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13 Romantic Cabins in Texas | Which is the Best for You

 romantic cabins in texas

Looking for a romantic getaway in Texas? Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or need some time away from your kids, these 13 romantic cabins in texas offer everything that you could want. From cozy retreats with stunning views to luxurious options that will spoil you with every amenity imaginable, there is something here for everyone. So pack your bags and check out these amazing cabin rentals!

Texas 13 Romantic Cabins

1. Beautiful treehouse cabin in a rural area

A serene and private treehouse cabin is located in the Texas hill country, between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake. This beautiful getaway provides guests with a sense of peace not found anywhere else on earth.

The interior of this beautiful property is cozy and homey. There’s a balcony with an attached treehouse, which gives you views over lush forestland! It also has WiFi so that perfect date night can take place on your own private deck or inside one of two romantic bedrooms – whichever suits you best (we’re sure our couples would agree).

2. Secluded cabin on a farm

The farm cabin is an ideal location for those who enjoy nature-themed vacations. You will be surrounded by roaming animals that provide you with fresh eggs from their own nests.

You’ll be taking a trip back in time when you arrive at our historic farm. Unlike any other, we are situated right in the middle of small livestock and farming operations with roaming cows, horses or chickens foraging just outside your door.

The tiny cabin is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. It has all of your needs, including crisp white sheets and Egyptian cotton bedding!

The rustic home will provide you with everything from cozy seating areas to hide-aways that are just off limits enough so as not interrupt any intimate moments between yourselves or others staying at this location.

There’s nowhere in town to get a good meal like this! The rental has an enchanting covered porch that will make your evenings with loved ones even more special. It’s the perfect spot for sunset viewing and memorable dinners, too – you’re sure not going anywhere else anytime soon after experiencing all these luxuries first-hand in this home away from home.

3. Victorian-Style Fredericksburg Cabin

The cabin is one of a kind—elegant with beautiful vintage touches. The location provides you a quiet and peaceful place. Not too far from Main Street there’s this Victorian-style abode that offers all sorts of amenities: museums galore (and they’re free!), galleries so visitors can see art up close without ever having to leave their seat at an exhibit or museum.

This cabin is a haven for those looking to get away and relax. With an expansive bathroom, outdoor hot tubs, the king-sized bed that swings in the open space of your floorplan; this retreat will be sure not disappoint! You’ll also find yourself outside enjoying morning coffee on our beautiful front porch because it’s so close to everything.

4. The log cabin

The log cabin is a romantic getaway near Wills Point, designed exclusively for couples. It has sleek and modern features that make it stand out in its class with high ceilings of an open floor plan to maximize intimacy between two lovers or friends traveling together!

The cabin is a private haven for two. A lushly landscaped property, it offers beautiful views and many amenities that provide relaxation in every sense of the word: bathtub by your side; outdoor hot tub with romantic fire pits nearby to keep you warm on colder nights when getting cozy inside seems like too much trouble! There are also so many thoughtful touches here – from an incredible porch swing bed which makes indoor sleeping feel almost luxurious (especially after all those extra activities) or even just lounging around outside during these nice fall/winter months where temperatures rarely dip below freezing any time soon.

5. Romantic Hill Country cottage

A peaceful setting close to downtown Boerne, this early 1900’s cottage.

The cottage sits on the hill, overlooking rural Texas. You can hear cow bells in your ears and feel like you’re somewhere remote when walking up to this peaceful place! It’s within close proximity of downtown Boerne which makes it an ideal getaway destination for some time away from city life–just two blocks away at most are all amenities one might need or want during their stay here: stores selling everything imaginable; restaurants serving delicious meals every dish they serve will make jaws water, there’s even live music playing indoors now too so don’t miss out if something sounds good.

You’ll love the open and airy layout of your new home; it’s perfect for family living.

A kitchen connects to a great room with vaulted ceilings, so you can cook whatever food that tickles your fancy without having too little space after work is finished! The bedroom does not feel cramped at all thanks in part to its size–it has plenty more than just being able-bodied enough from headboard height up over two ceiling heights.

6. Diamond Belle cabin

Themed after an Australian outback home, the Diamond Belle cabin is designed to give you a serene and relaxing stay in Fredericksburg. The “Victorian Ranch” decor pays homage with beautiful fabrics that are up on all four walls as well as large mirrors covering three wall spaces throughout this space for guests’ convenience.

Diamond Belle cabin amenities include a private porch and courtyard, the indoor fireplace which also functions as an open flame fire pit for your enjoyment in-house. There is also a whirlpool tub with antique mirrors to relax after exploring all corners of this beautiful property.

The pristine location is the perfect spot for a getaway. You can enjoy nature without being interrupted by technology, and even if you wanted internet access there aren’t any available in this cabin so your time with significant others will most likely be more intense than ever before!

7. Romantic cabin with lake views

Step inside this incredible place and be transported to a different world. The unique decagon architectural design, vaulted ceilings with panoramic windows that look out onto Lake Travis will steal your breath away!

You can find wood floors throughout the cabin as well as wrap-around private deck where you’ll have amazing views of scenic terrain or an intimate candlelit dinner date if desired – it’s perfect for any occasion because no matter what time of year is optimum here; summertime means swimsuit season while winter brings cold beverages into living area by those cozy fireplaces.

Make the most of your time at home with these fun and relaxing activities. Spend an evening in front of a cozy fireplace, go swimming in one of our pools or enjoy some good food by hosting your own BBQ onsite

The best way to end your vacation is by taking in all the sights at Lakeway Marina. Rent a kayak or go on one of their boats and tour around while you’re still there!

8. Pond-side romantic cabin rental in the woods

Come and enjoy the fresh air at a rustic cabin in this beautiful wooded area. You will be surrounded by nature, with trees all around you that provide shade from any sun rays while providing cozy protection against harmful weather like rain or snowfall

The Pond-side romantic Cabin provides privacy for couples looking to get away on their own terms! With so much living space outside including an outdoor deck complete with table & chairs where guests can dine under blue sky stars (or if it’s warmer; spend time lounging around), there are plenty of spots available should someone want them as well.

This romantic cabin with a view of the pond is located in Van Zandt County. A cozy cabin in the woods with a kitchen and bathroom is not what you would expect from your typical vacation destination, but this Cabin has it all! The hosts have thoughtfully decorated every inch with rustic charm.

9. Magical secluded cabin

Here’s no better way to experience the beauty of Texas than with a stay in one its loveliest cabins. This romantic cabin near White Rock Lake will have you feeling like royalty as it offers an extraordinary location, beautiful views and more.

The entrance to this modern home is a winding gravel path, lined with Japanese Maples. It leads you across an elegant footbridge over the stream before bringing you inside where your first encounter will be walls made entirely out windows that filter light as it shines through countless trees in autumn colors; or after dark when they are lit up by fire pits on every patio – just waiting for guests from all around town.

You will feel both at home and in nature the minute you step into this fully-equipped vacation rental. You’ll love how greenery is everywhere—even hanging from above! It’s a great spot for guests of all backgrounds, as it has a spacious living room with a beautiful view outside onto one side patio that provides enough privacy yet isn’t private (it faces another house).

The decorator went out their way to make sure everything matches while still feeling modern; they’ve got some very elegant furniture pieces like a sleek white sofa set paired up nicely against dark brown candles on either end table or coffee table just waiting patiently so people can enjoy reading tranquil books.

10. Unique cabin with an outdoor hot tub in Texas

The Lone Star Cabins have the only hot tubs in Texas you’ll be satisfied with. It’s located just outside of Wimberley, nestled by nature and surrounded on all sides by acres.

You’ll feel like a movie star when you walk into the raucous, rustic cabin. The hardwood floors and exposed wood beams give it an authentic country vibe that will take your breath away! Plus there are dreamy views of nature from every room in this cozy getaway-the perfect escape for two who want some privacy but don’t have much space on their vacation budget at all.

This rustic cabin is a one-of-a kind getaway with its private hot tub and outdoor fireplace. While it doesn’t have any pools, you can enjoy this wonderful spot to create memories of your own!

11. Romantic cabin rental in the woods

Snuggle up in this cozy cabin near Tyler, Texas for some much-needed peace and quiet. Boasting an outdoor pool with walking trails nearby as well as a cookhouse where all guests are welcome to use it – you’ll never want for anything when staying at the Woodland Retreat.

The rustic elegance of the ranch is a dream come true for those looking to get away. Spend your mornings in bed and then enjoy exploring three beautiful lakes nearby, where you can also fish!

It’s a perfect country living at its finest—a place only an experienced outdoorsman will truly appreciate.

12. Getaway cabin with a boat dock

Lake Granbury is a beautiful place to spend your time together. The cabin’s inside has enough space for the two of you, and its deck allows spectacular views that can’t be found anywhere else in town.

The cabin is a cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s got everything one needs for their stay-including beautiful views to take in while lounging on the couch or hanging out by an outdoor fireplace with loved ones.

Imagine a place where you can escape to for an undisturbed getaway. Imagine how it would feel if your worries were only interrupted by the sounds of birds chirping and flowing water from nearby lakes or rivers—a cabin near granite mountain with all these amenities is what we have in store!

13. Country-style cabin with two hot tubs

If you are looking for the perfect getaway, then look no further than this adorable cabin. There is something about being surrounded by nature that brings out a sense of relaxation in everyone! You can go wine tasting orchard tours while here too which will make your trip complete; don’t forget we have some great guides on how to be romantic at home as well if romance was what motivated this escape from reality (I’m sure it probably was). Located outside town but still just minutes away – guests rave over their experience not having any traffic congestion during peak hours whatsoever so they feel like they’re truly getting away.

A rustic hot tub is the perfect place to escape from everyday life. It’s not just a luxury but also provides relaxation, peace and tranquility that you cannot find anywhere else! Bring your loved one here so they can enjoy this natural environment as well with two private whirlpools for two people each or if there are more guests than everyone could share in these therapeutic jets together.

Final Thought

Step away from the city lights and get your toes in some country dirt on a romantic cabin rental. These 13 cabins will take you back to nature while still giving you all the modern conveniences of home. This is what we consider true romance! What about these Texas destinations do they have that makes them so perfect for couples? We’ll give it our best guess, but don’t forget to leave us comments if this article has inspired any memories or ideas for other hidden gems around the state.

 romantic cabins in texas


What time of year is best to visit these cabins?

Due to the hot Texas summers, spring and fall are ideal times for visiting. However, you can still enjoy a romantic getaway during summer if you head to an air-conditioned cabin! There’s no bad weather when it comes to love—just bundle up in some sweaters and enjoy the cozy indoors.

What amenities are included in these cabins?

Each cabin provides different amenities, but most have kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces. Many also include outdoor grills, fire pits or hot tubs! Make sure to check out the individual cabin descriptions for a full list of what is offered.

What is there to do on a romantic cabin trip around Texas?

With such beautiful surroundings, these cabins are ideal for hiking and fishing. Some also provide amenities like hot tubs or fire pits. You can enjoy some wine tasting tours in the area while you’re at it! What more could one need when it comes to romance than this?

How far in advance should I book my cabin?

Many of these cabins are popular, so it’s best to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Some can be booked up to a year in advance!