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Proven Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

As the third largest city in Nevada, Reno is a popular spot for tourists. The area offers an incredible selection of activities that are perfect for any type of traveler. However, there are some things to consider before making the big move.

Here are some pros and cons of living in Reno Nevada!

The Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

Nevada is a state of contrasts. You have Las Vegas, with its themed casinos and shows, as well as Death Valley which is the lowest place on Earth. In between these two extremes lie Reno Nevada, a smaller casino town better known for being the location of some major sporting events such as the National Bowling Tournament every January.

If you’re thinking about moving to Reno Nevada, then you should know that it is not all glitz and glamour. Although the gambling culture has helped to create plenty of jobs for people with all types of skills, many residents complain about the lack of diversity among the employers who live there. Although several of the casinos and hotels do try to hire locals, many of them are more than willing to employ workers from outside Reno Nevada.

Now, let’s get into the Pros and Cons straight below.

Pros of Living in Reno Nevada

Here are some of what’s good about living in Nevada.


The weather in Reno is mild throughout the year. Summers are warm and winters have snow, but not a lot of it. Overall, the weather is usually warm. This makes going to school or going to work fairly easy. The city itself does a lot to help local residents because they want people to come back time and again so they will gamble more money away at various casinos around town.

Quality of Life

Living in Reno Nevada can sometimes feel overwhelming, mostly because there aren’t a lot of people who actually live there year-round. However, the city is big enough to provide plenty of jobs and entertainment for its residents, including sporting events at the University where locals cheer for their teams.

One thing that might be considered a downside to living in Nevada is that you will have to pay taxes, even if you do not work there. This means those who live in Reno Nevada but commute from other places will have to file an annual tax return as a resident of the city.

Local Attractions

Reno is perhaps best known for providing people with gambling opportunities. Many residents enjoy taking part in some of the tournaments that are hosted on a regular basis.

Many of these casinos offer jobs to people, but there aren’t many opportunities for non-skilled workers to find employment in Reno Nevada. As stated earlier, it’s possible to commute from other places if you want to earn some extra money while still living outside the city limits.

Finances and Cost of Living

One benefit to living in Reno Nevada is that the cost of living is lower than many other cities, including Las Vegas. The median home cost is $358,400. If you want a bigger house with more amenities, then you will probably have to move out of the city into the suburbs.

The typical value of houses in Nevada is $404,060. The median price is the middle value of all homes in a given region or market and varies seasonally. Nevada housing value appreciation has been 25.6 percent in the last year.

Reno is an old city that wasn’t built for high rises. While you can still find living arrangements in tall buildings, there are also plenty of single-family homes to accommodate families or roommates.

No Income Tax

The biggest benefit of living in Reno is that there is no income tax. This means that you can keep more money for yourself if you work outside of the city limits or even within one of its casinos. Although property taxes are higher than most other cities, including Las Vegas NV properties , your overall state and local tax bill will be lower.

Nevada is well-known for having some of the highest property crime rates in the country. While you might not be directly affected by this fact, it can make many residents feel paranoid because they don’t know when they’ll be targeted next. If you want to live somewhere where everyone knows your name and your business, then Reno Nevada may not be the best choice for you.

Outdoors and Nightlife

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Reno Nevada has many opportunities for you to hike, scoot or ski. You can visit Lake Tahoe if that is more your style. Whatever you like to do, there are plenty of places to do it outside and meet new friends.

The nightlife in Reno is also something worth mentioning. Although casinos are the number one place to visit when you’re trying to find people who want to socialize, there are also bars and clubs around town. Many locals enjoy hanging out at restaurants instead of going directly home after work.

Rising Start-ups

One benefit that many residents in Reno won’t complain about is the fact that they live in a growing city. A lot of start-up companies are moving to this location because it provides them with cheap rent and temporary space to use when they’re getting their company off the ground.

If you want to learn more about how Reno caters to these types of businesses, then you can visit their website to check out some of the companies who have already enjoyed success within the city.

Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

While there are a lot of things to like about living in Reno, there are also some things that might make you think twice before moving here.

Cost of Living is Quite High

If you live outside the city limits, then your cost of living might be lower than if you decide to rent or buy a home within Reno. You will have to pay for utilities, whether that is water, electricity or gas. The price of food may also be higher because there are fewer grocery stores in the area.

Because of this, many residents travel to nearby communities like Sparks and Carson City in order to find lower cost alternatives and other conveniences that you might not find in Reno. If you don’t own a car, then it will be much more difficult for you to get around since there is no public transportation system in place.

Crime Rates Continue to Rise

Crime rates are still on the rise, despite many residents saying otherwise. If you want to live in a safe city, then you might want to keep looking elsewhere.

You also have to be careful when walking around town because there are still car break-ins and other petty crimes that occur although they are rarer than what you would find in the city of Las Vegas.

Without a Major Airport Nearby, Getting Around Can Be Difficult Sometimes

If you want to visit someplace that’s not in Reno or your immediate surroundings, then you will have to travel by car or bus since there is no airport available within the city limits. If you stay at an Airbnb during your time there, then you can use the Uber or Lyft app to get around if your host provides a driver for you.

  • If you really need to travel outside of Reno, it may be worth renting a car for a few hours in order to get there and back without too many problems.
  • You might also want to look into taking a city bus if that’s something you’re comfortable with.
  • If you need to travel across the country, then you will have to fly into Reno and rent a car or take a bus from there to your final destination.

This can be truly frustrating for some people who just want to get out of Reno for a few days and see somewhere else without having too many issues.

Air Quality is Bad During the Summer

If you are used to living in California or other states that have better air quality, then you may be shocked when you get to Reno. The temperatures get really high during the summer, which makes it unpleasant for some people to walk around outside because of how hot it can get and how dry the air feels. This can be frustrating if you like to exercise or do outdoor activities when the weather is nice.

  • If you’re not used to having air quality issues, then it’s important for you to check the air quality index before moving here. Many people who are used to living in warm climates can’t stand Reno because of how hot it gets and how dry it feels.
  • If you like to take frequent showers and keep your home cool, then you might want to consider purchasing an air conditioner for your house. This can make the sweltering temperatures more bearable for someone who is living in a very warm area such as Reno.

When the weather gets hot, it’s always best to avoid spending too much time outdoors.

People are Still Recovering from the Economic Downfall

During the recession several years ago, Reno went into a bit of disarray because of all its employees losing their jobs. If you’re moving here, then it’s important for you to know that not everyone found the perfect new job the moment they got laid off. Many people had to take a considerable pay cut in order to find a new job that they could actually support themselves and their family.

Many people have been working hard for several years now to rebuild the city, so there is an influx of young professionals moving here from out of state as well as from nearby communities. You may be able to get a job as soon as you move here, but it’s important to remember that not everyone does.

Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada

Differences between Reno and Las Vegas

Since we are talking about a gambling city, many people make the mistake of thinking that Reno is a lot like Las Vegas.

Although both cities are located in Nevada, there are several differences between them that could prompt you to choose one over the other.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is lower in Reno than it is in Las Vegas, so if cost is an issue for you then Reno might be a suitable option.


Although there are several professional sports teams available to the people who live in Reno, there aren’t as many options as you would find living in Las Vegas. This might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your situation and what kind of sports you like.


Reno is a much safer place to live than Las Vegas, and it has less traffic as well. This makes it easier for people who like to do outdoor activities such as hiking and other types of exercise.


If you’re looking to gamble, then it’s recommended that you visit Reno instead of Las Vegas because Reno has a better selection of games to choose from. If you’re looking for a classier atmosphere, then Las Vegas is the place for you because Reno has more of a back-to-basics feel.

In general, both places have their own share of problems that can make them difficult to live in sometimes. However, there are also plenty of benefits to living in both locations.

The city is very focused on bringing new businesses and young professionals into town. This makes it a suitable place for young people who are just graduating from college or want to pursue a career in a growing industry.

You may want to visit both cities before deciding which one you prefer, or you might want to consider moving into another state that is more suitable for what you are looking for. It’s always best to have several options so that if something goes wrong back home, you can move somewhere else without too much trouble.

Pros and Cons of Living in Reno Nevada


Thus, it’s important to do your research before you make a decision about where to move, and also understand that not everyone is going to be able to live in the place they necessarily want.

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