals as well as last minute discounts – so there’s no need to stress or rush.

11 Magical Sunflower Fields in Texas (And Farms!)

Final Thought

If you’re looking to experience the beauty of Texas, then these 11 sunflower fields are a must see! From Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas, to Austin and San Antonio down South, there’s something for everyone. The best part? They’re all family friendly too so bring your little ones along to enjoy the fall colors with you. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate flowers – these photos will make anyone smile!