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Moving To Pensacola Florida: Check Out These 10 Things You Must Know!

moving to pensacola florida

If you’re thinking about moving to Pensacola Florida, check out the 10 things to know before calling the movers to pack your stuff. Let’s jump right in!

10 Things To Know Before Moving To Pensacola Florida

1. Neighborhoods In Pensacola, Fl.

  • Downtown Pensacola

If you love to walk and want to have easy access to some excellent restaurants, shops, culture, and arts, then downtown Pensacola is the place for you.

Pensacola is very dedicated to historic preservation, so every new apartment that has been built has had to experience scrutiny from the Architectural Review Board.

  • West Side

An enchanting neighborhood packed with mid-century treasures and a park that runs adjacent to Bayou Grande. It’s the ideal place to take a jog or to launch your kayak. This is an excellent neighborhood for someone who wants to live near the water, even not paying waterfront prices.

  • Midtown

Midtown is an excellent option if you are relocating to Pensacola and looking for a suburb with exceptional schools and a mall. This area has some tremendous higher-education opportunities.

2. Museum

Pensacola is very lucky to have many people who work very hard to tell their stories and preserve history.

This collection of smaller museums in the center of downtown Pensacola is a fascinating place to walk within America’s oldest settlement history.

The biggest museum and one of a kind in the world, this is also where you can engage the Blue Angels team at their autograph signings on Wednesdays after observing one of their twice-weekly practices!

Great history with a fantastic view? Then, Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is the right place for you. This lighthouse gives one of the most stunning views in town.  

Much of the museum is devoted to the Civil War and how Pensacola played a role in it. It’s fascinating. Other sections included a Coca-Cola exhibition, part of T.T. Wentworth’s compilation of oddities, items from around the world.

3. Beautiful Beaches

  • Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach extends nearly eight miles of the 40-mile-long Santa Rosa barrier island. You can fish, swim, kayak, and play at two area beach parks: Casino Beach and Quietwater Beach.

Exciting Casino Beach is recognized as the geographic center of the area, while Quietwater Beach is closer to the commercial center and emphasizes its boardwalk and concert area. 

  • Perdido Key Beach

 Do you want to experience an expansive beachfront with soft white sand perfect for walking and playing? Come and visit Perdido Key Beach. You can do a lot of things! Shelling, swimming, fishing, birding, scuba, canoeing, boating. They also have camping, bicycling, and horseback riding.

  • Navarre Beach

An undiscovered beach where you can enjoy the wind savor through your hair, stroll along a massive pier while spotting a dolphin. Dip your toes into the shimmering, aquamarine waters while walking on the soft, crystal white sand, then relax and savor a little sunset-watching by the beaches of Navarre Beach.

4. Job Market

Maybe you wonder what the jobs in Pensacola, FL are? The military hires a massive number of Pensacola residents. Active-duty military members are posted at one of the region’s bases.

The most well-known is the Naval Air Station Pensacola, which serves as a base for Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force personnel. Those who aren’t in the army can work with one of the various defense contractors in the area.

Thanks to Lion Aerospace International, Raytheon Co., and the Pall Corp, aerospace engineering, manufacturing, and transportation services are also significant economic sectors in Pensacola.

Tourism is another primary business in Pensacola. The region’s neighborhood on the Gulf of Mexico attracts beachgoers in crowds, boosting the demand for hotels, tour providers, and more. Area residents also find a profession in the education and health care sectors.

5. Great Dining Options

Just footsteps away from historic Seville Square is an award-winning seafood-centric restaurant set on a harborside go-to specializing in fresh seafood, catch-of-the-day fish, shellfish, and handmade sushi and sashimi, created with quality ingredients followed by an arrangement of casual wines and original cocktails.

Global Grill is a high-end tapas bar and restaurant that prepares unique culinary creations with Mediterranean and European flavors.

Possessing an up-to-date dining room with art-adorned walls, the restaurant serves a tapas selection of mixed imported olives, tuna cubes skewered in a sesame vinaigrette, chicken wings, and Brussels sprouts.

Ichiban Pensacola is an excellently decorated restaurant that serves classic Japanese cuisine and fresh handmade sushi in humble quarters with traditional tatami seating.

The restaurant features smoked salmon sashimi salad, soft shell crab salad, seaweed salad, and Ichiban crab soup, and sushi options include sashimi, nigiri, and tempura.

6. Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the numerous outdoors that Pensacola can offer. I’m sure there’s this perfect and exciting spot for you!

  • Scuba Dive the Largest Artificial Reef in the World

Pensacola is home to an unimaginable synthetic reefing program that’s helping to support Florida’s marine wildlife, and what better way to see it firsthand than under the water. Divers worldwide are thrilled to try the incredible dive spots, including shipwrecks, to explore. Some of the favorites are Pete Tide II, Russian Freighter, and Tug Born Again.

  • Skydive over the Coast

Skydiving in Pensacola will give you a bird’s eye view of the city. It’s an exciting freefall of 120 mph and allows a picture of the Gulf Shore you’ll never forget. You can go tandem with an instructor if it’s your first time.

  • Parasailing

Another exciting and thrilling experience is parasailing! You can sail above the warm waters and see the city’s skyline and islets from new heights — solo or tandem. Parasailing is a fabulous way to get to know an area from above.

7. Cost Of Living In Pensacola Florida

The typical household income in Pensacola is lower than the national average, which also estimates the cost of living as cheaper than the national average. In doubt moving to Pensacola, Florida? They are good to know facts:

  • Pensacola’s housing costs are 27% more economical than the national average.
  • Groceries, conversely, are 5% greater than the national average.
  • Utilities are 11% less than the national average.
  • Median home rates are just over $250,000.
  • Healthcare costs in Pensacola are 5% cheaper than the national average.

For getting around Pensacola, the best way is by car, especially if you want to have a road trip between beaches and activities to do on your timetable.

Suppose you’d preferably rely on public transit. In that case, you can take an ECAT bus or seasonal trolley, but please be reminded that the routes and hours of operation are restrained. Taxis are another option, but they’re a little bit expensive.

8. Education

Pensacola State College is an excellent public school that was established in 1948. They have a diverse campus and have a lot of activities for students to participate in. Pensacola State College administers a variety of degrees and programs and also has a dual enrollment option.

This University is seen about 10 miles from downtown Pensacola. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Students have various choices for outdoor recreation, as the school’s main campus incorporates a wilderness preserve, and the University also maintains beachfront property in Pensacola.

The University of West Florida extends various centers and institutes as a research institution, including the Florida-China Linkage Institute and Archaeology Institute.


West Florida Hospital has been throughout for a long time. West Florida Hospital has a complete emergency care facility that specializes in cardiac care and cancer care.

Sacred Heart Health System owns and manages healthcare facilities that provide healthcare assistance to children and adults. The company offers cancer care, cardiology, heart, children’s health, emergency, trauma, etc. It also provides childbirth, heart and vascular, joint replacement, lab, occupational health, senior care, and urgent care services. 

Covenant Care is committed to professional service and compassionate care. It is based in Florida. Covenant Hospice is a medium-sized healthcare organization. The vision is to be the most prosperous non-profit provider of integrated peri-acute services in the country.

10. Nightlife

If you’re looking for excitement after the sun sets on Pensacola, then Seville Quarter is your go-to. The extensive venue offers seven themed rooms for any party you want. Don’t miss the live music in the courtyard under skylights and the retro-style Dueling Piano Show in Rosie O’Grady’s.

Are you ready for a challenging night out? Then prepare your adrenaline rush as you will experience an exhilarating escape room. The escape room facility extends a few themed experiences for a different type of challenge. If you’re courageous, try their haunted house that allows a chance to solve the mystery of a murdered woman, all while encountering ghostly phenomena.

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