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North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

When it comes to deciding where to live in the United States, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. One such factor is weather.

North Florida and South Florida have vastly different climates, so people who enjoy warm weather may want to live in Miami or Tampa Bay while those who prefer cooler temperatures might find Tallahassee or Gainesville more suitable for their needs.

There are also differences when it comes to crime rates and employment opportunities due to the size of each city’s population and its proximity to other major cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando and Jacksonville. In this blog post we settle the debate of North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

Florida is known for its warm beaches, adrenaline-pumping activities, and gorgeous scenery. There’s so much to learn and do, but where should you start?

Florida is divided into three sections: the North, South, and Central. North Florida, for example, is distinct from South Florida in many ways. However, this article will concentrate on the distinctions between North Florida and South Florida.

One of the main distinctions is the weather. North Florida has a subtropical climate, while South Florida features more tropical and humid conditions with average temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (62.7°F).

When deciding to relocate, people may want to consider the following points prior to making a final decision.

North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

Comparing North Florida and South Florida

Now, let’s take a look at North Florida and South Florida.


Just to the right of the peninsula is North Florida, which also consists of a panhandle that stretches up into Georgia. Farther south in South Florida you’ll find Miami and Ft Lauderdale known for their warm climates and beautiful beaches.

North Florida, on the other hand, is more mountainous and consists of a northern coastal region along with a central highland region. The state’s capital city of Tallahassee is located in North Florida, as well as the major port city of Jacksonville.

The History

North Florida and South Florida have a rich history. The land of North Florida has some of the remains of the first indigenous peoples that settled in the United States while South Florida is home to Native Americans that were originally sent there by Spain.

South Florida has faced many devastating hurricanes over the years, but it’s also a place that draws a lot of tourists from all over the world. The area is also home to many immigrants who have relocated there in recent years.

North Florida has a lot going for it as well with several major cities, including Jacksonville and Gainesville. In addition, North Florida has been the subject of much controversy as it’s known as a “black hole” for hurricanes and has been hit by several deadly storms.

The Weather

There’s a major difference between the weather in North and South Florida. The climate of South Florida is subtropical, which means it experiences hot and humid summers. In North Florida, meanwhile, you’ll find hot and humid summers as well as mild winters.

Crime Rates & Employment Opportunities  

In general, North Florida has a higher crime rate. However, South Florida is not exempt from its fair share of crime either. In addition, the employment opportunities in both regions are more plentiful than most other areas in the United States.


Since there are so many schools in North Florida, it’s easy to find the right fit for your child. South Florida, on the other hand, has several large universities that you’ll have to choose from if you want to pursue higher education.


There is a huge distinction between the culture of North and South Florida. The entire state of Florida has many different cultural influences, but North and South Florida each have their own unique tastes and styles.

North Florida is more conservative and religious with a slower pace of life than in South Florida where you’ll find people who are more laid back and open-minded.


The traffic in South Florida is infamous. As the state’s major tourism hub, South Florida has more tourists than locals which can lead to terrible traffic jams at times.

North Florida doesn’t have as many people living there as South Florida does, but this region still encounters its fair share of congestion. It all depends on what kind of commute you’re looking for.


South Florida has several major tourist attractions including theme parks and beaches. However, North Florida also has its share of fun things to see and do.

Outdoor activities like hiking, water sports and wildlife viewing are popular in North Florida while South Florida is known for its outdoor lifestyle as well.  

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in South Florida is thriving and this area has the highest home values of any other region in the United States. North Florida is experiencing a huge housing boom as well. In fact, Jacksonville recently outranked Miami to become one of the top ten largest cities in America.

In general, if you’re looking for an exciting place to live in the Sunshine State, you can’t go wrong with either region. Your lifestyle would be very different depending on which one you pick, but both North and South Florida have a lot to offer.

North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

The People

Tourists don’t typically interact with the locals when they visit Florida. However, North and South Florida are different in that their residents stay put for longer periods of time.

Many people who live in North Florida find themselves commuting to other areas like Atlanta or Orlando because there aren’t very many jobs available in this region.

The best thing you can do is to explore North and South Florida by visiting various locations in each region. In addition, it’s important for you to take a look at the cost of living differences between South Florida and North Florida.


The residents of South Florida tend to vote for Democrats while people who live in North Florida usually prefer more conservative candidates.


A lot of people in North Florida consider themselves to be religious. You’ll find more churches per capita in this region than any other part of the state.

However, people who live in South Florida are less inclined to attend church on a regular basis. This region has many different types of faiths including Catholic, Methodist and Orthodox Christian.


Miami is known for its unique architecture and neon lights. South Florida has large buildings that stretch higher into the sky and streets full of bright advertising billboards.

On the other end of the spectrum, North Florida has many small towns with modest homes and streets that aren’t overcrowded with commercial establishments.


Plant life is very different between South Florida and North Florida.

People who live in South Florida experience more rainfall than those who live in North Florida. This area has lush tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapples as well as palm trees that grow to be hundreds of feet tall. Meanwhile, there are hardly any fruit trees growing in North Florida.

There’s plenty of palm trees that line the streets in North Florida, but you’ll also find large swaths of cypress and pine trees as well as wildflowers all over this region.

The Lifestyle

South Florida has a lot of fun things to do which makes it an ideal vacation spot.  

  • People who live in South Florida are well aware that this region is known for having lots of fun. However, many loyal residents claim that there’s more to their lives than just partying and staying out late on the weekends.
  • North Florida tends to be a bit more relaxed than other parts of the state.
  • This region is also known for having great outdoor activities including mountain biking and caving. Some people who live in North Florida prefer to spend their free time exploring the natural beauty of this region rather than frequenting nightclubs and lounges.
  • Sports fans can find just about any type of activity in North Florida.  If you’re into baseball, it’s worth checking out spring training for the Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds in places like Fort Myers and Sarasota.

There are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy soccer if that’s your thing. There are several professional teams in this region including the Orlando City Soccer Club, Jacksonville Armada FC and the Tampa Bay Rowdies.


The cuisine of South Florida is more international than North Florida. Many restaurants have menus that are influenced by seafood dishes from Japan and Latin American countries like Cuba and Colombia.

On the other hand, North Florida is known for having more traditional foods that include barbecue chicken, fried fish and boiled peanuts. Most people who live in North Florida claim that these hardy meals are a reflection of their Southern roots.

North Florida vs South Florida: Which is Better?

Benefits of Staying in Either North Florida & South Florida

Neither region of Florida is better than the other; they are simply two different parts of one great state. People who live either in North or South Florida enjoy a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle that allows them to spend time with family and friends.

  • Whether you prefer laid back beaches or rural life, both regions have plenty to offer those searching for a place to call home.
  • The people who live in North Florida and South Florida enjoy many benefits offered by the state of Florida as well as their own communities, such as excellent schools and numerous job opportunities.
  • Residents of both regions often stay here throughout the year; those living in the North will especially appreciate pleasant summers, whereas those living in the South will enjoy warm winters.

In conclusion, both regions of Florida have a lot to offer those looking for a place to live. Whether you prefer the laid back lifestyle offered by South Florida or the rural life available in North Florida, there’s something here for everyone!