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Why Is Nashville Called Nashvegas? (A Comprehensive Guide)

Nashville Nashvegas

Nashville, Tennessee is the capital of country music. It’s also called Nashvegas, and there are many theories about where this nickname came from.

One theory comes from the Opryland Hotel in Nashville – if you looked through their telescope at night, you could see an advertisement for Las Vegas on a mountain range in Nevada.

Another theory says that it was coined by actor James Garner because he liked gambling in Nashville so much! Let’s talk here then about why Nashville is called Nashvegas.

Brief History of Nashville

Nashville was founded in 1779 by John Donelson and his family, as well as a group of immigrants from the Washington District. The town first began growing because it had a great military site near Cumberland River, which allowed them to ship their products overseas easily.

In addition, there were many rivers, creeks and springs in the area. This meant that people could build mills there to make flour for export to New Orleans.

What Is Nashville Today?

Nashville is now a thriving city with great attractions like Broadway Street where you can find live music at night clubs including Bluebird Cafe or even Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

Nashville is known as Nashvegas for its bright neon lights and active nightlife. Nashville is known for its bright personality, which is comparable to that of Las Vegas. For all its appeal, Nashvegas is a popular destination for tourists interested in country music.

  • In addition, you can visit the historic Ryman Auditorium where many great musicians have performed over time including Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. If you want to learn more about Nashville’s history or its music scene, check out these documentaries on YouTube!
  • Nashville is a city in Tennessee that has a lot of history and a great music scene. It is called Nashvegas by some people because of its association with Las Vegas, but there are other theories about where the name came from as well!
  • Nashville was founded in 1779 to be close to rivers that would allow them to transport goods easily for trade overseas. In addition, they have been able to grow because of the great military site nearby and mills along creeks for making flour.

Nashville has since become a thriving city with great attractions like Broadway Street, where you can find live music at night clubs including Bluebird Cafe or even Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge!

What Can You Find in Nashville?

The Nashvegas Cabaret

This is a new cabaret that features great singers and performers including Elvis impersonators!

In addition, there are many places to eat in Nashville. Some of the most popular restaurants include The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden, Loveless Cafe or even Pancake Pantry for breakfast foods.

Nashvegas Bar

This is a bar that has great cocktails and live music.

Nashville’s nightlife is one of the city’s major attractions, with a variety of bars to choose from. Downtown has quite a few popular watering holes, ranging from neighborhood dives to high-end and trendy cocktail lounges. There is always something for everyone’s taste. The following are a few of NashVegas’ most popular bars.

  1. Tennessee Brew Works – This is a popular brewery in downtown Nashville that produces their own beer. They have an outdoor patio where you can relax and enjoy the weather while tasting some of their brews!
  2. Jackalope Brewing Company – This bar offers microbrew beers on tap, with over 20 different varieties to choose from. In addition, they serve great pub food including flatbread pizzas, wings and more!
  3. The Gold Rush – This bar serves great cocktails as well as a variety of beer on tap. It has comfortable seating that is perfect for relaxing after work or planning your next night out in Nashvegas!
  4. The Patterson House – This is a speakeasy style bar in downtown Nashville. It has great cocktails and menu recommendations for you to try!
  5. The Southern Steak & Oyster – This is another upscale bar that serves up delicious seafood dishes through their oyster happy hour specials. They also have the largest bourbon collection in Tennessee, so if you want to learn about different kinds of whiskey, be sure to stop by!
  6. The Boot – This is a great bar if you’re looking for live music. It’s located downtown and has three stories with different band performances on each level. If you visit the third floor, make sure to check out their famous outdoor patio that overlooks Broadway Street!
  7. Lolita – Lolita is a great bar if you’re looking for an upscale atmosphere. They have hors d’oeuvres, sushi and grilled seafood available to enjoy with your favorite wines or cocktails!
  8. The Tin Roof – This bar has live music performances every night of the week at their downtown location on Broadway Street. It provides a comfortable setting where you can sing along with the band!
  9. Adelphia – This bar is located in an old building that was once a furniture store. It has great pizzas, flatbreads and burgers to enjoy while listening to local bands perform on stage!
  10. Robert’s Western World – This is a country bar that has been open since the 1960s. It’s Nashville’s oldest honky tonk and you can find some of today’s most popular artists performing here on their stage!
  11. Bar Sovereign – This is an upscale bar that has great cocktails and fine wines. They also serve delicious appetizers to enjoy with your drinks!

The Nashvegas Guitars

NashVegas Guitars is a guitar shop that specializes in unusual guitar and amplifier lines. It’s about 20 minutes from Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee.

NashVegas Guitars aims to help guitarists discover the ideal-sounding guitar and amplifier that matches their playing preferences. The buying journey begins with a buyer consultation, regardless of the player’s skill level, to learn about the music genres and sounds that he wishes to produce.

Nashvegas All Stars

The NashVegas All Stars is a supergroup of musicians renowned for elevating their live shows to new heights. Their diverse talents will amaze you with their musical talent, which includes country, rock, R&B, and Disco in its variety.

The band in Nashvegas is an excellent group of musicians that can play any style of music you like. The band is a pro group, and you may anticipate them to amaze you with their high-quality displays.

The cast of the NashVegas All Stars is remarkable in its work, providing outstanding sound and musical enjoyment to its audience.

Nashville to Vegas

Nashville is a fascinating city with a lot of activities. It gets its name from the fact that it was once known as the Music City. It will be forever linked with the vibrant music palaces and concerts that occur throughout the city.

Nashville is a fantastic city, but visiting Las Vegas is always nice. Who wouldn’t want to go to Las Vegas, where its unrivaled nightlife, proximity to the world-famous Grand Canyon, and many world-class performances make it an enticing destination?

The Music City people will naturally assume Vegas as their next hassle-free holiday destination, with a flight time of less than four hours.

What Is the Nickname of Nashville?

Nashville is also known as the Music City, owing to its long history of being associated with music. Nashville became a national music publishing center in the 20th century. Many aspiring songwriters from all around the world come to Nashville to learn more about music writing.

It became well-known in the music business as a result of the rise in popularity of country and soul genres. Nashville has worked wonders for many musical greats, and it still lives up to its Music City name to this day.

Is Nashville Really Like Vegas?

With so many choices in entertainment, Las Vegas is known as the world’s entertainment capital. The Las Vegas Strip is host to a wide range of shows and events ranging from musical legends to athletic artistry that appeal to both locals and tourists.

Most people would consider Las Vegas to be merely the finest in terms of entertainment.

Even yet, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Nashville’s distinct southern hospitality that attracts people to stay. Nashville, Tennessee, is known as the “country music entertainment capital.” It has become America’s newest party town due to its vibrant nightlife. Now that there are more bachelorette parties in Las Vegas than before, NashVegas is hosting more.

Nashville Nashvegas

What to Do in Nashville?

Nashville is a wonderful city, with plenty to do and see. This guide will take you through some of the best places to visit and what to do whilst in Nashville.

#1: Ryman Auditorium:

The Ryman Auditorium is a must see for any tourist visiting Nashville. It is world-famous and holds performances by big names all year round. The building itself is very impressive and worth the visit.

#2: Broadway:

Broadway houses many different shops including; souvenir stores, shoe stores, clothing stores and more. There is also some large department stores and a sports store. Everything you could possibly need is on Broadway so it is certainly worth checking out.

#3: Grand Ole Opry:

The Grand Ole Opry is where all the famous country singers start their careers so it’s a bit of an experience to see new and upcoming artists perform on such a prestigious stage.

#4: Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum:

The country music hall of fame is a museum that houses memorabilia from over the years. It is an interesting i nteractive building, with many different exhibits to view including; costumes worn by famous performers and lots of instruments which are all interactive for visitors to enjoy.

#5: Parthenon:

The Parthenon is one of the oldest buildings in Nashville, originally built to house banks and businesses. Now it serves as a museum for visitors to enjoy. It contains Greek artefacts and sculptures portraying Greek myths like; Hercules and the Minotaur. The building itself is very striking with its white columns and detailed designs.

#6: The Hermitage Museum and Gardens:

The Hermitage Museum houses a large collection of personal belongings owned by the first American president, Andrew Jackson. This museum has some interesting items inside including; clothing, weapons and even furniture that he used in his home during his lifetime. There are also many large green gardens on the premises which are perfect for spending some time outside.

#7: The Belle Meade Plantation:

The Belle Meade Plantation is a working plantation that showcases many different events throughout the year including; horse racing, festivals and more. It has been recently modernised to accommodate guests with the addition of new shops and restaurants, making it a popular location for tourists.

#8: Natchez Trace National Scenic Byway:

The Natchez trace is a fantastic road which goes through the outback of Tennessee, passing some beautiful scenery whilst taking you to different cities and towns along the way. With plenty of interesting places to stop off on your trip this is certainly worth taking a look at.

#9: Broadway Historic District:

Broadway is home to many different historical buildings including the district courthouse where the famous Scopes trial was held. It’s an interesting area of town which has some great architecture on show, making it perfect for taking photos of and learning more about the history behind Nashville.

#10: The Parthenon: 

This is an outdoor replica of the Parthenon in Athens and it is worth spending some time at as there is plenty to do here. It has a small maze, for those who like to test their sense of direction, and also a place where you can ride horses or ponies around for a small price. The Parthenon also has a large collection of plants and trees from all over the world, including many rare and exotic species.

Nashville Nashvegas


Nashville is a city in Tennessee that has lots of appeal because it has bright neon lights and an active nightlife with attractions like Broadway Street where you can find live music at night clubs including Bluebird Cafe or even Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge!

Nashville has a lot of history and is called Nashvegas for its association with Las Vegas. There are also other places to visit like the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and The Hermitage.

Nashville has a large collection of plants and trees from all over the world including rare exotic species making it an outdoor replica worth spending some time at!

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