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Moving To Jacksonville Florida: 10 Things To Know Before Relocating!

moving to jacksonville florida

If you’re interested in learning more about moving to Jacksonville Florida, keep reading. Take a look at these important details!

Here are ten things to think about before relocating to Jacksonville Florida. Discover what they are!

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Jacksonville Florida

1. Education

Jacksonville is Florida’s most populous city, so higher education opportunities are not a problem. The town is the headquarters of some of the top institutions in the state of Florida.

Appreciated for producing some of the best public schools in the country, the city of Jacksonville was ranked by U.S. News for having some of the nation’s best school systems. I have listed the best universities in Jacksonville.

A well-known public college in Jacksonville, Florida. It is a part of the Florida College System, and one of the various institutions in the system designated a “state college.”

Florida State College is an excellent opportunity for several classes of people, including recent high-school alumni looking to save money on their general education courses before assigning to a much pricier university and older college attendees returning to school after several education-hindering experiences.

The student support staff on campus are always encouraging and accommodating, plus the professors are welcoming, fun and helpful.

The University of North Florida is a state university of six colleges: business; health; arts and sciences; computing, education, engineering and construction; computing and human services; and Hicks Honors College. 

Its advantages include its colossal campus, encompassing miles of woodland nature trails and various ponds, wetlands, and lakes. Because of the size of the campus, a shuttle service runs that ferries students, faculty members, and visitors from point to point.

A Faith based education. A Christian school so you will get a look at the world through a Christian worldview. The student-to-teacher ratio is small enough to where the professors know you and create bonds that prominent Universities cannot. There are also multiple on-campus job possibilities to help the Resident student.

2. Outdoor Activities When Living In Jacksonville Florida

No matter how you love killing your leisure time, you’ll find plenty to do in Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s abundant parks, waterways, and ecological preserves provide a fantastic opportunity to escape city life and get an active playground! Spend your downtime in Jacksonville experiencing the following activities.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens are a go-to for kids! They have shown ranging from Land of the Tiger to Wild Florida. There are so many species, from butterflies to tall giraffes, tiny frogs, and monkeys.

The number of exhibits is so overwhelming, and it brings the child out in you. Don’t forget to say hello to the jaguars that prowl in cages above the main path and the Palm Plaza Cafe. There is only a piece of glass that divides you from the jaguars.

  • Fishing Charters

Jacksonville fishing is known for its variety. Jacksonville waters can be both cold and warm, allowing different kinds of various fish to live.

No matter when you go out, there’s something to catch. But if you’re an amateur at fishing, how do you know where to go? The ocean is so broad, and it can be hard to find the fish you want to catch.

That’s where charters come in! They will help you step by step. They will show you how to catch bait, cast a line, and guide you to the perfect spot to find the fish you want to capture.

I have included the different fishing charters in Jacksonville: Salty Charters of Jacksonville, Northeast Florida Fishing Charters, Southern Marsh Fly Fishing Charters, Florida Man Fishing Charters

Any idea how to surf? Don’t worry! Jax Surf & Paddle to the rescue! 

They will take you out and guide you on how to surf in an hour. Jacksonville has a close-knit surfing city that’s a wonder of being a part of. The surf here is one of the most favorites activities of the locals. 

3. Cost of living In Jacksonville, Fl.

Jacksonville is the biggest city by area in the United States, and it’s Florida’s most crowded city. More than 890,000 residents call the city home.

Compared to other large cities, Jacksonville’s cost of living is comparably cheap. Properties are affordable, and you may notice that you can practice your savings by living here.

Jacksonville has multiple restaurants that display diverse cuisine styles from the regional United States and across the globe when it comes to food.

The leading stores in Jacksonville are the famous Publix grocery stores and two Costco shops where you will find most products: canned goods, dry goods, milk, butter, eggs, etc. But if you want to save some money on food, my best advice is to learn how to cook. 

Now let’s go to the transportation! A car is a must to go around Jacksonville. To tell you honestly, public transportation in Jacksonville is not frequently convenient due to its size.

The bus system isn’t fixed to cover all city areas, and it will take 30minutes to an hour for you to ride a bus. Taxi services are possible but, again, it’s costly due to the size of the city.

The most significant expense in Jacksonville is electricity during summer. From June, July and August, don’t be surprised by a 400$ bill.

But don’t worry, during other months, all essential utilities like heating, cooling, electricity, and gas will cost you around $160.

The housing price is a little higher than usual, though it depends on where you want to lease your apartment and how huge it’s going to be.

If you plan to rent something in the capital of Jacksonville, you will have to pay around $1000 and upwards. A spacious apartment will cost you from $1,400 and upwards. 

 4. Job Market Is Full Of Opportunity  

It appears as no surprise that the job market can be aggressive. After all, everyone desires a top job at a fantastic company, with perks, benefits, and a substantial salary. However, some positions are more challenging to score than others, particularly when many people want the same job.

Due to the pandemic, many people in Northeast Florida have lost their jobs. Jacksonville’s metropolitan area suffered less than most of the state since businesses began shutting down in March.

Hotels and other companies in leisure and hospitality struggled and started laying off employees. The good news for 2021, a lot of the work has already reopened. The Jacksonville metro is doing very well, and as of Q1 2021, job growth has returned. 

IT professional is still the in-demand job in 2021. Specialists anticipate that the need for IT experts will continue to grow as technology advances to rapidly evolve at such incredible rates.

IT jobs are in high demand, especially within non-tech sectors such as professional services, manufacturing, and financial services.

Next on the list are healthcare workers. Ever since before the pandemic, healthcare workers are already in demand. In fact, some hospitals in Jacksonville hire healthcare workers from other countries to fill the needed position.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers such as nurses, medical technologists, and doctors doubled. So, you’ll never go wrong when you take up nursing as your course in college, rest assured, you will land a good job with good benefits.

Sales Insurance Representative is the next on our list. Yep! You heard it right! People are panicking about buying life insurance due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rise is primarily due to fear of death and greater awareness of financial risks associated with mortality.

Consumers, particularly younger adults, have been purchasing insurance in high numbers since the spring when thousands of Americans started getting ill and dying from Covid-19.

5. Jacksonville Florida Beach

Touring Jacksonville without visiting the beach is like traveling the Louvre but skipping the Mona Lisa in Paris.

Surrounded by some of the whitest sands on the northeastern coast of Florida, this bustling capital is one of the best places to visit for those wishing for a quiet, laid-back beach experience. Here’s a list of the best beaches in Jacksonville.

  • Neptune Beach

The lovely Neptune beach is sandwiched between the Jacksonville and Atlantic strands. Technically it is a small beachfront community, and this sweet spot is a member of the Jacksonville Beaches Community.

You can do all the usual beachy-type stuff here, like swim, build sandcastles, and work on your tan, but guests often prefer their activity levels with things like biking and surfing.

Try to check their nearby boutique or grab a bite at one of their local restaurants to end the day.

  • Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is the most historic well-known area on the East Coast – many consider this sandy spot was the original place on the continent to be settled year-round by Native Americans. Today, the beach is jam-packed with tourists resting in the sun and playing in the waves, particularly during the warm summer.

Not a fan of water activities? No worries!

Just walk onward the sand, head out shelling, or enjoy the laid-back vibe that surrounds this relaxing retreat.

  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

You’ll never get dull at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, particularly if you’ve got kids in tow. This oceanfront park possesses walking and biking trails; a splash park; picnic areas; a lake to fish, kayak, or canoe in; and a lovely sugar-white sandy beach. Now that’s a lot to choose from!

6. Jacksonville’s Local Dining

Jacksonville’s dining choices range from upscale restaurants to down-home fish camps, all cooked fresh from the boat into the local restaurants.

No other Florida city has more freakish flavors than Jacksonville, a melting pot of tastes and art, with a flourishing culinary tradition pioneered by local chefs that have been nationally and internationally equipped. Check out the local restaurant that you need to explore.

Beach Road Fish & Chicken Dinners highlights fresh, local seafood and Southern fried chicken with traditional Fixin’s, the hometown favorite for generations. Their shrimp are big and fried to perfection! Excellent cheese grits, coleslaw, and hush puppies.

The food is extensive – so several different kinds of fish! Oysters on the half-shell were terrific. You have enough to bring a box home for the next day. Ohm! Don’t forget to try the delicious cream peas that you want you to order more.

Craving for Asian cuisine? Then you are lucky! Indochine is just right in the corner! “Most excellent Thai Restaurant” six years in a row, voted by Folio magazines. It is the spot to go for anyone who loves Thai food, desires to try Thai food, or likes the food at all.

Their crab Rangoon is their best seller with real lump crab and curried cream cheese. Their cuisine is a fusion of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. The atmosphere was great and very trendy. So, make sure to save a seat before going.

Can’t decide within all the delicious barbeque options at Mojos? Get a little bit of everything with the Whole Hawg! It has pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey breast, and smoked sausage served with four side items.

They have fantastic potato salad, great sweet potato mash. You will never be disappointed with their brisket! Indeed! It melts in your mouth! The ribs are flavorful! It has a good flavor, soft and juicy on the inside.

7. Sports

Jacksonville is a shelter for athletes and sports fans. Whether you want to be alive or cheer on the local teams, this city gives a range of experiences. Jacksonville is a shelter for athletes and sports fans.  

Jacksonville’s games scene is a must for any true enthusiast. We have every team to get your cheering fix from NFL Football to indoor football, professional surfing, minor league baseball, college football, soccer.

Competitive fishing, basketball, and hockey. Not your team? Not a problem! In Jacksonville, our fan base is so passionate we guarantee you will be cheering for the home team in no time.

The Jacksonville Jaguars adventure is unlike any other in the NFL; the Jags fans are excited and know how to tailgate! If you have just as fun outside the stadium before the game, definitely much as you will inside!

Be a Jags fan for the day, and don’t forget to try the local foods, drinks, local beer, and of course! Join in on the local cheers! The Jacksonville Jaguars have some cheapest ticket prices in the NFL.

Are you curious about the water sports in Jacksonville? Don’t forget to pass by the beaches and watch the surfing competitions all year long. The long stretches of sandy shores also allow for new surfers to find their footing.

Surfing is a craft that anyone can learn at any age. All it takes is courage and a heart to understand. It is easy to get disappointed trying to catch those first waves, but once it arrives — it is magic!

8. Museum

Jacksonville is a place with more than a dozen museums packed with world-class art, interactive exhibits, and hours of fun. From crafts to history to science and everything in between, we swear you will learn something new at our numerous museums year-round!

In Tree Hill Nature Center, you can find a Hands-on education on nature, plants, trails, and

animals. This Arlington Nature Center has a hands-on natural tale museum that

covers exhibit animals, hands-on displays about nature, and a Florida Wetland

exhibit room.

The Brumos Collection represents the story of automotive construction through racing. More than a technical tale, the display reveals the very soul in these machines—cars inspired by their ancestors, developed by masters, tested in competition, and honored in history.

The Brumos Collection centers on vintage Porsches but also features a collection of other vintage vehicles. The group has been famous for quite some time, but it was only viewable by invitation.

The Karpeles Library is the world’s biggest private museum holding important and original manuscript documents. They maintain the manuscripts of renowned authors, philosophers, and leaders. It is individually owned by David Karpeles, a former math professor. The latter made millions funding in real estate before taking up manuscript collecting.

9. Transportation

Since Jacksonville has such a large area, a car is a must so you can drive yourself around the city. Though you can find a few public transportation options, public transportation often has limited operating times and paths.

Jacksonville’s main streets can get very hectic in the mornings and very busy in the evenings as citizens make their way to and from school and work. The best advice is to use secondary roads rather than the main highways or wake up early to avoid heavy traffic.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has an extensive bus network that maintains 56 routes and stops everywhere. While the comfortable, air-conditioned buses will bring you almost anywhere you want to go, you may wait a while for one.

So, it would help if you estimate your time since many buses only leave every 30 to 60 minutes.

The express buses are the most reliable option for commuters. Though they are limited, buses travel five routes and take commuters directly to their destinations without stopping in the morning and evening.

GameDay Xpress shuttle buses help transport tourists and locals alike. Its trolley-replica buses, which run from midmorning to early afternoon. 

The Bay and Beaver Street routes are accessible, while the Riverside and Beach buses incur a small charge. Taxis are the best vehicles that serve residents and tourists at any time of the day or night. However, since Jacksonville is a large area and busy city, it might be costly.

Lastly, the Jacksonville Skyway is a free monorail system with two lines. It is also a good and secure mode of transportation. The ride is always pleasant and offers excellent views of downtown.

10. Shopping 

Are you looking for the perfect outfit? Look no further! Malls, antique stores, and luxurious shops are just around the corner. It’s all about the lifestyle in the vibrant city of Jacksonville why town centers are rising.

It is an open-air mall and the leading shopping destination of its surrounding regions. Many people have names like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, and Nordstrom, so the migration

flocking towards the town center is clearly understood.

A colorful weekend market where farmers, entertainers, and artisans gather together. Located

under the Fuller Warren bridge right on the river, the market is famous for its

great organic produce, hand-made crafts, local honey, and regional food

selection. Magicians and gypsies wow audiences while showcasing their skills,

and burgeoning musicians perform the soundtrack for a unique shopping


If you’re searching for a local shop close to the beach, Beaches Town Center is your go-to!

It’s close to Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. An excellent location for an afternoon of

shopping followed by a stroll by the ocean. This town center is loaded with great souvenirs. There is fantastic local food for those looking to enjoy a bite with terrific outdoor seating and a mesmerizing ocean breeze.

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