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Moving To Fort Myers Florida: 10 Things To Know Before Calling The Movers!

moving to fort myers florida

If you’re searching for information about moving to Fort Myers Florida, here’s some help. Take a look at these things you should know!

The following are ten things to think about before relocating to Fort Myers Florida. Learn more about them below!

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Fort Myers Florida

1. Fort Myers Beach

If you’re used to staying land-locked, you’ll be glad to know that, on Fort Myers Beach, you’re never far from world-class beaches along the gulf. Fort Myers beaches also afford a bounty of fishing possibilities.

Regardless of whether you want to fish from the pier, shore, or aboard a charter, you’ll have lots of options for a big catch.

Enjoy the sand and clear waters with our list of the best public beaches around Fort Myers.

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach and The Pier

If you want to find the longest extent of sand in Fort Myers Beach, head to Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier in front of Times Square. This is the most well-known beach in the Fort Myers area.

On the north side of the Pier is Lynn Hall Memorial Park, which makes a perfect base for a day at the beach. There are also nearby restaurants with patios, unique retail shops, and street performers. You need to take ice cream and wander around to soak up the wonderful beach.

Crescent Beach

Just to the south of The Pier is the 2.5-acre Crescent Beach Family Park located. This beach area is where you’ll encounter an active sporting event. Beach volleyball courts are set back from the seashore, where afternoon games will be taking place. This is a wide-open area and an excellent place to toss a football or have an impromptu soccer game in the sand. Strolling along the beach here is a usual pastime; the crowds wander back and forth with no particular destination in mind.

Lover’s Key State Park

Lover’s Key State Park is a quick drive to the south of Fort Myers and hometown to one of the most striking beaches in the entire area. Walk a little further, and you will see seagulls soaking up the warm Florida sun.

The sand is thin, and the water is warm and shallow. In addition to this, there is a separate area that is exclusively for dogs. The dogs can run off-leash to play in the water with all their newfound four-legged friends. Although the Dog Beach is technically part of Lover’s Key State Park, access to the Dog Beach. 

2. Weather When Living In Fort Myers Florida

Perfect warm sunshine is one of the top reasons that people transfer to Fort Myers. Sure, the city does get its fair share of rainfall, especially in the summer and fall. Still, those few wetter months are balanced by nearly nine months of sunshine, providing you plenty of opportunities to get out of your house and enjoy the Fort Myers scenery. 


Thanks to its tropical weather, Fort Myers winters are very mild. Average temperatures for the winter periods are 64.9 degrees, and when there is precipitation, it’s in the form of rain instead of the snow and ice that you might notice in more northern states.

While you won’t encounter any white Christmases in Fort Myers, wintertime in this sunny state still takes quite a bit of festive fun. Take a drive throughout the city, and you’re likely to see lush palm trees decked out in colorful holiday lights, which is quite the sight to see — especially if you’re a foreigner to the city.


Spring is a fascinating time of the year in Fort Myers. Temperatures average around 73 degrees, and rainy days are rare and far between, so you’ll have no problem going outside and strolling through the blooming flowers and enjoying a little fresh air.

The spring period is a perfect time to visit one of the local natural beaches. Since the summer tourist period won’t yet have begun. The weather is ideal for dipping your toes in the surf or picnicking with friends.


Though it’s summer, temperatures are pretty comfortable, with averages of 82.5 degrees. Summer months observe much more rain than other months. Locals are used to the humid weather. Although a few summer days may be too hot for some, this season brings various exciting events that you won’t want to miss.


Fall is a very chill time of year in Fort Myers, and it’s much more like spring than what most people would think autumn to be like. Mild temperatures around 76.9 degrees are the average, and fall is the second wettest time behind the summer months. Fall in Fort Myers gives a lot of openings for fun and excitement.

3. Living In Fort Myers Neighborhoods

Dubbed “The City of Palms,” Fort Myers is a developing community in Southwestern Florida. Best recognized for its beautiful beaches, scenic views, and fantastic fishing. Either you choose to stay close to downtown or in a close-by local community, here are a few neighborhoods that are among the best areas to live in Fort Myers.


Iona is one of the most incredible places to experience Fort Myers. They are offering residents an urban and suburban mixed feel. Living in Iona is a fantastic area; you will have easy access to stunning beaches and outdoor natural areas.

Many retirees live in Iona, and homeowners tend to be conservative. The neighborhood also has a wide modern fruit stand and more than one place to buy fresh seafood.  

Cypress Lake

Cypress Lake is home to a massive number of retirees, this area of the city is quiet and lowkey. Drawing tourists year-round for its beach town vibe and welcoming community, Cypress Lake is well supported and full of gorgeous scenery.

Did you know that the Cypress Lake community has more Swedish and Belgian heritage people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America? It’s true! 4.8% of this neighborhood’s citizens have Swedish ancestry, and 0.6% have Belgian ancestry.

Pelican Preserve

This gated exclusive community was created for residents 55+ living in Fort Myers, Florida. Developed with the active adult in mind, homeowners will have access to the best amenities and services that Fort Myers can offer. Even a boardwalk runs through a 38-acre preserve and a serene butterfly garden to connect to nature.

4. Outdoor Activities

Fort Myers area is enclosed by water, wildlife, and warmth, perfect for outdoor activities. The only question is, where to start? I have gathered a couple of outdoor activities that I’m sure you will enjoy.

There are many ways to have exciting and fun activities on the water in Fort Myers, and Holiday Water Sports has it all. One of the most popular activities is flying high above the beach via a parasail. If you are brave enough, then you can fly solo.

If you are scared but still want to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can go in tandem with one or two other people. They also offer stand-up paddleboards or SUPs, aqua cycles with giant flotation wheels, and more.

I know! There is such abundant water in the Fort Myers neighborhood, but only one proper water park. Sun Splash Family Water Park brags 14 water slides, pools, and activities for the whole family.

Kids go crazy for the adrenaline-pumping activity slides and the five-and-a-half story free-fall drop. If that’s too much emotion, grab a float and peacefully enjoy the Main Stream River Ride.

  • Estero River Outfitters

Do you want to enjoy the natural side? Try the Estero River. It’s between Fort Myers and Bonita Springs. A lazy waterway heading to the Gulf of Mexico is lined with mangroves, palm trees, and moss-covered oaks.

Lease individual or double kayaks, as well as canoes, and be sure to carry snacks. There are various attractive sites to pull over for a picnic.

5. Cost Of Living In Fort Myers

Fort Myers is absolutely a great place to visit, but is Fort Myers an excellent place to live? How’s the cost of living? No worries! Fort Myers is a budget-friendly place to live, proposing a range of apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes at reasonable prices. 

 Another good news is that the sales tax rate in Fort Myers is lower than the national average. Property taxes in Fort Myers, however, are among the highest in the state. The city’s utilities and gas taxes are also higher than state averages.

For Utilities, like in most other American cities, utilities aren’t too expensive in Fort Myers, though it depends on the measure of electricity you use and the size of your apartment. 

Food is the most considerable expense for anyone living in Fort Myers – though this is the situation in most countries and cities worldwide, so I suggest cooking by yourself and buying groceries will help save more.

There are numerous excellent restaurants in Fort Myers. You could go to a new restaurant every night for a year if you wanted to, and you’d still find more eateries where you haven’t been. Food can be pretty costly if you eat at a restaurant. A meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost you just around $50.

6. Education

If you’ve ever considered taking your education a step further, then Fort Myers has high-quality education for you. The higher education system in the Fort Myers area consists of regionally and universally recognized institutions.

Inviting students to Master’s Degrees in healthcare administration, environmental science, criminal justice, and public administration, FGCU’s enrollment extends to grow year after year. There are also multiple lakes on campus, which are home to various wildlife. Moreover, the university’s 15-acre solar field supplies some of the university buildings. 

The Fort Myers campus reaches university programs and resources to your community by offering convenient day, evening, weekend, and online classes. Known for education, nursing, psychology, and recreational therapy programs, Nova Southeaster’s regional campus in Fort Myers proposes smaller classes for students who favor personalized attention.

The atmosphere of the whole campus is diverse and lovely. The school has a massive group of international students that are part of the NSU community.

Even though many people are coming to the University, NSU still makes it very welcoming and diverse. Having such immense diversity helps students get to know new cultures and people from all over the world.

Southern Technical College is an approved private institution that utilizes traditional and innovative teaching methods in healthcare, business, design, nursing, and specialized trades.

The atmosphere is calm and promising, and the class schedule is flexible, and the school is very career orientated.

7. Dine Al Fresco

Outdoor dining is more attractive now than ever, and the tropical climate of Fort Myers, Florida, makes it possible year-round. Even in winter, the scenery is lush, and the white on the ground is sand rather than snow.

The summer can be humid, but there is almost always a breeze on the water, and inland spots have discovered the art of high-powered angling fans.

I have listed a couple of the best outdoor dining restaurants.

Are you craving seafood? Then don’t forget to add Blue Pointe to your list. They specialize in seafood and have discounted prices on their fresh oysters every day for happy hour. The indoor dining but outside seating is in high demand.

They have two outdoor options, and surprisingly, The front patio is tranquil despite the parking lot in front.

Don’t forget to order their raw sushi and other fresh catch choices; the menu tends heavily on the surf, although you can find some turf too. Don’t pass on the bread. Baked fresh to order, the whole wheat pizza dough is rolled in sunflower and poppy seeds, then covered with garlic, herbs, and olive oil.

Undercover, yet all open-air, this rustic spot has a friendly, circular bar and a dining bar facing the water, allowing great views of the fishing charters and touring boats headed out for the day or night. The whole fried fish is a trademark. Dixie also attracts great musicians and is a hot spot for live music, especially on Sunday afternoons.

Catching the charm and history of Old Bonita Springs, time seems to slow down at this charming cafe. Most of the seating is outdoors. It is surrounded by vegetation, local art, and classical music. The menu has lots of traditional French dishes, thanks to the heritage of the owners.

8. Transportation

Fort Myers is a city constructed with commuters in mind, and most people manage to get around town using a personal car. Nevertheless, that’s not to say that you won’t have access to a robust public transportation system after moving to Fort Myers.

Fort Myers and surrounding neighborhoods, such as Pine Island and Cape Coral, are all serviced by the LeeTran bus and trolley service.

LeeTran offers 24 bus routes that travel around the city and Lehigh County, indicating you don’t certainly need a car to fully enjoy the sights and amenities of Fort Myers fully. If you want to enjoy the city’s exciting nightlife, you will need personal transportation.

One of the most significant changes of living in Fort Myers is that you’ll have immediate access to a leading international airport, making it simple to live the jet-setting lifestyle that many people consider.

Southwest Florida International Airport is just a few miles outside of the city and is serviced by some of the country’s commercial airlines. Best of all, Lee Tran runs regular routes to and from the airport, so you won’t have any problem catching a flight whenever you want or need it. 

You will also experience some heavy traffic during the morning and evening rush hours expected from a commuter city to balance it out.

9. Job Market

Good news to those who wanted to move to Fort Myers, as the area just experienced high marks for its strong job market, meaning good news for those hoping to gain new employment in the next few years.

The top job prospects appear to be in hospitality and leisure, transportation, professional services, retail trade, manufacturing, and construction when looking universal. Many of the positions likely need highly skilled workers.

Nonetheless, the expectation among employers in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area for the third quarter is at a 10-year low because of the coronavirus global pandemic, according to the Manpower Group’s quarterly survey. 

For the first time in such a long time, technical jobs are the ones that need to be filled. These past few years, technology moves fast, and nobody wants to be left behind. We need to wait tuned with all the new libraries and frameworks in the software and data landscape.

Because of the importance we place on technology, more companies are hiring IT-related positions.

If you are into IT jobs and want a job and have the skills, there are plenty out there anticipating for you, and many companies will go the extra mile to get people to join them.

When the pandemic starts last 2020, health workers, primarily nurses, and doctors, are in demand. Today the entire world is wrestling with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nurses are playing a crucial role in this society. As the pandemic clears the earth, nurses are on the front lines of the pandemic and go above and beyond to keep health systems operating.

10. Retirement Communities 

Dubbed the No.1 place to retire in the U.S. The unusual weather is what brings vacationers and families to Fort Myers, whether they’re visiting on vacation or relocating to the City of Palms to cultivate a family, take a new job, or settle down and retire.

One thing is for sure! People want to have activities that are available beyond their reach, and Fort Myers won’ let you down!

Everyone has something for everyone—whether you like being outdoors, fishing, playing golf, going to the beach, going out to eat, shopping or history. And the fact that you can be outside all year long makes these ventures much more enjoyable. I have collected a list of the best community locations for retirees

Oak Hammock isn’t like other Florida retirement communities – it’s a community for seniors who don’t want to slow down. The happy-go-lucky lifestyle here allows you to continue the life you love and worry less about daily tasks like maintenance, cleaning, and even health care.

Campo Felice, Fort Myers luxury active senior living community, offers everything you will need to appreciate your golden years! At Campo Felice, everything is luxurious. You have many options on what to do, 

from staying active in our elegant common areas to unwinding in the comfort of your home. Some of the most exceptional amenities include four uniquely designed dining venues, a sparkling swimming pool, and a jet spa.

Emerald Court is enjoyable for seniors who want to live a maintenance-free lifestyle while having opportunities to engage in a broad kind of social and educational wellness programs among neighbors that enjoy a similar enriching lifestyle. 

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