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Top 10 Richest Cities in Florida

Top 10 Richest Cities in Florida

Florida has a lot of natural riches and attractions. Needless to mention, this is where most of its economic wealth comes from.

However, the local economy is not the same everywhere in the state. Some cities are richer and stand out more than others in terms of urbanization, the job market, and the housing sector, among other things.

In the cities we will discuss in this piece, you should have a job that pays you at least $100,000/year. You read that right! In these prosperous cities, you will find safe neighborhoods, with high-end shops, malls, and restaurants, amenities to cater to the needs of these ‘one-percenters” who own Florida.

You can land a home in these luxurious cities as long as you can afford the life. Most of them are also great places for those looking to start a business or invest in the real estate market while living in or out of a particular city.

Let’s walk together as we count down the top ten richest cities in Florida.

10. Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island

This is a Spanish name meaning “big mouth,” which comes from the waterway’s mouth- Boca Grande Pass. This pass has been used for shipping since time immemorial. The key is among the world’s most fantastic tarpon fish spots. This Coastal paradise has impressive mansions and prominent properties that are less occupied because of the seasonal climate change in winter.

In Boca Grande, homes cost a fortune compared to other cities in Florida. Its real estate market appreciated greatly over the years. With an average house price of $2.125 million and a median household income of $ 111,028, do you understand why Boca Grande residents are one of the wealthiest populations in Florida?

9. Indian River Shores, Rio Indio County

This is a city for those who are financially happy and willing to buy their happiness. Located between the East Coast and the picturesque Indian Lagoon of Florida, this is a city where you get all the VVIP treatments and amenities. The homes here are more for the residents who escape the harsh conditions to soak up and get sun-kissed from the Florida sun. The houses here are in luxurious and pricey gated communities.

8. Bal Harbor, Miami-Dade County

It’s a small city that lies on approximately 234 acres on 35360 acres of land in Florida. As small as it is, this pricey town carries too many luxuries. High-end malls and five star rated hotels boost the city’s economy by attracting affluent residents and tourists at large. The views from the aerial show how beautiful pictures of this Harbor are. Despite its exclusiveness, every penny spent here is worth every bit.  

7. Golden Beach, Miami-Dade County 

From the mention of its name, what meets your mind is what will meet your eyes. It has spectacular ocean views with glamorous beaches. You may wonder why there are no long buildings that enhance the modernization of the city. The government put a ban. Maybe the government wants the Golden Beach to maintain a warm feeling for this wealthy town. Imagine the serenity of wind blowing from the beach right to your face in your backyard, a spectacular feeling! Its net worth is valued at over $1 billion.

6. Palm Beach, Palm Beach County

This city has 8000 people with the ride of some of America’s most glamorous beaches and swanky coastal properties. You know, when we mention the Coast, art and culture click your mind. Well, Palm Beach is home to the Norton Museum of Art galleries, where you can have a glimpse of history through pictures. The unemployment rate is shallow (2.3%), with a Median Income of around $141,000 and a poverty rate of 5.4%. Its net worth is said to be at $16.6 billion. Additionally, it has very high rates of employment opportunities, making it suitable for job seekers and business persons alike.

5. Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County

Talk of pristine beaches, picturesque neighborhoods, and a laid-back vibe with the most exclusive hoods in Miami-Dade County. This tropical oasis is all about nature. For lovers of biological features, there is a wide range of flora and fauna to marvel at. A variety of birds, loggerhead turtles, and butterflies have a home in this place.

The Key Biscayne experiences high humid summers and dry warm winters. This gives you a chance to enjoy your favorite watersports and other outdoor activities all year long. Being one of the most exclusive cities in Miami Dade, an affordable room here will cost you $500 a night. A medium-size home will cost you a whopping $1,062,700 or probably more according to Zillow. Easy, some people afford it so quickly, by the way.

4. Jupiter Island, Martin County

This is a true definition of a natural stretch of secluding paradise between the Atlantic and the Coast. From historic lighthouses to picturesque landscapes, and numerous luxury beaches nearby, Jupiter has a lot to offer to its residents. It is home to individuals and families of different sizes and ages. Residents here get a mix of urban life and the comfort of living in a small quiet town.  

Known for its famous residents and picturesque natural beauty, many celebrities, and wealthy personalities seek homes in Jupiter Island. For instance, the Prince of Asturias award winner for Scientific and Technical Research, Richard Lerner, and the CEO of The Scripps Research Institute have homes in this beautiful paradise. The once upon a time president of the United States, George W. Bush, too lives here! Need to say more? With such a prominent person living here, you can be sure that the place is quiet and peaceful. 

3. Naples, Collier County  

His is a great vacation spot and a retreat area for both the locals and the tourists, but it is one of the most expensive cities in Florida. Located in the Southwest of Florida, it is the best place for retirees to enjoy their “after work” life. Its high-end amenities and facilities here will speak for itself, not forgetting the golf courses that make the place even more prestigious.

2. Manalapan, Palm Beach County

Do you want a home with stunning intercostals and live by the beachside? Here is your home! However, we all know what comes with such a life. It has a population of 400 residents, which has luxuries and stunning views for the expensive houses. It is the home to the most expensive place in Florida (Gemini), with a 12- bedroom and 12-bath estate worth $195 million. It may seem like quite some amount when to someone else, the mentioned figures are peanuts.

1. Sewall’s Point, Martin County

This is home for water lovers, and it is called the boaters paradise. It has some of the most luxurious waterfronts in Florida. It has a population of 2000 people who have access to some high-end stores. Swimming, kayaking, and boat riding, among other water games, are what relaxes the minds of water lovers. The restaurants give the residents an option for different delicacies as they strike to provide the high-end treatments they deserve.

Little details have been touched on the ten wealthiest cities in Florida. A lot can be an aid, but the essential part is to point them out. They strike a balance because, in every Suburb, there is a shanty and vice versa. We all cannot be on the same level.

The List of the Top 10 Richest Cities in Florida 

  • 10. Boca Grande, Gasparilla Island
  • 9. Indian River Shores, Rio Indio County
  • 8. Bal Harbor, Miami-Dade County
  • 7. Golden Beach Miami-Dade County
  • 6. Palm Beach, Palm Beach County
  • 5. Key Biscayne, Miami-Dade County
  • 4. Jupiter Island, Martin County
  • 3. Naples, Collier County  
  • 2. Manalapan, Palm Beach County
  • 1. Sewall’s Point, Martin County

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