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Moving To Gainesville Florida: 10 Things To Know Before Living Here!

moving to gainesville florida

Before moving to Gainesville Florida, check out these helpful 10 facts to let you know all about this Florida city before relocating! Let’s dive in!

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Gainesville Florida


Are you retiring or raising a family? Considered one of Florida’s top cities for retirement and growing professionals, where healthcare is a top priority. Not only does healthcare in Gainesville cost 1% cheaper than the national average, but its healthcare facilities are some of the greatest in the country.

Associated with the University of Florida ranked among the top 50 hospitals in the nation in nine specialties. Labeled as Florida’s top healthcare center, the UF Health Shands Hospital exceeds hip replacement, colon cancer surgery, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, etc.

Gainesville’s medical and surgical center specializes in neuroscience, women’s health, cardiovascular care, orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, senior care, etc. Being close to These top-rated healthcare facilities indicates that you and your family will experience the utmost, most reliable care possible in an emergency.

2. Cost Of Living In Gainesville Florida

Gainesville is a city in Alachua County, North Central Florida, and is considered an excellent town to build a family. It isn’t that big of a town – it is more of a vast college town.

The highest cost in Gainesville is power during summer. During June, July and August, expect a $400 bill since the city owns the utilities.

As a college town, Gainesville has a lot of good eateries; it might cost a bit. So, the most helpful thing to do is to teach yourself to be a good cook. Publix, Target, and Walmart are everyday supermarkets that sell some groceries too.  

Bus services manage the connectivity to different parts of the town. Gainesville Regional Transit System provides fast, frequent service throughout the city and outlying areas.

You should know that exercising or going to the Gainesville gym isn’t too expensive regarding fitness and sports.

A gym or a fitness club membership will cost you around $33 while going to the cinema and experiencing some movie time is a bit more expensive than the norm. Prepare to pay 11$ per ticket.


Presenting its citizens with a culturally rich environment, the urban art scene is displayed all over the city. From museums, mural projects, and street arts, there is no denying that Gainesville is an artistic and creative city that enfolds its unique culture discovery and creativity.

Museum of invention and ideas that display the fantastic work of science. You also have the chance to meet an inventor & entrepreneur through forums, classes, and other events.

Suppose you’re into theatre for live performances and films. Then the Hippodrome Theatre is your go-to! They have excellent shows weekly. Sits are comfortable and have enough space for legroom.

It is established at the University of Florida’s university and has exciting exhibits to explore. The Butterfly Rainforest is a famous museum and highlights hundreds of butterflies and birds from all over the world.


After a tiring day with all the trails and museums, the next thing you want is to taste the delicious Gainesville cuisine. Combining iconic Floridian foods with international flavors, dining out in Gainesville is a must-do experience.

Dubbed one of the best restaurants in Gainesville, dine in a freshly caught seafood or beef short rib. Steaks are a must-try as well.

A refreshing take on plant-based cuisine—this restaurant practices organic, local, and sustainable foods. The menu revolves to reflect seasonal produce. Sip on savory smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices. They also have salads, waffle cones, and sandwiches!

An eat-out that you don’t want to miss out on. They have delicious pizzas, and the restaurant owns stained glass windows, unique paintings, and funky decor! You can even enjoy your pizza in the back of a renovated VW bus!

Finish your tour through downtown Gainesville with a delightful Italian meal. There are fire-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, eggplant rollatini, and penne ala vodka, be sure to savor the rich flavors and ambrosial fragrances of these classic Italian ingredients.


Residents can quickly locate the public transit system through the Regional Transit System’s Downtown Station. RTS is the fourth biggest mass transit system in the state.

Aside from that, a car is the most suitable option to get around Gainesville.

Locals recommend learning back roads and alternate routes in the city itself, which will help navigate the city during football season and other prominent University of Florida events when traffic is heavier.

Most residents commute by personal vehicle, so if you’re moving to Gainesville, having your vehicle may be a better option for you – leave some extra time for your commute in case of traffic.


Gainesville is home to prestigious Universities. Gainesville has one of the most leading top-ranked public schools in the state of Florida. This means that your children will get the best education.

A wonderful campus sprawls through the center of downtown. The University of Florida is distinguished for its environmental sustainability solutions, particularly regarding coastal wetlands in the gulf-coast region and research in medicine.

According to both Forbes and U.S. News, the University of Florida continually places among the highest public universities in the country.

A public base community college that offers transfer degrees to the university or other self-sufficient two-year programs. The college has been and continues to be student-centered.

All have unique small class sizes with quality education for a much more affordable price than traditional state universities.

It is known as the most excellent high school in Gainesville. The school is exceptional in several ways, including highly ranked sports teams and the 9-time national champions Math team. Buchholz has great teachers who thoroughly prepare you for college

and cultivate a competitive yet friendly atmosphere.


There is never a boring moment when residing in Gainesville, Florida. If you choose to spend the day outdoors, the city is home to many gardens, parks, nature preserves, and walking trails.

Called “Satan’s Sinkhole,” this park is a place to an ancient Florida spring with cool water year-round and perfect swimming temperatures. Inviting visitors since the 1880s, this sinkhole is surrounded by a rainforest of vegetation and is the only area in Florida with over 100 feet of exposed geological rock.

The state flaunts three ponds, two lakes, wild horses, alligators, herds of American bison, and scrub cattle. An overlook tower provides an exceptional view. There’s a visitor area with a museum that offers some history and information. It’s also one of the

best spots within miles to camp, boat, picnic, hike, fish, and observe up to 100 species of birds.

  • Lake Wauburg

Wanted to try boating in a lake? Then visit Lake Wauburg. You can also swim, play disc golf, or try your hand and feet on a climbing wall. Or you can carry food with you for a picnic. Then roll on the grass, enjoy the cool breeze off the Lake and take in the greenery.  


The job market in Gainesville, Florida, is growing! And, guess what? Because employment remains to increase, the economy is also expanding.

The job market in Gainesville has seen an improvement over the past year. If you plan to move to an area hunting for a job, many possibilities await you.

Out of all of the workforce industries, healthcare and education services are the most popular. Since education is the leading industry in the city, teachers are in demand.

The rest of Gainesville residents work. In warehousing and transportation warehousing; insurance. Finance, information; Real estate; arts, entertainment, recreation; and public administration.

There is also a thriving entrepreneurial association that is leading innovators and leaders of business to the area. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the University of Florida was designed to develop business and foster modernization.

Part of the Warrington College of Business, this center empowers like-minded individuals to produce their ideas to life. Gainesville has all the support you may need, whether you are beginning your own small business or launching a large company. 


Want to step back into your childhood? Then Arcade Bar in Gainesville is your go-to! Here, you will find 3 floors filled with games and drinks. This 3-floor adult playground is packed with bars, seating, and more fun than you could imagine.

The best place for university students since Mother’s Pub & Grill is near the University of Florida. It is a perfect option for those who love sports. They serve breakfast at 7:30 am for the early risers who love Irish breakfast and a Hot cup of Joe. If you want to chill during weekends, they also specialize in drinks and cocktails.  

If you’re looking for some affordable cocktails in a college ambiance, Salty Dog Saloon is the best place to be! This bar has been in Gainesville for more than 30 years, so it has become a classic. Whether you reminisce about the good old days or look for some University of Florida brotherhood, you will love this local classic place. 


You could spend your entire day in Gainesville by going around the mall and shop. Either you’re looking for that perfect souvenir to cherish your stay, a great gift to carry back home to a loved one, or something fun that you can enjoy during your vacation, Gainesville has it for you!

This shopping center has anything you could ever imagine! Filled over 150 shops classifying from high-end clothing stores like Lily Pulitzer to grocery stores. A great spot to stock up on what you need for a vacation. Oh! Don’t forget to pass by Trader Joe’s for some delicious snacks, then walk around and see what the rest of the plaza has to offer!

Ilene’s Gator Store parades an excellent collection of the University of Florida football attire. Whether you resemble a blue and orange shift dress, a logo t-shirt, or unique accessories, you’ll find the entire thing to wear for game day at this shop!

Suppose you’re in the market for stylish footwear for a night out, or perhaps you need a comfy pair of walking shoes for a busy day traveling the city. Either way, you’ll find the excellent pair at Pinner’s Fine With designer names you’ll feel decently outfitted for any occasion.

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