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10 Reasons Regret Moving To Florida

10 Reasons Regret Moving To Florida

What reasons could make anyone regret moving to Florida? This is a frequently asked question by many people like you who have considered establishing a residence in America’s flattest state. Remember, Florida is one place that is eyed by both the local Americans and other international residents.

Often referred to by its nickname, the Sunshine State, Florida is known to experience warm weather all year round. Every city in the state is almost next to a beach, which makes it quite an attraction. This leads to people always looking to set up their residences there.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons you may regret the move.

1. High Cost of Living 

Let’s do some basic business calculations so you understand just how expensive life in Florida can get. When many people eye a place, there is competition, and real estate prices tend to be high. Life, in general, is also likely to be expensive. The people who can set up residence here are those with very high incomes or business people with top companies.

With such people living in Florida, the place has a very high cost of living which may be the first reason you regret moving to the area. Keep in mind that the area is an international tourist state and hence prices here are globally rated.

2. Rapid Suburbanization 

The increased urban sprawl in Florida is another reason to blame for the rising costs of living. It’s considered a bad kind of development since it results in people having to travel farther to go to their places of employment, education, and other important destinations.

This increases traffic and pollution. Due to their car-centric layout, these cities have fewer public transit choices and are less walkable. As a result, you’ll almost certainly require a car, raising your overall expenses.

3. The Weather 

There is a reason Florida is called the ‘sunshine state.’ Many people take this to be a very favorable climate, comparing the place to other snowy areas in America. However, what most people fail to comprehend is that the temperatures here can get really high.

For over nine months of the year, the temperatures can be pretty overwhelming, becoming much hotter than most expect it to be. If you are from North America, make sure you have learned just how hot the place can be before committing yourself to move here.

4. Crowded With Tourists All Over the Year 

As mentioned earlier, Florida is a place of fun, especially the sandy beaches. Although there are areas that can be quiet and peaceful, most places are constantly flooded with tourists all year round, making movement on the roads and the airports quite hectic. The same goes for motels and beaches, and other public places.

If you are one to fancy a quiet place, you might regret moving to Florida’s urban areas. Its country’s environment is also more suitable for retirees and tourists. Therefore, you might regret making the place your permanent residence unless you are there for a vacation or the holidays.

5. Art and Culture Are In Short Supply

Florida’s arts community isn’t well-known, and the state’s major cities have a small, underdeveloped arts and culture sector. The bigger cities have some excellent museums and galleries, but they pale in comparison to the likes of New York or Chicago.

If all you want to do is go to the beach and amusement parks, you won’t have any issues. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for world-class entertainment and a flourishing arts scene, Florida might not be your best bet.

6. Risk of Rising Sea Levels

Urbanization in Florida is quite evident, with cities and towns starting and expanding quite fast. This is leading to untamed global warming. Being close to the Atlantic, there are risks of the sea level rising. Some areas have been listed as the most vulnerable.

Some of the dangers include hurricanes, extreme thunderstorms, and tornadoes, plus the heat can be burning hot at certain times of the year. If you are thinking of making Florida your home for the next couple of years, the result of rising sea levels might be something you will regret.

7. Bugs Here Are Huge and Many 

Here is one thing that most people dislike about Florida; bugs! Especially roaches, bugs in Florida are twice the standard size you might be used to, and they are literally everywhere. Whether in your house, outdoors, or anywhere else, you will always find bugs around.

Bugs are known to flourish in warm weather, and the weather in Florida is precisely what they need. So before making the decision and getting movers to take you there, beware that you will be battling bugs all the time. This is one of the reasons people regret moving to the ‘sunshine state.’

8. Overpopulation 

Based on the fact that the sunshine state has been America’s most eyed state, people have moved to the place in large numbers over the years. Over time, the relocation into Florida has skyrocketed greatly, leading to explosive population growth. The locals plus the tourists Florida hosts all year round makes it overly populated.

This makes it challenging for one to walk in the streets freely. You have probably heard how many times elections are redone in the area due to the same issue. So, before moving here, make sure to consider how much overpopulation might affect you individually.

9. Florida’s Gun Laws Suck  

George Zimmerman, the man acquitted of killing unarmed adolescent Trayvon Martin, isn’t Florida’s lone gun-toting idiot. Many issues like these have been experienced in Florida.

Although he was sentenced to life imprisonment, Michael Dunn, who opened fire on a group of adolescents for playing their music too loudly, is another typical example.

Nonetheless, some people believe that the “Stand Your Ground” statute in Florida is a green light to commit murder. It’s not uncommon to read of someone in Florida being murdered by a gunshot fired into the air in celebration of something or another, or by a stray bullet fired by someone conducting some target practice in their own garden.

10. Wild Invaders Are a Possibility 

In some places of Florida, wild creatures are known to make their way into people’s homes from time to time. For instance, you could find:

  • A bear in the garage: Bears invade homes in Florida, where developers rule. Because of the state’s expanding population, there are more municipalities, which means less habitat for animals. Homes are frequently constructed too near to bear habitats, resulting in wandering bears on the prowl for prey. The bears get an “all-you-can-eat buffet” when people leave their waste in open trash cans. Large and powerful, these animals are capable of invading your garage or patio.
  • An alligator might be lurking in your swimming pool: Florida is home to an estimated one million wild alligators. This species prefers freshwater environments like swamps and marshes, but it may also be found in small bodies of water like your swimming pool or retention ponds, such as rivers, lakes, and other large bodies of water.
  • Backyard python problems: Pythons are not native to Florida; therefore, there are no natural enemies to contend with. The Great Burmese Python Hunt is an annual event in which hunters go out and kill pythons. You’ll get money if you bring the biggest one back. These furious reptiles are often sighted in people’s homes, perhaps in search of mice and rats for dinner. If you live in Florida, you can avoid this by keeping your shrubbery and lawn catered to.
  • Sinkholes are common: A sinkhole is a gaping hole in the ground that appears out of nowhere. These craters may swallow an entire vehicle, a house, or even an entire colony if they’re large enough. Sinkholes like these develop because of the Florida Aquifer. Rainwater collects naturally in the porous limestone of the underground and is Florida’s primary source of drinking water. Apparently, the Aquifer is being depleted at a faster rate as the population rises, meaning more and more sinkholes in different areas of the state over time.

Florida is known for its long stretch of sandy beaches and the warm weather all year round. For both the young and the old, it is the perfect paradise to live a comfortable, active, or peaceful life depending on your preferences. Despite the high living costs, there are still a few cheap places in Florida that even the average-income earner can afford.

These are some of the things that make people attracted to moving to the Sunshine State. This piece has, however, highlighted some of the troubles to expect in this well-known paradise, and perhaps a way around them. Hopefully, you will use them to make a more informed decision.

Here 10 Reasons Regret Moving To Florida 

  • 1. High Cost of Living 
  • 2. Rapid Suburbanization
  • 3. The Weather 
  • 4. Crowded With Tourists All Over the Year 
  • 5. Art and Culture Are In Short Supply
  • 6. Risk of Rising Sea Levels
  • 7. Bugs Here Are Huge and Many 
  • 8. Overpopulation 
  • 9. Florida’s Gun Laws Suck  
  • 10. Wild Invaders Are a Possibility

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