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Moving To Jupiter Florida: 10 Things To Know Before Living Here!

moving to Jupiter florida

Interested in moving to Jupiter Florida? These are 10 things to know about living in Jupiter Fl. Check out this article below for details.

10 Things To Know Before Living In Jupiter Florida


Average temperatures in Jupiter vary slightly. Regarding humidity, temperatures feel warm for about half of the year and are otherwise nice with a fair chance of precipitation. Jupiter has a hot climate like the rest of Southern Florida.

The summers are hot and humid, with an average high temperature of 86°F and low warmth of 76°F. While the summers in Jupiter are more extreme, the winters are cool and comfy. If you’re looking for the warmest time to visit Jupiter, August, July, and September are the hottest months.

The most refreshing month is January, with an average highest temperature of 22°C (72°F). September is the stormiest month. This time should be avoided if you are not a great fan of rain. December is the most depleted month.

Although Jupiter is a great location for your families, it didn’t quite make our best places to live in Florida with kids, but it’s an honorable mention, to say the least.


  • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is outrageous. This beautiful icon was first lighted in 1860 on magnificent grounds that boast the oldest house in Palm Beach County and a museum reflecting many years of the area’s storied past.

Today, this breathtaking tourist attraction, considered an Outstanding Natural Area. Don’t skip climbing to the top for the most spectacular views in town. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a manatee or two swimming in the water below

  • Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent way to spend a couple of hours experiencing nature and the local plants and animal life. A very informative place to see all the superb work they do in protecting and keeping wildlife that was either injured or abandoned or in need of help in any way. The place was clean, and the animals are well taken care of.

  • Latitude Sportfishing

Fishing is a must-try when you are in Jupiter. Latitude Sportfishing can guide you along the way—all levels of fisherman are welcome, from beginner to expert. They can also customize your trip so you and your family or friends will be the only fishermen on the boat.

3. Beaches In Jupiter Florida

  • Jupiter Dog Beach

Wondering where you can bring your dog? No worries! Jupiter Beach is on the rescue! It is a public beach with an excellent place to share with your pups! You will surely enjoy it if you are a dog lover since many dogs run and bark around. So, make sure your pet is unleashed and let them run and play in the surf. Oh! The sunset times are incredible as well.

  • Jupiter Beach Park

Jupiter Beach Park looks like a bit of a cove. It’s a rounded beach right next to where the Jupiter Inlet meets the ocean. You can also take a walk to the edge of the fishing pier to see the boats come in. And if you walk through the path back along the inlet, you’ll end with Dubois Park, another popular spot for people to hang out.

  • Coral Cove

One of the most exciting and attractive beaches in Jupiter. The beach area isn’t too wide, but it has impressive rock formations near the coast. It looks very abstract, and it’s a fabulous spot for photos. Just be careful when walking near the rocks. Some of them are covered in the sand; you might get stumbled.


  •  Florida Atlantic University

A university with ten outstanding colleges that offer more than 180-degree programs in arts and humanities, accounting, business, medicine, nursing, education, social work, public administration, architecture, and many more. The campus is alive with innovation; you will always be motivated to join a university with many day-to-day scientific, environmental, and institutional advances.

  • Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach is a public college established in Jupiter, Florida. It is a mid-size institution of 8,139 undergraduate students. The Palm Beach approval rate is 100%. General majors include Humanities, Liberal Arts, Business, and Nursing. The best thing about this school is the quality of its teachers—all the professors are well educated and fully invested in their students and their success.

  • Indian River State College

An authorized public 4-year school where most students attend courses part-time. Most of the student’s classes are given online. Associate degrees are the most popular at Indian River State College. They also offer unique courses like sign language and criminal investigation. If you compare it to University tuition, the cost is pretty cheaper as well.


  •  Dive Bar

Dive Bar waterfront dining experience that you will never forget. You will be amazed by their open-air bar area surrounding a giant saltwater aquarium as you enter the restaurant. For sure! You will enjoy their wide selection of oysters on the menu. Their menu also suggests vegetarian options along with the chicken.

  • U-Tiki

If you’re searching for an eatery with a view as your cup of tea, U-Tiki is a perfect choice. You will be impressed by the Jupiter lighthouse and the Intracoastal no matter where you take a seat. Despite what you are in the mood for, you will find something on the menu that fits your appetite. The list has it all, from sushi to burgers. If you plan on taking your little ones, make sure to go on the weekend.

  • Jupiter Donut Factory

There’s always room for dessert! But instead of checking Dunkin’ Donuts for a donut, try Jupiter Donut Factory, where the donuts are handmade each morning. If you love the basic chocolate glazed donut, this is the place for you.

You have over 40 donuts to pick from: cinnamon roll, apple cake, banana cake, cream pie, and glazed strawberry-filled. Make sure to set your alarm; doors open at 6 a.m. and close as soon as the donuts run out.

6. Cost Of Living In Jupiter Florida

The cost of living in Jupiter compare to the other cities in the USA is cheaper. Jupiter, Florida, has never pay for state income tax and is rated one of the lowest tax states in the country!

That means that if you work in Florida, your paycheck will be free of taxes other than the federal income taxes. That will make your take-home pay higher, and you can afford more income for the essential cost of living purchases.

House is one of the most significant living components, so; renting is a sometimes lower-cost alternative to homeownership.

Good thing health care is out-of-pocket, and insurance premiums are cheaper compared to other states. It is slightly lower than they are on average nationwide in Jupiter and below across Florida. Average healthcare costs come out to $4,001 per year for a single adult residing in the area, related to an average of $4,213 across Florida and $4,266 nationwide.


  • Evergrene

Evergrene is a gated community that guests must enter through the guard gates on the north and south sides of the villages. They have a spectacular Evergreen Clubhouse located on the north side of Lake Evergreen and the fitness center, child care facility, ballroom, weight room. Outside of the Clubhouse, you’ll be fascinated with the Olympic size pool viewing hot tubs, beach volleyball, kids splash park.

  • The Bluffs

Hello beach lovers! The Bluffs features built homes and townhouses mixed with an ocean scene condo tower and condo buildings to the west facing the marina and Intracoastal waterways. Don’t worry! Residents have easy access from food shopping at Publix, fine and casual dining, and various other stores.

  • Paseos

It is seen in the east of The Hamptons. Paseos central street connects Toney Penna and Central Blvd from the north to south. Some Mediterranean houses have lakes, green areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, and cobblestone bridges. Speed humps keep traffic at bay and noise levels low—proximity to beaches, shopping, and nightlife.

8. BARS 

  • Guanabanas Jupiter Tiki Bar and Restaurant

A real, local gem! Clean, great food, cheap, and low-key. They also have a live band every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. They also have this “Big Wednesday” with exciting events, like personality, celebrity, or maybe a bigger band than the local. So, if you’re bored on Wednesday, you know where to go.

  • Topside at the Beacon

You’ll never go wrong in a rooftop bar!  

Topside is a magnificent setting for an outdoor, private event on the Jupiter harbor, whether a special celebration or cocktail hour. Topside welcomes societies to enjoy an exciting experience on the rooftop, with awe-inspiring views of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and an attractive tropical ambiance.

  • Tiki 52

Tiki 52 is the ideal hidden gem! Great open-air restaurant and bar with interwoven tiki huts, a Caribbean feel, outstanding cuisine, and a great spot to enjoy live music. It is beside the marina, so you can watch the boats going in and out and excellent customer service.


Florida is one of the country’s capitals of boating and yachting, so, whether you’re planning to buy a new vessel or want to engage more about boating, No doubt! You need to attend the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

These exhibits showcase hundreds of boats on display from all over the world. For those who’d like to get a view of many of these powerful machines that may be out of their value range, there’s no place more enjoyable to do it than at the Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Over four days in March, the boat show has been operating strong for more than 35 years. It involves everything from relatively humble fishing boats to massive, diesel-powered yachts that can cost well into the tens of millions of dollars. The exhibit offers various fishing, boating, and safety seminars.

You’ll also have access to a private VIP hangout at the Lakeside Pavilion on Flagler Drive. This indoor and outdoor lounge is excellent for relaxing during show hours. Wine and dine at the open bar, the food, and drinks and meet fellow boating enthusiasts.


  • Inshore Fishing

Jupiter is best known for its funny, action-packed inshore fishing charters. Some of the best snook fishing in North America happens here, but many other enjoyable sports Fish is here year-round as well. Depending on the Jupiter fishing trip location, the usual catches on inshore charter boats include Jack Crevalle, Redfish, Tarpon, Spotted Seatrout, Pompano, and Snook. 

  • Deep-sea Fishing

About 20 minutes from Jupiter, Florida, you can view Stuart. It’s recognized as the Sailfish Capital of the World. People on board deep-sea fishing licenses in Jupiter have the chance to catch a variety of gigantic fish such as White Marlin, Sailfish, and Swordfish.

Most Jupiter fishing trips take 10-14 miles from the Jupiter Inlet for fish species such as Blackfin Tuna. Kingfish, and Sailfish. Deep-sea fishing also allows people to fish for exotic bottoms such as Yellow Eye Snapper, Tilefish, and giant Groupers by bottom dropping.

  • Kite Fishing

Kite fishing with live bait is the most iconic way local fishers use in Jupiter, while deep-sea

fishing. This method was discovered in the Jupiter and Palm Beach area by sports fishermen and is highly efficient.

Kite fishing is especially effective for Sailfish because this process puts the bait right on the water’s surface where the Sailfish strikes rather than slightly below. This technique also works great for Tuna and Mahi fish.

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