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15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)

15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)

The liberal cities in California are some of the most diverse, accepting and diverse places to live. Although many people might think that all of California is liberal, there are actually more conservative counties than you would expect.

One way to know which cities are the most liberal is by looking at voting patterns for presidential elections. If a city voted more democratic than republican then it’s safe to say that it’s on this list of 15 Most Liberal Cities in California!

15 Most Liberal Cities in California

These are cities with more than 100,000 people that are considered big cities.

1. Richmond

According to a Gallup survey, these are the cities with the highest percentages of liberals. For reference, “very liberal” is considered left of center and “conservative” is right of center.

San Francisco San Francisco has the highest percent of liberals out of any city in California. It also happens to be one of the most expensive places to live, so it might not be for everyone!

15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)

2. Berkeley

Berkeley has long been considered the most liberal city in California, and it’s hard to dispute that with these numbers. It’s also home to the famous university by the same name.

3. Inglewood

Inglewood is one of the cities that recently grew in population. It used to be a very quiet suburban city but is quickly growing into a big and diverse city and becoming more and more liberal with every new resident that moves in.

4. Salinas

Salinas is the county seat for Monterey County, one of the most liberal counties in California. It’s also home to many immigrant workers so it definitely isn’t a typical American city!

5. Oakland

Oakland is the third most populous city in California, and this list of liberal cities would be incomplete without it. It’s also known for violence so it’s not typically a top contender on lists like these.

6. Coachella

Coachella is the biggest city in Riverside County and one of the most diverse cities in California. It’s definitely a little different than all of the other liberal cities on this list.

7. Compton

Compton is very famous for hip-hop and gang violence, but it’s also one of the most liberal cities in California outside of the Bay Area. If you take a look at the poverty rate for this city, though, you’ll see why it has such high crime rates!

Compton’s history has been marred by poverty and crime. But, in recent years it is experiencing a renaissance as the home to many immigrants, both legal and illegal.

8. Soledad

Soleda is well-known for its numerous wineries and is also near to the magnificent Pinnacles National Park, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts looking for a progressive city in California.

Soledad now has the most registered Democrats of any city in Monterey County, with about 50% of its residents identifying as members.

15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)

9. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has a wealth of culture, in addition to being one of the most beautiful beaches in California. The people here are also very liberal and want to keep their city like this for many years.

10. Greenfield

Greenfield is a city near Monterey and Salinas. It’s an agricultural settlement with many people from the Hispanic community, making it one of the more unique places on this list.

Greenfield is located in Monterey County, California. Its population has grown dramatically over the past few decades due largely to its proximity to Salinas Valley’s rich agricultural fields.

11. Huron

As the county seat for Glenn County, Huron is one of the larger towns in northwestern California. It’s relatively small at less than 15,000 people but liberal nonetheless!

Huron has a rich Hispanic history and is also home to a large number of Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. It has one of the highest poverty rates in California at 25%.

12. Orange Cove

The community of Orange Cove is located around 40 minutes from Fresno. The majority of its inhabitants are Hispanic, and many are farmers as well. With Orange Cove, the majority of its residents are registered Democrats, making it one of California’s most liberal cities.

13. Gonzales

Located in Monterey County, Gonzales is known for its agrarian economy. Its residents are typically Hispanic and Catholic.

Gonzales was originally settled by Mexican families looking for a new start. Today it’s one of the most liberal cities in California thanks to many working-class Latinos who live here.

14. Fairfax

Fairfax is a city in Marin County that is known for its European-inspired architecture and expansive homes. It’s become more liberal over time thanks to the influx of young professionals who have been moving here from San Francisco.

In addition, residents report high amounts of satisfaction with their living conditions. Fairfax has significant educational resources, arts venues and opportunities for shopping locally.

15. Irwindale

Irwindale is a city in Los Angeles County famous for its chili powder production. It’s also one of the most liberal cities in California, with little to no racial tension.

Located outside of downtown Los Angeles, Irwindale is an industrial suburb known for its significant Asian population and hot chili-processing plants.

15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)

California’s Liberated Cities

California is usually considered a Democratic stronghold, with more Democratic votes than Republican votes in each of the last eight presidential elections.

Despite the official propaganda, there are pockets of resistance to oppression in California. In these cities, the people have taken matters into their own hands and elected officials who represent them instead of special interests.

  • Cities like Santa Monica and Los Angeles have Democratic Party super-majorities on their city councils, and use those majorities to police the people’s thoughts.
  • These cities ban plastic bags because of “global warming”, impose soda taxes because of “obesity”, and even ban apartment buildings as too “urban” (that is, too dense for the developmentally-disabled to manage).
  • In spite of Democrats’ best efforts, some people have taken back their cities. These are the liberated cities.
  • But, if you’re more left-leaning, there are some areas of strong conservatism in California that you should avoid.

However, liberalism is not just a political stance. There are other philosophical principles at play, including inclusiveness, environmentalism, and social justice, which define genuine liberalism. This also implies that places that vote a certain way may still be liberal and progressive in their overall beliefs.

As a result, for this list of the most liberal cities in California, we took into account various criteria that might make a community more progressive, including: Environmental consciousness, Local government’s social services, Emphasis on higher education, Diversity among residents and Strong LGBTQ community.

Benefits of Staying in Liberal Cities in California

Surprisingly, California’s liberal cities can be great places to live. In fact, many of the state’s richest areas are in liberal cities regions where high taxes, higher prices and stringent regulations typically go hand-in-hand with a politically left-of-center local government.

However, because of the diversity of industry in the state, many liberal cities also have pro-business leadership. And a lot of California’s business leaders thrived by supporting liberal causes, giving generously to local politicians and pushing for innovative social programs that raise the state’s standard of living – not just for LGBTQ Americans but everyone else too.

  • Another reason why liberal cities in California are successful is because the state’s economy has been strong over the past three decades. And California’s economic success – especially its tech sector – have attracted many wealthy people, including entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who see opportunity here.
  • Opportunity abounds in Silicon Valley thanks to Stanford University, which churns out bright, resourceful graduates. And the area’s leading employer is headquartered in liberal Menlo Park: Facebook.

Another reason why living in California’s liberated cities can be great is that many places are culturally diverse and offer people of different backgrounds the chance to build new lives here.

California’s Liberated Cities Offer More Than Politics

Liberal politics are not the only thing that bring people to live in California’s liberated cities. Hollywood, Santa Monica or San Francisco are cultural meccas that attract film lovers, music fans and bohemians with singular tastes.

And many of these people have money because their creative industries are so profitable.

People who enjoy living in liberal regions also have access to great universities that have helped create Silicon Valley, a place where thousands of companies including Google and Apple locate their headquarters.

Liberal Cities Are More Than a Political Statement

The political landscape in California’s liberated regions is often governed by ambitious leaders who are not afraid to make big changes. And these communities support the arts, environmental protection and other progressive causes.

That means liberal cities in California are more than just liberal. They are politically engaged, culturally diverse and environmentally conscious because of the people who live here. And these cultural traits attract visitors from around the world too.

Fundamental Benefits of Living in Liberal Cities

The most important benefit that comes with living in a liberated city is the freedom to live your life as you want, with dignity and respect.

  • That means if you are gay or transgender, you can walk down Main Street without fear of being harassed because of who you love. And it also means that everyone learns to treat everyone else fairly regardless of race, gender identity or religion.
  • And living in a liberal city will never detract from your core beliefs because it promotes tolerance and acceptance for all people.
  • What’s more, liberal cities have a lot of economic benefits that come with being diverse and tolerant. For one thing, workers in these regions are more productive than people who live in rural or politically red areas where intolerance is common.
  • And the economic benefits of diversity mean that liberated cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco can afford to spend more on education and other pro-growth programs.
  • Living in a liberal city means your children will grow up to be well-adjusted adults because they learn at an early age how to respect people who are different from them. And this is why liberal cities are also more productive places to work.

Workers of all kinds are encouraged to think outside of the box in liberal cities, which makes them easier places for entrepreneurs and innovators to test their ideas on consumers. And all kinds of workers can find jobs, especially if they have a college education because California’s liberated cities attract major employers including Facebook, Google and Apple. And these successful companies are among the main reasons why living in California is so appealing.

The People Who Live in Liberal Cities Are Different

If you are moving to a liberated city, know that you will be surrounded by people who share your values whether they are Democrats or Republicans. And if you’re already politically left, that means you’ll be more comfortable here than in a red state.

The people who live in California’s liberated cities also tend to be more tolerant and generous with their time and money than those who live elsewhere. People here participate in causes that protect the environment, animals and the rights of all people, including immigrants and refugees.

15 Most Liberal Cities in California (Benefits, Upsides & More!)


The 15 most liberal big, medium, and tiny California cities are listed below. We hope that this list has provided you with a good overview of where the progressive hot spots are in California so that you may locate a community that reflects your beliefs.

The most liberal cities in California can generally be found on the coast, especially in the Bay Area, Monterey County, and the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

There are a large number of liberal groups in the smaller communities throughout Fresno County.

The most liberal city in California is Inglewood, based on the statistics and social variables. Berkeley also deserves a mention for being one of the most progressive cities in America.