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Moving To Orlando Florida| What You Need To Know Now

Moving To Orlando, Florida

Famous for Disney, Universal, and great weather, Orlando receives a commanding 70 million+ visitors each year from around the United States and the world. Apart from this, the central Florida city offers lots of things to see and do, a booming real estate market, rich culture, and the opportunity to bond with nature.

Here is a helpful guide to take a gander at if you are planning on moving to Orlando Florida. Like any other place, it pays to get acquitted with Orlando before moving to the third-largest metropolitan area in Florida State. In other words, knowing the ins and outs of “The City Beautiful” will help you know what to expect and how to prepare yourself for a smooth transition.

Moving To Orlando Florida


Statistics indicate that more than 130 people move to Orlando every single day. With its current residents slightly over 2 million, Orlando promises some of the best neighborhoods in the state of Florida. The City Beautiful consists of four counties: Lake, Orange, Seminole, and Osceola; which should tell you that you can pick between city life and suburban life.

If you fancy the liveliness that comes with city life, then you could consider moving to neighborhoods such as:

  • College Park
  • Lake Eola Heights
  • Thornton Park

While these are just some of the oldest areas, there are a lot more that you could check out during a pre-visit before the actual move. And if you love the peace and silence that comes with suburban life, Lake Nona, Oviedo, Winter Park, and Hunters Creek are some neighborhoods that could interest you.


Orlando had an average housing cost of about $260,000, with a median rent of about $1,600 as of March 2021. In July 2021 the median house price in Orlando had reached $320,000. Of course, what you spend largely depends on the neighborhood you pick, but the upward trend in the housing market tells you that now is probably the best time to buy property in Orlando.

Leisure and Entertainment 

Anyone moving to Florida expects to have maximum fun and entertainment in the ‘Sunshine State.’ Every city has its reputation when it comes to that, and Orlando is no exception. Some of the towns in Orlando – such as Daytona and Sanford – are close to the beach where all the fun is situated.

It boasts enough hotels and parks where you can spend your recreation time. If you are a swimmer or love fishing, then this would be the perfect place for you.

Whether you love soccer or you’re an NFL die-hard fan, there are lots of places to enjoy your favorite sports live in Orlando. It’s a large city, however, so picking the right place that suits your expectations depends mainly on the kind of leisure or entertainment you are looking for.

Moving To Orlando Florida

Job Market and Cost Of Living 

Like most other areas in Florida, the service industry flourishes the most. You will, however, not lack a place to earn a living due to the ever-growing job market and economy of Florida State in general. If you are looking for a job that could pay the bills and help you live a comfortable life in Orlando, worry not. You should, however, know that the wages here are not as high.

Life here is also quite affordable. Orlando’s cost of living is about 2% lower than the US national average and 3 percent lower than the rest of the state. With a salary of around $80,000 a year, you can live a very comfortable life in the area. Its lower living costs compared to cities like Miami is among the things that attract most residents to Orlando.


Like many other cities and towns in Florida, Orlando is free from state income tax. This is another aspect that attracts most would-be residents to this beautiful city in central FL. Moreover, estate taxes and inheritance taxes are also not applicable.

Property taxes are also well below the US national average, meaning fewer deductions from your earnings as a real estate investor. This could also mean more savings for you and your family especially if you are coming from a different state.

Moving To Orlando Florida

Quality Of Life 

The place might be uniformly developed in terms of infrastructure, but it’s better than most places. Orlando would be a great pick whether you own your ride or depend on public transport to move around.

Florida, in general, is well known as a tourist center. Therefore, the local authorities have made sure the areas within the state are very well accessible by both the locals and the tourists visiting the area.

While shopping within the city can be pretty expensive, moving to the mainland, commodities are pretty cheap and easily fit into anyone’s budget. If you want to stock your fridge with groceries, consider moving into the mainland and shopping there. You are likely to get discounted items that are both fresh and of excellent quality.

If you cannot cook and prefer going to the diners, avoid those near the beach as the prices are high. This is because they consider tourists to be their main customers. Again moving into the mainland, hotels, and diners here are much cheaper as they acquire their products at much more affordable prices.

Orlando Weather 

Being in Florida, Orlando has warm weather all year round, so no need to worry about snowy winters. The winters are often mild, sometimes cold and dry. The summers can be incredibly hot and sunny, so it might take you a fortnight or two to adjust when moving to Orlando. June through to September is often a rainy period, so make sure to arm yourself appropriately for this weather.

Moving To Orlando Florida

Professional Moving Services 

Moving to a new place can be quite a hassle if you can’t get hold of professional movers. Sure enough, you might be making a few moves before you get a place you are comfortable to call home. Orlando isn’t short of professional movers, so worry not.

A simple Google search can give you a list of some of the most reputable moving companies near the neighborhood you decide to make your home.

From beautiful beaches to amazing entertainment and recreational opportunities, affordable living, tax benefits, and plenty of nice neighborhoods, one thing is for sure. Orlando can be a great place to call home. If you consider moving to the area, this piece has highlighted some critical information you should have in mind.

Moving To Orlando Florida

Here’s what to know when moving to Orlando, Florida

  • Housing
  • Neighborhoods
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Job Market and Cost Of Living
  • Taxes
  • Quality Of Life
  • Orlando Weather
  • Professional Moving Services

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