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10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try (Sushi, Steak & More!)

10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try

Florida is a great place to visit, and there are many reasons why. The people in Florida tend to be friendly, the weather is usually warm with plenty of sunshine, and you can find just about any type of food that your heart desires out here!

If you love Italian cuisine then Florida should definitely be on your list because if it isn’t already Naples, Florida has got some fantastic Italian restaurants that you cannot miss out on! In this blog post we give you our 10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try!

10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try

The food culture in Naples is one of the best. There are so many great restaurants to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which ones you should try first! Whether you’re looking for a place to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner; there’s something for everyone.

To help narrow down your choices (and make your decision easier), here are some of the best restaurants that serve unique dishes that you must try when visiting Naples:

10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try

1. The Bay House

The Bay House is a perfect spot for those who love to eat and drink. They have an extensive wine menu, as well as seafood dishes like crispy fried oysters or their signature St. Augustine stew that will make your mouth water! For meat-eaters they offer generous portions of prime New York steak with all the fixin’s on top; if you’re looking to save room there are also vegetarian options available too (although we don’t recommend it).

If ordering food isn’t enough reason alone then come by The BAY house any time between 11 am – 10 pm every day because they open at 8am daily just so customers can get started eating right away

The Bay House Restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, or simply relax with friends while sipping on wine and watching boats cruise by.

The views from their outdoor patio are breathtaking: you can see couples walking together hand-in-hand under palm trees swaying gently back and forth in sea breezes; children playing games right next door at Cocohatchee River Park – this cozy spot has it all!

2. Sea Salt

Sea Salt is the perfect spot for an elegant meal. You can enjoy some shrimp tempura, a mahi sandwich or house made pappardelle at lunchtime and salmon poke with braised veal ravioli if you’re looking to treat yourself later in the day! At dinner time there are even more options like wild caught Alaskan king salmon displayed delicately over homemade noodles coupled effortlessly off-the bone whole branzino filets on top of rich coconut milk delicate rice while listening Carefully to soothing jazz tunes playing in the distance.

The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic night out or even hosting clients who are looking to impress! If you’re not feeling very hungry then stop by their bar area and order some oysters on half shell, crab cakes with spicy remoulade sauce – whatever you want because they have over 30 different kinds of oysters to choose from!

Sea Salt is an amazing restaurant that offers seafood dishes like no other. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or dinner, Sea Salt has it all and more.

3. Bha! Bha! Persian Bistro

Bha! Bistro’s Persian menu offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy any appetite. From kebabs and duck fesenjan, we have you covered with our delicious selection for dinner dates or small get togethers- no matter what the occasion is there will be something perfect on hand at this elegant restaurant.

Bha! Bistro is a haven for those who love bold flavors, and their Persian dishes are no exception. Savor the popular braised lamb shank “ghormeh sabzi” to get an idea of what this fresh cuisine has in store; expand your palette with spicy Tabrizi apricot chicken or try innovative pomegranate lacquered salmon if you’re feeling adventurous.

At Bha! Bha!, you’ll find a surprising number of seafood dishes, including the beloved Persian-style paella. And vegan and vegetarian friends? Don’t worry – there’s plenty for all kinds at this Miami bistro too!!

4. 7th Avenue Social

One of the most beautiful restaurants in town, 7th Avenue Social takes you on a journey to modern Southern cuisine and craft cocktails. With their sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere for drinks or dinner with friends they’ll have your taste buds primed.

7th Avenue Social has one of the most diverse menus we’ve seen in Denver. The dishes vary from traditional American comfort food to more modern interpretations, but they always maintain an elegant and sleek aesthetic that makes this place impossible not to be accommodating for anyone who walks through those doors.

The ambiance of 7th Avenue Social is perfect for a fun night out. With live music, the chalk wall and lively crowds it’s an experience like no other! Then you add in fantastic food on top – what more could someone want?

5. Namba Ramen & Sushi

Namba Ramen & Sushi is a cozy spot to enjoy some of Japan’s most popular dishes in an intimate setting. From ramens, sushi rolls and other Asian delicacies they’ll have you feeling like your favorite anime character!

Nambas specializes in noodles with flavors from all over Asia- so whether it’s Thai curry or Japanese miso soup there are lots for everyone on their menu. And don’t forget about those creative combinations too; think spicy chicken gyoza stuffed into sweet potatoes alongside crunchy edamame beans covered by sticky soy sauce.

The most delicious ramen in town is at Namba Ramen & Sushi. Their 17-hour broth and noodles imported directly from Japan will have you coming back for seconds or even thirds! A few of my favorites include beef hayashi, a classic hakata recipe made with pork bones that give it extra depth; if I’m vegan though?

Try one soup bowl full (or maybe two)of their vegan tonkotsu garlic soy sauce dish…you won’t regret this choice either way since they also serve up Lotsa50 specials on weeknights when the kitchen staff gets together after work – fish burger bun topped off by an over easy egg fried whole wheat.

6. The French

The cozy cafe for traditional French cuisine, as well as daily brunch and happy hour with wines, liquors, and a full bar in an industrial loft setting.

One of the best things about visiting this quaint bistro is that you can enjoy both leisurely food or drinks while catching up with friends. The menu has something in store no matter what your mood may be.

Whether it’s wine by glass during Sunday Funday Brunch, cocktails like lavender margaritas on Thursdays between or even if all alcohol will do is quench thirst after work—they’ve got bottled beers as well! If craft beer isn’t really your thing but would still love to try one before heading home then they have a rotating cask ale as well.

The French is one of those restaurants that will transport you right to the heart of Paris without having to leave your city. From the decor, wine list and even the menu- it’s all classic French cuisine done perfectly. Their steak frites or onion soup are must-tries for anyone who visits!

7. The Local

The Local is a restaurant that specializes in fresh, local seafood and vegan options. The menu changes with the seasons so you’ll never get bored of your meal.

The aroma of smoked meat and fresh vegetables fills the air as you enter this farm-to-table restaurant. Start off your meal with an appetizing dish from their talented chef, who uses locally grown produce in all dishes: try grilled peach atop pistachios for dessert! Next order off lamb stroganoff served over rice – it’ll be hard not to finish everything on sight because these are just too good…unless cinnamon zeppoli is more up your alley instead?

You’ll be supporting the local farmers and fishermen when you dine at this restaurant. Not only that, but it’s been said that all of their ingredients come from somewhere in close proximity to home – so as a result, not only will your dinner help sustain these people who cultivate such things for us every day; by eating here too (and thereby encouraging others do likewise), there are even greater chances they might see an increase in business in Naples.

8. Caffe dell’ Amore

Imagine sitting at a table surrounded by overly ornate chandeliers and gold accents. You order the truffle sacchettini pasta – or perhaps something heartier like Veal Osso Buco alla Milanese for when you’re really hungry!

If seafood is more your style, try out this dish of snapper served with tomatoes in an herb sauce; it will leave everyone else jealous because who doesn’t love puttanesca?

Caffe dell’Amore is not your average trattoria. The intimate setting, hand-painted walls and luxe furnishings are perfect for a date or just catching up with friends – but don’t forget about the amazing food!

The restaurant offers market driven Italian fare that will leave you wanting more thanks to dishes like chicken picata tossed in an mushroom cream sauce served over spaghetti squash knots (yep), linguine al pesto gratinato – which has all of those tasty ingredients hidden beneath crunchy bits off robust basil leaves–and even lasagne primavera bolognese: soft layers upon tender pasta swirled around grilled vegetables making it easy breezy eating at its finest.

Naples, Florida is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. You’ll never go hungry or be disappointed with the cuisine options available. From Italian to seafood, there’s something for everyone!

9. Bar Tulia

The upscale pizzas, pasta dishes and craft cocktails are perfect for a fun night out. If you’re looking to enjoy some outdoor seating while listening to live music with your date or friends on Friday evening then Bar Tulia is the place that will take care of all your needs.

Bar Tulia is a bar, so we can’t help but mention the best drink recommendations. Try their island-inspired Under The Palms or opt for one of several bourbon drinks on offer at Basilica – like their signature Four Roses Yellow Label with Maple Syrup recipe! Or go easy and order up some tart Limoncello shots from owner Tavia’s own distillery in Shelton, Washington.

The pizzas are definitely the highlight of this restaurant, but no one can deny that their pasta dishes or fresh seafood is not only mouthwateringly delicious, but also much better for your waistline! It’s okay to go ahead and treat yourself with something from scratch here because it will be well worth every calorie consumed.

10. 21 Spices

21 Spices is a restaurant where one can find the taste of modern India. With their contemporary Indian cuisine and wine, this place may be just what you need for an unforgettable night out on date.

The vegan menu at And 21 Spices is worth checking out if you’re looking for something new while in the mood to spice things up. There are a variety of dishes to choose from, such as Anuli’s vegetable tikka masala, aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), and green bean vindaloo.

The spices in this restaurant are not just found on the food. There is also an entire wall dedicated to showing off all of those various Indian ingredients you can use at home.

More Information About Restaurants in Naples, FL

Is it safe to walk around Naples at night?

Naples is a safe city and it’s generally fine to walk around at night. However, always use caution when traveling to unfamiliar areas and be aware of your surroundings.

How much do you need to spend on a meal in Naples?

Prices for meals vary depending on the restaurant. However, you can generally expect to spend at least $15-$20 per person.

What’s a good tip to know when eating out in Naples?

A typical tip is around 20%, though this may vary depending on the service provided. If you’re particularly pleased with your meal, it’s nice to leave a little extra.

Is there parking near the restaurant?

Typically, restaurants have their own dedicated parking lot or nearby street parking that’s free for customers. If you’re struggling to find anything, try searching outside of downtown Naples as this is usually where it can be more difficult to park.

Where is one of the best places to eat in Naples?

One of the best places to eat is at any one of our top picks from this list! You can’t go wrong with food that’s sure to impress.

Where are some good areas for lunch near me?

The best areas for lunch near you will vary depending on your current location, but popular spots include downtown Naples, the Third Street South district and Old Naples. These are all areas with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

Does the restaurant have outdoor seating?

Many restaurants in Naples offer outdoor seating, which is great for enjoying the beautiful weather we have here year-round. Just be sure to check ahead as some places may not have it during the colder months.

Where can visitors go shopping near Naples ?

Some great places to shop near Naples include the Third Street South district, Venetian Village and Coconut Point Mall. These are all within close proximity of each other and have a variety of stores to choose from.

Why is it important to go out and eat at restaurants?

Eating in restaurants can be a social activity that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. Many people like the experience of eating somewhere new or trying foods that they may not normally order when cooking for themselves. Whether dining alone, with friends, family members or even meeting up with potential romantic partners, restaurants provide an interesting and convenient setting for all types of social engagements.

Tips on How to Select the Best Restaurant in Naples

  • Look for restaurants that specialize in the type of cuisine you’re interested in.
  • Read restaurant reviews to get an idea of what others have thought about their experiences.
  • Check out menus online to see if there are any items that interest you.
  • Consider your budget when making a decision.
  • Think about where you would like to sit – is outdoor seating important?
  • Remember that you can’t always judge a restaurant by its exterior.
  • Ask locals for their recommendations if you’re not sure where to go.
  • Make a reservation if possible.

These are just a few tips to help you get started on your search for the best restaurant in Naples! No matter where you decide to eat, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every bite! Bon appetit!

10 Best Restaurants In Naples Florida You Must Try

Final Thought

If you want to find the best food Naples has to offer, this list is a great place to start. We’ve compiled our picks for 10 of the top restaurants in Naples that will have your taste buds wanting more and leave you feeling satisfied every time. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner – these are some of our favorite spots around town where we know you’ll get an amazing meal. Here’s hoping this list helps make your decision-making process easier! Enjoy