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Moving To Fort Lauderdale, Florida? | A Comprehensive Guide

Moving To Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you have considered moving to Florida at some point, Fort Lauderdale could be a great place to pick as your next residence, and for various reasons. Located an hour from the glitz and glamour of Miami on the southeastern coast of Florida, the city provides both the qualities of a home and a holiday destination.

Continue reading if you want to know more about moving to Fort Lauderdale.

Apart from incredible beaches and lots of water sports activities you can’t shy away from, living in Fort Lauderdale is also surprisingly affordable. This is not to mention consistently fantastic weather, mostly warm and sunny with frequent bursts of rain.

The sandy beaches are a great attraction for tourists, who are a major contributor to Fort Lauderdale’s flourishing economy. Water games like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, you name it, make the beach life even more enjoyable.

However, there is more to a place than the luxuries it offers. So, what should you know and expect when moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida?


When moving to a new place, one of the first tasks you have is choosing a suitable neighborhood with a housing market that accommodates your needs. Whether you are single, with family, or looking for a quiet place to retire, this city offers a plethora of neighborhoods to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Some of the best neighborhoods to look into when moving to Fort Lauderdale include the following:

  • Victoria Park – An old neighborhood near downtown with plenty of condos, apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes. It is safe, walkable, and great for beach life.
  • Coral Ridge ­– Great for families who adore suburban life
  • Rio Vista – Ideal for families and retirees who prefer a quiet life near the beach
  • Sailboat Bend – Situated west of downtown; best for residents who prefer a mix of suburban and urban living alongside a great nightlife experience.
  • Colee Hammock – A pleasing suburban atmosphere for the lovers of a quiet life
  • Las Olas Isles – Ideal for lovers of luxury living
  • Imperial Point – Great for retirees, young families, as well as young professionals  

Cost of Living 

For a city that offers more than the perks mentioned above, one would probably think they cannot afford this life. On the contrary, Fort Lauderdale happens to be quite affordable despite being near Miami. It may not fit the definition of cheap, but “Fort Liquor-dale” has one of the most attractive costs of living in Florida.

Despite being the seventh most expensive city in the sunshine state, Fort Lauderdale’s cost of living is about 37 percent higher than the United States’ average. However, it is 4 percent less costly than living in Miami, and the cost of housing is 4.8% less. In that case, you should go around its neighborhoods and find a place where you can comfortably afford a house.

Be that as it may, there are no state income taxes impounded in Florida, and this city is no exception. Its health care system is 2% lesser compared to other cities. Food and groceries can be costly, but living in Fort Lauderdale is affordable if you budget well.

An Active Community 

The activeness of a community greatly depends on its weather, among other things. Well, the residents here are full of life. Many invest in their health more than anything. That is why you will frequently walk past a group of people jogging, skating, and biking. Yoga is also greatly embraced here by many residents, for the mental and psychological health benefits it offers.

The parks and recreational activities will not let you get some rest either. The atmosphere is quite rejuvenating, so you will only stay indoors when you need to sleep. Maybe you are wondering how your kids will fit in when you move as a family. Well, that should be the least of your worries because the friendly community will make you feel more at ease and at home.

Employment Opportunities 

If you are seeking to move to Fort Lauderdale and wonder how you will secure the bag, you have many reasons to relax your mind. Thanks to its flourishing job market, Fort Lauderdale offers lots of fantastic employment opportunities to residents. Its job market has increased by 37.9% in the last years, stating a 4.4 percent higher rate than the United States.

The tourism sector is a significant employer. Some beneficiaries include accountants, nurses, human resource managers, web developers, mechanical engineers, photographers, and electricians, just to name a few.

Arts and Culture 

Restaurants, bars, and art find their home in this town, and they have been embraced to the letter. Fort Lauderdale is home to 4100 restaurants and 120 nightclubs. Popular bars and restaurants include YOLO, Royal Pig Pub and Kitchen, Rocco’s Tacos, and Shooters Waterfront.

If you are a lover of Karaoke and live band music, The Escape lounge and Culture Room should be your home. As you rejuvenate, your taste buds are not forgotten. Check out South Florida Symphony Orchestra for refined flavors and pure aroma.

Some of Florida’s most significant festivals and events are also hosted here, including the Tortuga Music Festival, which occurs indoors and attracts large numbers.

There is the Las Olas Food and Wine Festival, where you get to sample the different tastes of delicacies and various types of wine. Their Central American and South American Cuisines are mouthwatering. This city also offers one of the best nightlife experiences you can get while living in Florida.

Moving to Fort Lauderdale has been a wise decision for many. You only need to identify your ideal neighborhood and move. The traffic is the only awful thing about this city, but you can deal with it once you get used to it amicably.

From the above insights, moving to Fort Lauderdale can be a good idea. Whether you are a fun-lover or want a quiet place to get away from all the noise in the big cities, this could be the next fine destination for you.


Here’s what to know when moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Neighborhoods 
  • Victoria Park 
  • Coral Ridge ­
  • Rio Vista 
  • Sailboat Bend 
  • Colee Hammock 
  • Las Olas Isles 
  • Imperial Point 
  • Cost of Living
  • Active Community
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Arts and Cultur

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