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Pleasant View Retirement Community (Full Review)

Pleasant View Retirement Community (Full Review)

Pleasant View Retirement Community is a senior living community located in the heart of the beautiful city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With scenic spring park views, this assisted living and memory care community offers residents a comfortable lifestyle as they grow older. Residents enjoy an active social life with daily activities that promote independence and wellness. In addition to these amenities, Pleasant View also provides many medical services, including on-site nursing care for those who need it.

Pleasant View Retirement Community is a place where seniors can live out their golden years with dignity and respect without worrying about what comes next or who will take care of them when they need it most. It’s not just a retirement home – it’s home!

A Brief History of Pleasant View Retirement Community

The journey from a humble nursing home to one of the best retirement communities in decades is an amazing feat. In 1955, Pleasant View began as just that: A place for old people who needed care and attention but didn’t have much money or family nearby willing/able to take them on so they could live out their days surrounded by loved ones – without being alone any more!

Growing up over the last six-and-a-half wonderful years. Always strive towards providing quality senior living while still making things affordable enough where everyone can afford it. Let us all take a tour of this prestigious retirement community.

Types of Accommodations

The Pleasant View Retirement Community is a senior living community that offers the best of both worlds. It’s located in Northern Lancaster County, but still close enough to Pennsylvania Turnpike for visitors and family members who want an easy commute! The property boasts elegant single-family homes with luxury amenities like private pools or grand solariums perfect as either primary residences or shared apartments where your loved ones can live on their own terms while surrounded by caregivers 24/7 should they need care for themselves at any time during the day.

Pleasant View Retirement Community provides the perfect place to live an active and fulfilling life. With 32 luxurious apartments at The Lofts or 18 hybrid living spaces for those who want more space, we have something that will fit your needs.

They can choose the type of accommodation they desire based on their financial status.

They have 100 Town Square apartments and 52 cottages provide residents independence with convenience.

Residential living is offered in two different styles: countryside or city settings

Cottage homes located in rural surroundings, residents enjoy spacious one- or two-bedroom layouts with ample room for your family’s needs; they also offer private outdoor spaces perfect for gatherings or relaxation, while town square residences lack the serene atmosphere but include all of your basic needs such as laundry facilities and grocery stores within walking distance.


The cottages are located in a rural setting and offer one or two bedroom layouts of a five floor plan.

All of our homes come with full-size appliances, including dishwashers and microwaves; we also have washer/dryer hookups for those who wish to bring their own machines. They do, nevertheless, have access to on-campus amenities and can stroll around Lake Lakota.


Town square apartments are located in the city setting and come with a five or six floor plan. With 2-bedroom and 1 bathroom.

At Pleasant View Community Apartments, you’ll find all the amenities of home without having to leave your apartment! All our apartments come complete with fully-equipped eat-in kitchens and more. You can also enjoy outdoor living spaces like balconies or patios on some floors – if it’s not wintertime where will YOU spend time outside?! With different types of floor plans available at this community (with customization), there is sure to be one perfect for whatever lifestyle needs may arise during their stay.

The Lofts and West Lawn

An open and modern loft or cottage-style living quarters is what awaits at The Lofts. A hybrid between these two options, the West Lawn apartments offer a balance of both worlds: traditional with classic features such as hardwood floors and large windows while also having amenities that appeal more to city dwellers like proximity to downtown amenities on site! Scheduled completion date Spring 2022 – don’t wait too long before applying for one of these beautiful homes today!

The community is expanding to include high-end apartments for seniors who want a more modern living experience. The Lofts at Lititz Springs and West Lawn provide upscale housing options that are similar in style with the cottages available on site already, but offer additional features like maintenance services or higher Medicare rates if applicable.

With an outdoorsy location in the bustling heart of Lititz, PA., The Lofts are perfect for those who want to be steps away from shops and restaurants. With this new development’s addition that includes upscale amenities – retirement living gets even more vibrant!

The Lofts at Lititz Springs

The perfect place to call home! These luxury apartments offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. With 9-foot ceilings, walk in closets with lighting, an open floor plan that includes great room windows; it will be hard not find your new sanctuary here at this property.

You’re guaranteed high quality finishes like luxurious one bedroom or two bedrooms (depending on what you need) as well as vaulted ceiling accommodations for those looking for extra space.

The Lofts of Lititz Springs is a community that offers residents the chance to get away from their daily lives. The loft-style living provides them with plenty of entertainment options, such as art galleries and antique stores for every interest! With so many different dining spots within walking distance or bike riding distance (depending on what you’re in need of), it’s easy to see why people choose this Pennsylvania town over other nearby competitors.

The Amenities

The residents in the community have a wide range, with amenities such as an indoor heated saltwater pool and cedar sauna. They also enjoy a game/card room that can be used year-round to keep them entertained or there’s a creative arts studio for those who want more hands-on experience in their favorite pastime!

For spiritual growth they come across everything from bible studies led by visiting pastoral services available at various times throughout each day – it really depends what you’re looking for here so don’t hesitate asking someone else before making this big decision yourself!. If fitness is high up your priorities list then take note: not only do these facilities provide access 24/7 but also classes mean no excuses when motivation has worn thin during warm months spent sunning oneself on the lawn or around Lake Lakota.

For those who like to head out of their community, they are located in close proximity to various shopping centers and restaurants – you don’t even need a car! There’s also an extensive network of trails for biking/walking nearby as well; perfect weather all-year long makes Pennsylvania one beautiful place to spend retirement!

On- and Off-Campus Activities

Active lifestyles are the focus of this community, with tons to do within and near Pleasant View. A great way for residents who want an active lifestyle is by challenging their friends or family members in billiards games at various locations throughout our complex – there’s even a pool hall!

Whether you’re looking into volunteering opportunities on-site that will keep your mind sharp while giving back locally (and gain valuable experience), visiting nearby arts & culture events that showcase local talent like galleries showcases artists’ works ,or trying out some different types of cuisine during Restaurant Week every month–Pleasant Views has got what everyone needs.

Reading a good book in the comfort of your own home is always better when surrounded by beauty. The historic Lititz streets are bustling with life, making it an ideal place for people who love being amidst nature and culture at once!

Life plan Community

Retirement communities under this classification offer more than one level of care on a single campus. So whether you want to avail independent living, personal care living memory support services or skilled nursing; Pleasant View can provide residence style and packages accordingly for the individual need at hand with coverage through physician visits as well as medical treatment plans covered by insurance policies.

This community is the perfect blend of independence and compassion. They offer their residents an array of services to meet all your needs, but it doesn’t compromise on convenience or comfortability! You can engage with Pleasant View Retirement Community’s Medical Director if you need more help than what they’ve got available in-house during emergency situations though.

Pleasant View Retirement Community (Full Review)

Home Care Services

Pleasant View Retirement Community offers many services to help their residents who may need it. They offer Home Care Services to make sure that your loved ones are in the best care possible when you can’t be there for them.

They provide skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s and dementia support services, wound care and physical therapy among other therapies if needed.

Personal care like bathing and grooming is also available with the help of their exceptional staff.

Companion care services such as housekeeping and meal preparation to help their residents maintain a sense of independence even when they can’t do it themselves.

Home care services are available 24/seven so you know that your loved ones will be well cared for. They also have an emergency response system in case there’s ever a medical need outside the home!

No matter what they’re all here in service of providing a higher quality of life for their residents.

With so many services available to their residents, Pleasant View Retirement Community is the best place for seniors who need assistance with everyday tasks that they can no longer do on their own! They truly are a full-service retirement community; able to maintain independent living while also providing assisted living and skilled nursing all under one roof!

Rates at Pleasant View Communities

The cost of living at Pleasant View Communities varies depending on the package selected.

For instance, if you’re looking for an all-inclusive package that includes meals and amenities, rates vary per month whereas packages which have no meal service or higher level of care services will be lower in price. It is best to contact Pleasant View Retirement Community to find out what your options are and how much they’ll be.

The Benefits of Choosing Pleasant View Retirement Community

  • Pleasant View Retirement Community is a well-known name in the community for being an upscale retirement living option. They have been providing excellent services to their residents since 1999, so you know they are well established and experienced!
  • The people here at Pleasant View Retirement Community truly want what’s best for their senior citizens; taking care of them and making sure they have everything they need to live a comfortable and happy life.
  • The staff is well trained and experienced so you know that your loved ones will always be in good hands here at Pleasant View Retirement Community! This community really has it all for seniors, no matter what their needs may be; from skilled nursing care to assisted living services – Pleasant View Retirement Community has it all!
  • Pleasant View offers a home-like atmosphere that provides the perfect setting for seniors who are looking for an assisted living community. They’re tucked away in their own set of buildings surrounded by trees and ponds; giving you the feeling of being out in nature while still having access to top notch medical care.

The benefits of living in Pennsylvania as your retirement home

  • Longer life expectancy – Pennsylvania residents have a longer average life expectancy than the national population.
  • Cost of living is 11% below the national average.
  • It’s home to some of the best colleges & universities in the nation! Penn State, Carnegie Mellon University are all located here.
  • Pennsylvania offers excellent employment opportunities for retirees in a variety of sectors including education, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  • The state has its fair share of cultural attractions & museums to keep you occupied with your free time.
  • Pennsylvania is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of America. From mountains & lakes, to forests & farms; there’s something for everyone here. For those who love nature and spending time outdoors – this state really has it all!

Tips for new residents in Pleasant View Retirement Community

  • The best way for new residents to get settled in is by making sure they take some time and explore the community.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have; Pleasant View Retirement Community has an experienced staff who loves taking care of their seniors!
  • It’s also a good idea to make friends with your neighbors because it can be a great way to meet new people and learn the ins-and-outs of your community.
  • It will also help you get adjusted because soon enough, it’ll feel like home! You might even find that some of them become friends for life; just remember to be friendly and welcoming if this happens!
Pleasant View Retirement Community (Full Review)

Final Thought

Pleasant View Retirement Community is the perfect place for your loved one to live. Located in a tranquil setting, this community offers many amenities that will make any resident feel at home (and not like they’re living in an old folks’ home). From their comprehensive health care services and activities galore to their long list of luxurious features, it’s hard to argue against what makes Pleasant View Retirement Community so great! Take a tour today and see if this is the right retirement community for you or someone you love.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost for additional services (help with bathing, dressing etc.)?

There is no additional charge to help your loved one when they need assistance with their daily needs; this service is included in the monthly fee that you pay when you move in. If your loved one would like more privacy or independence then there are private and shared rooms available.

What activities are there for residents?

Pleasant View Retirement Community offers a wide array of daily & monthly activities that your loved one can choose from including but not limited to: fitness classes, movie nights, game tournaments, music entertainment sessions etc. There is also an on-site salon & barber shop, beauty salon, library & chapel.

What are the dining options like?

The community is equipped with a restaurant-style dining room that’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; they also provide snacks at specific times of the day if your loved one prefers something small before bedtime or between meals. Their menu offers healthy meal choices packed with nutrients and they also have special dietary options for those with food allergies or who follow a strict vegetarian diet.

Where is the Pleasant View Retirement Community located?

The community is conveniently located in the heart of beautiful Doylestown, Pennsylvania; at the intersection of North Main Street & East Oakland Avenue (near many medical facilities). They’re only about an hour’s drive from Philadelphia & New York City.

What are some of the common health problems you’ll find at Pleasant View Retirement Community?

Some of the most common conditions found in senior living communities include: Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and Osteoporosis; but this is not limited to just these conditions.

Is there any public transportation available in the area?

The community is located near SEPTA’s Doylestown train station, but unfortunately there are no buses that stop in this specific area. However, you can ask for a bus schedule at the front desk or you can call SEPTA directly.

Are there any nearby hospitals?

There are many medical offices & facilities available within a short driving distance from the community; including but not limited to: Doylestown Hospital (only about ½ mile away), Bucks County Visiting Nurse Association, Greenleaf Health Care Services and more.

Is Pleasant View Retirement Community a good option for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia?

It definitely is! The community offers many amenities and features that are perfect for those suffering with memory loss as well as other cognitive disorders. They have round-the-clock medical care which means there will always be familiar faces around to help your loved one feel less anxious or restless.

What is the best option for seniors who are looking to live near family members?

Pleasant View Retirement Community offers different options including private rooms, shared living spaces and nursing care suites for those with specific needs & requirements. They also have outdoor patio areas where your loved ones can enjoy some fresh air, sunshine and socialize with friends & neighbors.

How does Pleasant View Retirement Community compare to other senior living communities?

There are many factors that make this community exceptional including but not limited to: the amenities/services they offer (balconies for smokers), spacious floor plans & layouts, kitchenettes in every unit as well as all utilities & amenities included in the monthly rent.

What is Pleasant View Retirement Community’s overall rating on a scale of one to five stars?

Pleasant View Retirement Community has received many positive reviews and ratings from both service users and family members; they have an average review score of between four and five stars out of five possible which means your loved one is getting the best care and attention possible.

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