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Moving To Cape Coral Florida: 10 Things To Know Before Relocating!

moving to cape coral florida

If you’re interested in moving to Cape Coral Florida, here’s some helpful info to consider. Take a look at these 10 things you should know before relocating!

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Cape Coral Florida

1. Schools And Universities

One of the best priorities of Cape Coral is education, so rest assured if you are looking for quality education, Cape Coral has it for you!

Edison State Community College is an excellent college to attend if you live within the area and want a diploma for a reasonable price. There isn’t much student life, so there isn’t any on-campus housing, but the online programs are exceptional!

The educational aspects are all informative and on point. Edison can also provide you with the possibility to work in their Student Services department while taking classes. They will provide you with experience and knowledge of a workplace while earning a little money to help you pay for your tuition.

Florida Gulf Coast is a state university located in Florida. Admissions are slightly competitive as the Florida Gulf Coast approval rate is 67%. This school has an excellent health sciences program; they also have many clubs and organizations to offer.

Since the classes are small to medium in size, you can reach out to all of your classmates in your style and be connected with your professors.

2. Transportation

Are you wondering about walking around Cape Coral? Because if you are, the best Cape Coral community for you might be Hancock, Caloosahatchee, or Pelican. Driving a private car is the most common transportation method in the area.

The city offers Lee Tran trolleys and a bus system that introduces a mini-bus system with door-to-door transport for somebody interested in public transportation. The mini-buses operate Monday through Friday, from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.

Cape Coral isn’t well-divided by roads and areas but is organized by many smaller streets and mini-neighborhoods. Traffic in Cape Coral can be impatient when navigating to or from extensive places like Fort Myers Beach or Sanibel Island. Peak times can occur in long stints and tiresome lines.

3. Cost Of Living In Cape Coral Florida

Are you asking yourself, how is the cost of living in Cape Coral? Living in Cape Coral is moderately pricier than the other cities. Though we’re not surprised with all the breathtaking beaches and endless waterways, it comes with a price!

Grocery costs come in very close to average, and utilities come in below average in Cape Coral, but housing and health costs drive up living expenses in the area.

The good news is there is no state income tax in Florida! So, you can save more of your net salary.

4. Great Dining Options

Are you ready for the lobster food trip? Then check The Lobster Lady Seafood Market. They offer everything from lobster and steaks to scrumptious breakfasts.

The lobster here appears to be more affordable since the market imports a large number of lobsters. Just take note that this place might get busier. So, make sure to book a table ahead!

Slate’s is a famous place to go in the town for anyone who loves Cajun cuisine, where guests will find exceptional service, ambiance, and food.

The menu offers a New Orleans dining expertise, with dishes like Gumbo, Bananas-Foster French Toast, oysters, and numerous delicate culinary dishes with a bit of a Cajun twist. Jazz music is also playing in the background during the Sunday jazz brunch.

The New England Moorings has been a dining business in Cape Coral for more than thirty years and is known for being a local place for fun, seafood, and cocktails. The menu includes homemade crab cakes, clam chowder, and a variety of fresh seafood

5. Weather & Natural Disasters

The weather is part of both the pros and cons of staying in Cape Coral, FL. The year-round warm weather may sound fantastic, but it can get intolerable hot and humid in the summer periods.

You can also anticipate that the sunny day will be briefly interrupted by a short rain shower almost daily during the summer. Unfortunately, Cape Coral always experiences hurricanes in previous years.

 August of 2004, Hurricane Charley hit Cape Coral with winds of over 120 mph, splitting off roofs, tumbling trees, crushing swimming pool cages, flooding streets, and shutting off the electricity on the way out.

The Cape’s approximately 134,000 residents were glad to be alive. Still, their relief was suddenly twisted since the tropical heat and humidity that they needed to endure for days without air conditioning or electric fans.

6. WildLife

Florida has over 700 kinds of land animals. Are you aware that Cape Coral has the largest population of burrowing owls in the world? Not only that! Cape Coral also has many shore and water-habitat birds, plus thousands of distinct kinds of insects. Check out the Cape Coral places where wildlife can be viewed in their natural environments.

The most extensive nature preserves in Cape Coral, Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, encompasses 365 acres of wilderness home to various flora, fauna, and wildlife. You will also be amazed that their boardwalk is a great surface to walk on or even go jogging.

Recognized as the “Great Florida Birding Site.” They have an engaging little park with paved walkways, a jungle gym for kids, a dog playpen, and tracks in the wetlands where birds hang out waiting for unique picture opportunities.

7. Beaches In Cape Coral, Fl.

  • Lovers Key

Lovers Key State Park is a must-go place to visit in this area. The beach was only accessible by boat; a good thing! a tramway has been placed along with a boardwalk, making the island much more manageable to get to.

Many beach adventures can be enjoyed at Lovers Key, including sunbathing, swimming, and fishing. Another great thing to do at Lovers Key is to try their guided eco kayak tour to get up close and seclude some local wildlife.

  • Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is generally considered one of the most attractive beaches in Florida and the entire globe, and it’s only a short drive away from Cape Coral.

A rich trove of shiny shells reaches up on these beaches all year long, so it’s a lovely scene to visit if you’re looking to find a unique souvenir to take home, but there aren’t many facilities here, so it’s good to pack a barbecue and some beach gear.

  • Cape Coral Beach: Captiva Beach

Captiva Island is correlated to Sanibel Island, so it’s straightforward to access from Cape Coral and is generally seen as one of the best-looking beaches in the area. Captiva Beach gives breathtaking views and especially soft sands, making it a lovely place to walk along the water’s beach or sit and watch the sun going down.

8. Nightlife

A western-themed dance club and bar are known for their high-energy dance party venue. The club emphasizes the most fun dance floor with excellent sound and lights. To start the night, DJs play 100% country music to the high-energy genre. 

A fabulous night and dance club featuring a DJ with Latin and hip hop, dance floor, with state-of-art lighting. Their kind and courteous staff will serve your favorite drink in a great mood. They have three studios to play a variety of music.

A premier nightlife venue in Cape Coral that holds rotating DJs, cocktails, and a neon-hued dance floor. Customers can adjust the birthday or party at the Celsius Night Club, and rest assured, you will have an exciting and unforgettable party! Of course! You must be 21 and adult enough to enter the Celsius Night Club. 

9. Job Market When Moving To Cape Coral Florida

If you’re considering initiating a move to Cape Coral, the future looks bright. Many area businesses plan to hire new workers shortly, putting Cape Coral near the top of the list for the largest metros in the nation.

Cape Coral is a city that has been enduring positive growth since 2014. Some of the most traditional jobs are in the education, construction, and healthcare sectors when it comes to the workforce. This is associated with the growing population of working-class families and retirees.

The city also flaunts a healthy real estate market.

10. Real Estate Opportunities

If you’re considering initiating a move to Cape Coral, the future looks bright. Many area businesses plan to hire new workers shortly, putting Cape Coral near the top of the list for the largest metros in the nation.

Cape Coral has some budget-friendly homes to buy in Florida. The cheap rates can be attributed to several factors, one of which is the economy. The city has relied initially on construction and growth to fuel its economy.

Another point that the city has allowed is multiple yet quality building contractors, which produces an excellent possibility of buying a house at a lower cost once you choose to move.

During the early days, many settlers decided to purchase property land as a form of investment. In recent times, investors have been developing homes, some of which are yet to be offloaded. 

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